Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 476

Chapter 476: Everyone Gathers Together

At this time, Hu Qingsong and the others saw four bodyguards in black suits standing guard in the courtyard. They gave Tang Xiu odd looks before following him inside the villa.

Previously, Hu Qingsong, Zhao Liang, and Mu Wangyin had visited Tang Xiu’s villa, but the other three in Zhao Liang’s dorm had never come here. Though they heard that Tang Xiu lived in the Bluestar Villa Complex on the way here, the luxurious and extravagant villa was beyond what they imagined. They were just like Granny Liu visiting Grand View Garden -- shocked and being overwhelmed by the experience and luxurious surroundings.

“Brother Tang, who are they?” Just as Li Laoshan walked out of the dining room and saw a group of people coming in, a surprised look immediately covered his face.

“They are my fellow students, Li Old Bro,” Tang Xiu laughed. “Guys, this is Old Brother Li Laoshan, a friend of mine.”

“How do you do, Old Brother Li?”

Though it was their first time meeting Li Laoshan, they could tell from his aura that he was not an ordinary person. Not to mention there were also the four bodyguards, who were ready for his orders at the courtyard outside.

“Hi to all of you! Anyhow, do you all want to drink together with us?” Li Laoshan smilingly replied.

Hu Qingsong, Yue Kai, and the others exchanged glances before shaking their heads. Yue Kai then said, “It’s kinda late, we’ll have a drink another day, Old Brother Li.”

“Anyhow, you guys can chat here. I just came from another city, and was so starving that my belly was almost flat, hence the reason I didn’t greet you before,” said Li Laoshan smilingly.


Everyone’s eyes were fixated on Li Laoshan’s wide waist and plump face. They were secretly speechless. The man was all made of fat, yet he still said he was so starving that his belly turned flat? Then, what about the small physiques?

“Anyways, guys. Seat where you will!” Tang Xiu waved his hand and smilingly said.

After everyone took their seats in the living room, Yue Kai said with a curious look, “Tang Eldest Bro, who exactly is this Old Brother Li? Those four men in the courtyard… They should be his bodyguards, right? And the beauty who just came out with him, is likely his secretary or adjutant…”

“You got good eyes, buddy!” Tang Xiu gave him a thumbs-up and smilingly said, “Old Brother Li is a northerner, and is also a Big Boss in the steel business.”

Hu Qingsong’s expression suddenly changed, as he exclaimed, “I remember him! No wonder I thought he looked familiar. Li Laoshan is a tycoon in steel business in the Northeast with billions of assets. He’s definitely a big shot. I had once seen him in an interview in an economic magazine. Holy cow, Big Bro Tang! You’re really amazing! You’re even acquainted with such a powerful figure?”

“Well, I didn’t really know who he was when I first met Old Brother Li. Besides, when someone meets the other person and is fated to become friends, he never cares about what and who the other person is. As long as they share something in common, and the other person has a disposition to his liking, he can become friends with him,” explained Tang Xiu as he couldn’t help laughing.

“That’s great, Big Bro Tang!” Hu Qingsong gave a thumb up. “Your words seem to be very light, like a breeze and thin clouds, yet they are quite deep and full of truth. I get it, I’m convinced!”

“Tang Eldest Bro, I thought I was already pretty good and flamboyant enough, because of my family, and due to my father, who has a lot of acquaintances in the business circle. But comparing with you now, it’s almost negligent. You’re now henceforth my idol, buddy. Please come here and let me kowtow to you.”

“Shuddup and cut the crap!” Tang Xiu cussed.

Ding dong…

The bell from the courtyard’s gate sounded again.

There was a vacant look on Tang Xiu’s face, as it was then replaced with a strange expression shortly after. He muttered to himself, “Who could it be now? This place is always deserted, why is it so lively tonight?”

Having finished with his muttering, he pressed the unlock button on the remote control and went to see who it was. He then saw Liu Changxi along with several members of the Ministry of State Security, as well as Zhang Xinya and her manager.

“Secretary Liu, Xinya!” Tang Xiu let out a smile and greeted them.

Upon seeing Tang Xiu, there was an excited look on Zhang Xinya’s face. She wanted to speak, yet Liu Changxi gave her a glance that made her hold her tongue and swallow her words back.

A serious look was on Liu Changxi’s face as he spoke, “Tang Xiu, it’s quite embarrassing that I have to come and disturb you so late, but I have something important I need to talk to you about.”

“All right. But there are a lot of guests here now. Let me talk with them first, and then we’ll have a chat in my study room,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.


Liu Changxi fell into a daze. His mind immediately thought about those mysterious people that appeared at the New World Center, so he nodded without hesitation and followed Tang Xiu inside.

“Heavens! Am I dreaming or something? The lady… is my Goddess, Zhang Xinya? Qingsong, pinch me quickly! I gotta know if I’m dreaming or not!” When Zhao Liang had his eyes at the door, his eyes shifted from Liu Changxi and his men, and then moved to Zhang Xinya, as he suddenly jumped up and exclaimed in disbelief.

Hu Qingsong ignored him, since he was also stunned.

At present, there were only two people not stunned -- Mu Wanying and Yue Kai. Tonight Mu Wanying had been very silent, and she felt her mood worsen upon seeing Zhang Xinya. However, Yue Kai had an odd expression when he looked at Zhang Xinya, and then turned his gaze to Tang Xiu.

Looking at their faces, Tang Xiu could only force a smile inside. He didn’t feel like introducing these people and straightly said, “Guys, you can continue playing and chatting, but I can’t accompany you anymore. Xinya, you must be hungry since you just finished your concert! Take them to the dining room where my friends are currently having a meal with the children I adopted. You should go there and have a bite, too!”

“I’m not hungry. I want to go to the study room with you,” said Zhang Xinya, shaking her head.

“No, you can’t get involved in the issues we are going to talk about,” Tang Xiu shook his head. “Rest assured! Everything was resolved tonight. Just eat and relax.”

“I…” Zhang Xinya hesitated for a short while, before she eventually nodded in a cute manner.

Aside from Mu Wanying, this scene made the others completely dumbfounded. Never in their dreams had they ever thought that the big star, who was aloof and distant, the Goddess Zhang Xinya, would actually act like a cute young daughter-in-law, unexpectedly obedient. What exactly was the relationship between her and Tang Xiu?

“Oh, there are more guests?”

Li Laoshan came out of the dining room. He was surprised when he saw Zhang Xinya, and his complexion instantly changed after he caught sight of Liu Changxi. Immediately afterward, he strode toward him and smilingly said, “Secretary Liu, I never thought I would bump into you here!”

“I, too, didn’t expect that Tang Xiu’s guest would be you, Brother Li. It’s been years since we last saw each other, and that elegant style of yours is still just the same!”

Liu Changxi laughed and replied with a loud and clear voice, “It’s thank to your blessings, Brother Liu! Anyhow, you and Tang Xiu…”

Inwardly, Liu Changxi was startled and instantly looked at Tang Xiu with question tag on his face. He knew who Liu Changxi was and his true identity. They were once in contact a few years ago for some time during a huge case in the Northeast, which made the people from the Ministry of State Security stay there for a long time.

He was worried! Fearing that Liu Changxi would give him pressure and make things difficult for Tang Xiu.

“Old Brother Li, Secretary Liu and I are friends. Rest assured, okay! Just continue eating, we’re going to have a chat somewhere else. I’ll accompany you to drink after our talk is done.”

“This…” Li Laoshan somewhat hesitated.

“Brother Li, Tang Xiu have helped me with a few things. But it’s for another reason that I came over this time.”

He would never have felt the need to explain himself to Li Laoshan had it been in the past. But knowing that Li Laoshan was actually a friend of Tang Xiu’s, he naturally didn’t want to neglect him. Firstly, not mention that Tang Xiu had a particular identity and ability, just what Tang Xiu did tonight made him feel gratitude in his heart.

Immediately after, Li Laoshan felt relieved. He then nodded and smiled, “Well, since you have something to talk about, then go and have a chat! But after you are done let us have a few cups, Brother Liu!”

“All right!” Liu Changxi nodded and followed Tang Xiu to the second floor.

In the study room.

After gesturing for Liu Changxi to take a seat, Tang Xiu took a bottle of red wine from the cupboard and poured two glasses. He gave one to Liu Changxi and said, “Secretary Liu, coming so late to discuss something... Anything happened?”

Liu Changxi received the glass of red wine and placed it on the coffee table in front of him. He shot Tang Xiu a deep gaze and then inquired, “Tang Xiu, how much do you know about our security department?”

“I know nothing,” Tang Xiu shook his head.

“I’ll tell you then,” said Liu Changxi. “Our Ministry of State Security is responsible for maintaining the national stability and cracking down all the dangerous elements in the country. We also investigate all variables that could make the situation unstable, to ensure peace and stability of our home, as well as the safety and lives of its people.”

“And then?” Tang Xiu nodded.

“However, the things that happened tonight, despite having ended smoothly and the airport not suffering too much damage, yet we only got two people from the extremist group. If my guess is correct, the numbers of this extremist organization is far more than this.

“As of tonight, the people from the Ministry of State Security, the Public Security Department, and the Public Transport Department have jointly investigated a few things. We discovered a group of mysterious people appearing in the vicinity of the New World Center. Finally, they did something and then completely disappeared after they were done with it.”

As he spoke up to there, Liu Changxi stared at Tang Xiu’s eyes. Then, he blinked and continued, “My purpose in coming here is about this. I just want to know the truth!”

“Secretary Liu, you can go to the investigation office if you want to know the truth, I suppose,” Tang Xiu calmly replied. “Given your privileges and ability, I think it won’t be difficult to investigate them, don’t you think? So, how come you came here looking for me?”

“Tang Xiu, you’re the only one aside from us who took action in tonight’s operation. There is four entrances to the New World Center, yet there was an extremist who got captured and taken away silently in front of each entrance. I think you should know about this.”

“I really don’t know what you are talking about,” said Tang Xiu while intentionally knitting his brows.

Liu Changxi had his eyes stared at Tang Xiu and spoke while emphasizing each word, “Tang Xiu, we are all smart and sensible people here. Do you want to tell me? Or do you want to have the eyes of the Ministry of State Security fixated on you to find those people?”

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