Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Killing Anyone Who Puts Up Resistance with Lawful Authority

At the backstage of the concert venue Zhang Xinya had already arrived more than an hour ago. At this time the staff were busy preparing various costumes, props, and so on for her. She was also receiving makeup from several makeup artists.

“Miss Zhang, may I have your time for a while?” The middle-aged woman from the Ministry of State Security entered the dressing room and spoke to Zhang Xinya.

“No problem,” Zhang Xinya got up and answered without hesitation.

Immediately after, the two left the dressing room and came to the empty room next door. The middle-aged woman then said, “Miss Zhang, the leader has instructed the concert to be postponed for an hour, and the fans can also only enter the stadium an hour later. Secretary Liu was originally planning to discuss it with you personally, but there was an important matter he needed to deal with. He’s occupied now, and unable to come over.”

“What happened, exactly?” asked Zhang Xinya hurriedly.

“A large number of time bombs were found in the auditorium of the concert hall. There were also pushpins with HIV there. As of now, all the time bombs have been removed and are secretly being sent away. However, our people are still searching and removing the pushpins one by one.”

Zhang Xinya’s complexion drastically changed. Although she had learned that there would be extremists trying to terrorize tonight’s concert, she had never thought that they would be so heartless and went so far as to set up time bombs. However, as if she had suddenly realizing something, she quickly asked, “That’s not right! The way HIV is transmitted is very particular. Even if it’s smeared on a pushpin and someone were to be pierced by it, the probability to get infected would be very minute, right? Why would they…”

The middle-aged woman forced out a smile and said, “If it was merely a normal HIV-infected blood we wouldn’t have been so anxious like this, since there is the factor that the virus will die over time; thus, the extremists’ attempt to scratch people’s body with the blood-smeared pushpins indeed only has a very minute probability to get them infected. However, there’s a very skillful biologist in their ranks. The HIV-infected blood seems to have been altered and modified by a particular virus. Hence, not only is it no longer constrained by time, but it’s now very contagious; even an ordinary person can’t avoid being infected. As a matter of fact, we had already discovered this new strain of HIV as early as a few years ago. However, many domestic virologists are still unable to solve this problem till now.”

“If such dreadful thing exists, wouldn’t it be very easy for them to do harm?” Asked Zhang Xinya with a horrified expression.

The middle-aged woman shook her head, “We speculate that even if these terrorists want to get a lot of samples of this new type of HIV, I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be that easy. Otherwise, with their hatred toward society, a major incident using this type of virus would have happened already.”

After hearing this, Zhang Xinya’s restlessness slowly calmed down. Then, she asked, “Have your people caught the terrorists?”

“Not yet. We have not yet discovered when and how they infiltrated the concert hall,” the middle-aged woman shook her head. “However, you can rest assured that our State Security’s people, the police, and the armed police officers are all waiting for them to enter. As long they dare to show up we will make sure to bring them to justice.”

Despite nodding to her, Zhang Xinya’s worried heart didn’t didn’t relax. After hesitating for a moment, she then asked, “Did Tang Xiu come?”

“Yeah, he’s already here. In fact, the time bombs as well as the pushpins on the seats were found by him,” said the middle-aged woman.

“Tang Xiu found them? He…” Zhang Xinya exclaimed. There was shock and surprise on her face.

“He really is very skillful, and is now working with Secretary Liu to conduct a thorough investigation inside in the concert hall,” said the middle-aged woman.

After hearing this, Zhang Xinya suddenly felt relieved. She had seen Tang Xiu’s resourcefulness, and she already knew that Tang Xiu was a very powerful character. The fact that he found all the time bombs and pushpins showed that he was more skillful than she knew.

With Tang Xiu here, she suddenly felt very relieved.


During the prep session inside the concert hall, nearly a hundred security guards and police officers were carefully conducted an investigation, since Liu Changxi personally issued the order that each seat must be checked again, hence the reason for everyone’s diligence.

“Be quicker and do be very careful when you check it!”

Standing beside Tang Xiu, Liu Changxi quickly ordered through his wireless earphone. Whereas Tang Xiu quietly leaned on the stage with a cigarette in his fingers, eyes flashing with a thoughtful look.

The methods used by the terrorists caused Tang Xiu to refuse to believe that they would only have the two plans. They were probably already aware that the chance for the time bombs and the HIV to be found in advance was high, so they must be planning some other vile and ruthless scheme.

However, what was it?

Although Tang Xiu possessed knowledge and experience, yet those were all from the Immortal World. He was rather oblivious to various dangerous methods one could employ in this present high-tech era.

“Secretary Liu, please take care of your work, I will take a stroll outside. There might be some other discoveries,” Tang Xiu extinguished the cigarette butt and threw it into the trash can nearby.

“Tang Xiu, wait! I’ll get you two men to protect you in secret!” Said Liu Changxi quickly.

“No need, thanks,” said Tang Xiu as he waved his hand.

Liu Changxi looked blank, watching Tang Xiu’s back as he left directly. After brooding for a short while, he gave a hand signal to two middle-aged men not far away from him.

Today, Tang Xiu’s performance was simply freakishly stellar. His special ability was unbelievable and his meticulous brain made Liu Changxi very satisfied. Therefore, he held high hopes that Tang Xiu could join the Ministry of State Security, serving the country as well as benefiting the people.

In such a dangerous situation, he must ensure Tang Xiu’s safety. Certainly, there was also another reason; his particular identity.

As Tang Xiu walked out he was keenly aware of the two men behind him. Yet, he didn’t stop, and only secretly forced a smile.

After leaving the South entrance, no one stopped him because of the work card hung on his neck, assuring him the right to go in and out freely.

There, Tang Xiu looked at the four lines of the queue that had become very long. He also watched the anticipation on the fans’ faces. They also brought Zhang Xinya’s poster and glow sticks. He secretly sighed and lamented about the charm idols possessed. Such a huge crisis looming in this concert, yet these ordinary fans were all oblivious to it. They only brought that excitement, joy, expectation, and anticipation with themselves, looking forward to seeing their idol and able to see their idol’s performance with their own eyes.

Truly, with great power and ability comes great responsibility as well.

This sentence suddenly sprang inside his mind.

As a matter of fact, even if he and Zhang Xinya were not friends, he would still take the initiative to help if he knew that there would be a terrorist incident tonight. Although he didn’t believe in the saying that “saving a person’s life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda for the god”; nevertheless, he didn’t want to see a hell on earth in this peaceful era.

He took out his mobile phone and dialed Xing Li’s cell number. After his call was connected, he then whispered, “How is it going? Have you found any suspicious persons outside?”

“We’ve found two people, Boss. We are still in a surveillance state as of now and have yet to act,” Xing Li’s voice came from the mobile phone.

Tang Xiu’s complexion flickered, and then said in a heavy voice, “The concert will be postponed for an hour, and the time for the audience to enter the venue will also be delayed for an hour. You must try and do everything possible to find out as many extremists as possible. Do not act rashly, and wait for a while until you are about to enter the venue. Following that, squeeze out the information about the other extremists from them!”

“Roger that!” Xing Ling replied in a serious tone.

However, after pausing for two seconds, he then asked, “Boss, if they are extremists, how do we deal with them?”

“If you can capture them alive, the let them live; if you can’t, then kill them!” Said Tang Xiu. “Do remember that these terrorists are very dangerous. You must pay attention to your safety!”

“Got it, Boss!” Replied Xing Li.

“One more thing. When the extremists start their activities, don’t get noticed,” said Tang Xiu once again. “There are many fans coming for tonight’s concert. If a bloody event were to occur here it will cause panic, and the chaos within tens of thousands of people will become a very serious event in itself.”

“Affirmative!” Xing Li answered again.

After hanging up the phone, Tang Xiu released his spiritual sense and slowly walked toward the back of the queue. He needed to secretly observe the fans, just in case that the extremists were hiding amongst them. With his spiritual sense he was confident that he could easily detect some clues.

As he had expected, when he walked slowly for nearly 150 meters and arrived at the middle of the four lines of the queue, his spiritual sense caught someone with a sharp dagger amongst the fans waiting in line. The dagger was wrapped in a black leather sheath and was placed around the person’s left thigh.

Tang Xiu then approached the man. When the man’s back was facing him, he immediately took out his mobile phone, quickly took his picture, and sent it to Xing Li.

Seeking! And hunting!

Tang Xiu’s spiritual sense had played a huge role today. A total of four people with dangerous weapons were detected by Tang Xiu amongst tens of thousands of people lined up from the four entrances: East, South, West, and North. Moreover, they also had the weapon similarly wrapped in a leather material around their thigh.

It’s almost all of them!

By the information exchange between Tang Xiu and Xing Li, all the experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall were lurking around those four suspicious people and were secretly monitoring them. The only thing to do now was find the right time and opportunity to strike them.

“Do not leave your queue disorderly! Line up orderly!”

Two young security guards carrying electric batons passed by Tang Xiu. One of them pointed at the more chaotic queue with his electric baton and loudly shouted.

Tang Xiu smiled at the scene. Just as he continued to walk forward, a light bulb flashed inside his mind.

Security guard?

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