Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 491

Chapter 491: Han Qingwu’s Transformation

As a fragrant smell fluttered out of the villa, Tang Xiu said with a smile, “It seems the two housemaids Chi Nan hired are very good cooks. Merely its smell aroused my appetite already. Anyways, let’s go inside and have a bite first.”

“You were looking for a housemaid, and you even hired two now?” Asked Mu Wanying, surprised.

“I thought Tang Xiaojin and the rest would live here for some time. I didn’t expect that someone would come to Shanghai, so I gave them to their care. The two housemaids were originally hired to take care of their daily life, but since that person came and took them away, I don’t have the heart to drive those two out either, so I let them stay. Besides, the villa still needs some people for the cleaning as well."

Mu Wanying quickly asked, “Oh, who took Tang Xiaojin and the rest and where would they be taken to exactly? Weren’t those five adopted by you? How…”

“I indeed adopted them, but I don’t have time to take care of them,” Tang Xiu interrupted her and said. “So I arranged someone to take care of them. There won't be any problems happening to them at all.”

Despite looking doubtful, Mu Wanying eventually nodded and said, “When can I see them again?”

“You’ll have the opportunity to see them later!” Said Tang Xiu.

After the dinner, Chen Zhizhong stayed in the courtyard and continued practicing the body tempering technique, whereas Mu Wanying pulled Tang Xiu to take a stroll outside, saying that it was to help digesting the food.

However, just as the duo left the villa complex, Tang Xiu’s mobile phone rang. What made him puzzled was that the number on the display was unfamiliar.

“Tang Xiu speaking, may I know who am I speaking with?”

“Tang Xiu, where are you now?” From the cell phone, Han Qingwu’s voice came out.

With slightly furrowed brows, Tang Xiu slowly said, “I’m at Bluestar Villa Complex right now.”

“Wait for me, I’ll be there right away.”

After saying that, Han Qingwu hung up the phone.

Looking at Tang Xiu who had fallen into a daze while holding his phone, Mu Wanying touched him with her elbow and curiously asked, “Who was that? To think that she can make you fall into a daze like that?”

“It’s Han Qingwu,” answered Tang Xiu after he came back to his senses.

“Your class’ teacher-in-charge? What does she want from you, calling you this late?” Asked Mu Wanying.

“I don’t know,” said Tang Xiu, shaking his head. “She only said that she would be coming over, yet she didn’t tell me what she wants. Wanying, would it be alright with you if you stroll by yourself? I’m going back to wait for her!”

After thinking for a short while, Mu Wanying shook her head and said, “Let’s just go back together!”

“All right, then,” Tang Xiu nodded.

After half an hour, Han Qingwu arrived at the villa complex in a car. She asked Tang Xiu’s villa number and drove straight there. When she entered the courtyard’s front gave and saw Chen Zhizhong, who was practicing martial arts, her brows creased, yet she didn’t pay much attention and went straight to the villa’s hall.

“Tang Xiu, let’s talk.”

Han Qingwu’s expression was one of seriousness and solemnness as she stared at Tang Xiu, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

“What do you want to talk about?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“I wanna talk about…” said Han Qingwu.

Her words abruptly came to a halt as her vision moved. Disbelief showed inside her eyes as she saw Mu Wanying wiping her wet hair with a dry towel. The pajamas she was wearing, particularly, made her fall into a daze.

“Have you been good, Teacher Han?” Mu Wanying chuckle. “I heard from Tang Xiu that you were coming over. So I came out to greet you since we know each other.”

Feeling somewhat irritated inside, Han Qingwu slightly frowned and asked, “Why are you here?”

“I AM staying here temporarily,” said Mu Wanying with a smile.

Han Qingwu turned to Tang Xiu. After hesitating for a moment, she asked, “Are you two in love or something?”

“Someone once hurt me too deeply, making me not want to fall in love again. Wanying, go rest in your room! Teacher Han came to see me, and I believe she has something important to talk about,” said Tang Xiu lightly.

“I will no longer disturb you then, Teacher Han,” said Mu Wanying with a chuckle.

Han Qingwu gazed at Mu Wanying’s back until she disappeared in the doorway to the hall. Then, she suddenly turned to Tang Xiu and inquired, “You just said that someone had once hurt you too deeply, was that person called Xue Qingcheng?”

Tang Xiu’s complexion drastically changed. He abruptly got up from the sofa and a cold glint burst in his eyes, as he sternly said in a heavy voice, “Tell me, what do you know?”

Han Qingwu carefully observed Tang Xiu’s expression. After a few minutes of silence, she shook her head and said, “I only know this name.”

“I want to hear the truth!!!” Said Tang Xiu coldly.

“It’s the truth. The pictures that sprung up inside my mind were rather baffling and confusing. And these days, I’ve made them clear. Although I don’t know how these pictures appeared in my head, one thing for sure, it’s absolutely related to me. Then again, there are two names. One being Xue Qingcheng and the other Tang Xiu. These two names are seemingly very important to me, even more important than myself.”

Gazing deeply into her eyes before retracting back his gaze, Tang Xiu then sat back on the sofa. He pointed to the sofa across him and said, “Have a seat! Coming to look for me this late, I believe that this is not the only thing you want to talk to me.”

After Han Qingwu taking a seat, she then said with all seriousness, “Tang Xiu, I hope you can tell me something. It’s regarding these pictures I see in my head. Don’t deny it. You definitely know something, because your name appears inside my head!”

“Hasn’t my name already appeared in your mind after I saved you from the car accident at that time? Why are you asking about it now?” Asked Tang Xiu lightly.

Han Qingwu shook her head, “This is not what I’m talking about. It’s something about you and Xue Qingcheng.”

“SHUT UP!” Tang Xiu angrily yelled.

Han Qingwu stared blankly. Suddenly, a bright smile appeared on her serious face, as she looked deeply at Tang Xiu and said, “It seems that the person who has hurt you is really her. And you also know something about these pictures inside my head. Just tell me! I want to know what happened to you, and what relation does it have with me?”

“You have no right to know that,” said Tang Xiu coldly.

“No, I have!” Said Han Qingwu. “These pictures appeared in my head and seriously affected me. These pictures have begun to affect my life, too; even my personality got influenced by it. Do you want to see something? This is what I learned from them, and is a something a normal human can never learn!”

Having said that, Han Qingwu slowly raised her right hand, as several empty glasses on the table between the two quietly floated several centimeters above the tabletop and stayed there motionlessly.

“You…” Tang Xiu was dumbfounded and looked at Han Qingwu in disbelief. He asked, “How did you do that?”

“I don’t know, either. Since the last time the pictures appeared in my head again I felt like there was a warm current flowing inside my body, and I could control it. After seeing a few particular pictures, I then learned to release that warm current, so that I can control some things. However, there is another problem with my body.”

Just as she finished speaking, she slapped her hand on the tempered glass of the coffee table, causing it to crack with her palm as the center.


The coffee table disintegrated, scattering on the floor.

Tang Xiu abruptly got up. Never once had he imagined that his singing and zither play at the freshmen welcoming party of Shanghai University would cause so many astonishing changes to Han Qingwu. That feat she had just displayed was not something a normal person could do.

“Give me your wrist!” Said Tang Xiu in a deep voice.

Without hesitating, Han Qingwu extended her wrist.

Tang Xiu checked her pulse. While sensing it, he released his spiritual sense inside Han Qingwu’s body. After observation, he indeed found an abundant qi flowing inside Han Qingwu’s meridians, yet it was circulating voluntarily, and the circulation route was akin to a basic route in cultivation techniques.

It’s the first level route of the Profound Art Nine Ice?

Tang Xiu’s mouth twitched, and then he released Han Qingwu’s wrist before sitting back on the sofa. Through his observation, he had already confirmed that what Han Qingwu learned was truly the top cultivation technique World Xue Qingcheng had practiced in the Immortal during that time. It was him who had imparted this cultivation technique to Xue Qingcheng.

As of now, due to the True Essence inside Han Qingwu’s body automatically circulating according to the route of the Profound Art of Nine Ice’s first level, it not only it made her able to display the ability to control objects, it also changed her system as well. Therefore, she was able to smash the tempered glass coffee table into smithereens with only a slight slap of her hand.

While sitting back on her seat, Han Qingwu’s eyes fixedly stared at Tang Xiu, as she asked, “Tell me, what exactly on Earth is this? Though I can feel that the physical changes that happened to me is not a bad thing, yet I’m still anxious and worried.”

“What I want to know the most is not the changes in your body, but your mind!” Tang Xiu shook his head. “Some things can be directly solved if you can recover your memories completely. Nevertheless, I can give you more time so that you can slowly recover them. I’m sure that one day, sooner or later, you will remember everything.”

Stunned, Han Qingwu knitted her brows and asked, “Recover my memories? You said that those confusing pictures inside my mind are my… memories?”

“You will naturally know it later whether those are your memories or not. Look, what I can tell you is that the physical changes that are happening to you will not give you any harm, it will benefit you instead. You can rest assured about that!” Said Tang Xiu lightly.

“Tang Xiu, don’t you dare fool me,” said Han Qingwu.

Tang Xiu’s expression turned cold as he detachedly said, “How am I supposed to fool you, huh? The changes happening to your body is your problem, to begin with. What does it have to do with me, anyway? If anything, you came to my place so late at night to look for me, asking me some questions, and I have just answered all of them. And you’re still questioning me now?”

“I don’t understand. Why did you hide the most important things, anyway?” Asked Han Qingwu and. “However, what I’m sure about is that you are not an ordinary person, either. Otherwise, it’s impossible for you to recover from your shock so quickly after you suddenly saw my special ability.  Even after you checked my pulse you were certain that the physical changes that are happening to me is a good thing.”

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