Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 464

Chapter 464: Overall Arrangement

At the outskirts of Shanghai, inside a large chemical plant.

A thin middle-aged man wearing glasses, looking gentle and well-mannered, was sitting in a large warehouse while assembling time bombs. In his eyes, however, loomed a cruel light. A faint excitement could be seen on his face, like he was imagining what the bloody scene would look like.

In front of him was a middle-aged woman in a plain dress. She ordinary, and there was an obvious burn injury on her neck. She was currently spinning a butterfly knife.

The woman was named Huang Lan, one of the most wanted criminals in the country, who had once committed an arson and burned a family of eight. She also had allegedly murdered four others in cold blood with a knife. It could be said that this woman’s hands were full of blood, and had committed numerous crimes. At the same time, she was also a drug dealer, as well as an addict.


A sound of car’s brake squeaked outside the warehouse.

While gripping her butterfly knife backhandedly, Huang Lan bolted toward the door. Through a crack in the door, she saw four men get off from an SUV. Her look of vigilance immediately vanished, replaced by a somewhat cruel smile.

She opened the door and looked at the four men, who were carrying bags, and said, “You’re late.”

An old man whose hairs were fully grey, was wearing canvas shoes and had a bag on his back, snorted and said, “We bumped into a checkpoint on the way here. We took a long detour to get here, you know. Huang Lan, have you prepared what I asked?”

“They’re all set and ready. AIDS’ infected blood, a total of 2,000 ml; I’ll have the pushpins smeared by it. I’ll sneak into the concert venue tomorrow in the early morning and place them on the seats. If the pushpins pierce through skin, the HIV will immediately enter their body.”

The old man nodded with satisfaction, and then asked again, “What about Old Wolf? How is it going with his time bombs? We already spent quite a huge effort this time to get a large batch of explosives. Our operation will be mostly have gone south if something wrong happens.”

“He’s still at it, but he has already made a lot of it,” said Huang Lan with a nod, “I’m sure that once the concert stars and we use the remote control to have it detonated, the concert venue will be blown up. The number of people dying at that time will be countless.”

“Great!” The old man said. “Anyhow, once we have finished this business transaction, go abroad immediately. We’ll come back again a few years later after this matter has cooled down. Ah Shu has prepared 5 million yuan for each of you, so all of you need not worry about your livelihood in the years to come.”

“It doesn’t matter. For me, as long as I can kill more people I’ll be satisfied; enough for venting my hatred. Hmph, before I came to Shanghai I killed all the remaining few people who bullied our family in the past. I won’t have any lingering regrets if I were to die in this operation.”

The old man creased his brows. A sinister air exuded all over his body as he said, “We all have made contributions to this country, yet we have been forsaken by its people. Hence, kill as many as you can. I’m not afraid of telling you that I have secretly installed a number of time bombs given to me by Old Wolf at Shanghai Government site. Half an hour after the concert is blown up, the Shanghai Government site will also become ruins. This will be my gift for them.”

"Nicely done!" Huang Lan gave him a thumbs up.

“Anyway, have you told Shi Biao about our hiding place?” The old man suddenly asked.

Old Wolf, who was working on a time bomb, raised his head, a sinister and ruthless glint flashing in his eyes. He then coldly snorted, “Tell him? That fucking bastard’s identity is way too mysterious.We have to fucking guard against him despite him being one of our organization’s members.”

The old man said, “What you said is true enough. Though he has joined us very early, he went missing for a few years, and by the time he came back from abroad, his ability has grown and he even has tons of money. The operation at Zhang Xinya’s concert this time is the biggest one in history. So it’s best not to tell him about this.”

“Anyway, there’s six of us here. There’s still nine who haven’t arrived yet. Are we gonna wait for them? Or shall we…”

“Let us wait for them. There are some important nodes in our planning operation that need them to deal with. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy for us to successfully accomplish this action,” said the old man.

“Got it!”

Two hours later, when the darkness of the night shrouded the earth and moonlight rose from the horizon to the sky, several cars quickly stopped outside the warehouse. Nine men and women got off carrying various things into the warehouse, as the group quickly gathered together.

“Ah Ming, you are a security guard at Zhang Xinya’s concert. We’re relying on you to smoothly sneak inside,” said the old man.

The young man named Ah Ming nodded and coldly said, “Relax! I’ll have it well arranged. Furthermore, I’ll install the time bomb under the stage myself. Once it explodes Zhang Xinya will surely get blown up and die a tragic death. Just thinking about how such a goddess-like superstar will die by my hands kinda makes me excited!”

The old man nodded. Swept his gaze over all of them, he then said in a deep and heavy voice, “This operation will definitely create a huge commotion throughout the country, even stirring the whole world. Hence, all of you had better buckle up! Even if we have to die in this operation, as long as our plans are successful, it’s all worth it!”

“Yeah! It’s worth it!”

“Sure thing!”

The other fourteen people nodded heavily, a look of being unafraid of death on their faces.

As abnormal and perverted as they were inside, they were mentally ill and distorted. The world was the object of their hatred along with all walks of life within it. Hence, they had long since taken their own life and death without many precautions. The fear of facing death was still there inside them, yet they were willing if they could decimate more people, even at the cost of their lives.

Shanghai Public Security Department.

Inside the Criminal Cases Meeting Room, the head of the Criminal Police Squad, Zhao Ronghua, was clamping a cigarette in his fingers. A look of solemnness was cast on his face. More than ten core members of the Criminal Police Squad were also inside the meeting room, currently accepting their assignments. At the same time, the leader of the armed police, the head of the intelligence service, and Liu Changxi of the Ministry of State Security from Beijing were also present at the meeting. Each of them had solemn and dignified, as well as worried and restless expressions on their faces.

Nowadays, the most important thing to have was information and intelligence.

However, they didn’t have much information on the other members of this dangerous organization other Shi Biao and the girl.

“I suggest that we immediately send out the police force to completely seal the concert venue that is going to be used for Zhang Xinya’s concert. Relieve the security guards responsible for the concert from their tasks and lay out a comprehensive security check ahead of time for the entire venue. Once suspicious people are found, we must immediately take control and carry out a full investigation should any suspicious problem arises,” after sighing, Zhao Ronghua spoke seriously.

“No, our mission this time is to make sure that Zhang Xinya’s concert is carried on smoothly,” Liu Changxi shook his head and rebutted. “On the other hand, we must also find those criminals, or else we may be able to avert and avoid the crisis this time, but what about the next time? What are we going to do should they lay out their terrorist activities next time?”

“But, Mr. Secretary Liu, the situation has come to a very dangerous point. We have virtually no information pertaining the enemies, while there will also be tens of thousands of fans at the concert scene. Will we even able to find those dangerous elements among them? It must be known, even the slightest carelessness may endanger the lives of thousands of people!” Retorted Zhao Ronghua.

“Before those criminals act they will definitely find a way to enter the concert scene. If they use mass destruction weapons, they must surely move ahead of time. If so, before the fans enter the concert venue we can eliminate their elite forces and conduct all-around investigations, and immediately do a clean up once we find any suspicious persons there. Additionally, we have sent some people mixed in with the security guards carrying out a thorough investigation. As long as they possess discerning eyes and have decent skills, we can get the criminals from the crowd. They can either eliminate or capture them once they’ve found those lunatics!”

“Mr. Secretary Liu, even if our arrangement is very detailed, the risks will still be there, no? Once there’s a failure on our side, major security incidents will follow. And we… will be very miserable by that time!”

“Regardless, I must still find those terrorists!” Liu Changxi coldly rebutted. “How many people have lost their lives in those fucking lunatics’ hands because of the major cases a few years ago? NO! I can no longer afford to let them go scot-free, neither can I endure it to be tormented yet again, only because I gave them more time to endanger the citizens!”


Zhao Ronghua hesitated for a short while, before he eventually slammed his hands on the table. He then said in a very heavy voice, “Such being the case, I’ll go crazy and follow Secretary Liu this once. On the police side, I’ll personally lead my team!”

The next morning.

At the Shanghai Train Station, a man and a woman who looked alert, vigorous, and energetic were carrying travel bags as they walked out of the station. Shortly after, a person greeted and led them to a car outside and then left.

At Bluestar Villa Complex…

Tang Xiu was quietly standing on the stairs to the villa’s door, looking at the 40 experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall below. Thirty men and ten women.

“I welcome your arrival in Shanghai. The fact that Gu Xiaoxue sent you all indicates that you are all outstanding talents. This time I need help from all of you,” said Tang Xiu solemnly in his eyes. “Among the forty of you, who is the team leader?”

“It’s me, Boss! Xing Li.”

A sturdy man stood out from the crowd and said with a reverential expression.

Nodding at him, Tang Xiu then said, “The mission that will be assigned to you this time, is to ensure the safety of the big star, Zhang Xinya’s concert tomorrow evening. According to the information I’ve received, a group of extremists is attempting to carry on their terrorist acts at her concert. Many people will lose their lives if they’re successful. Hence, you will make sure that the concert goes smoothly and do whatever means necessary to find out, contain, or kill those lunatics!”

“Are there any specific information on these extremists, Boss?” Asked Xing Li.

“No, thus I can only rely on you to find it,” Tang Xiu shook his head. “I’m perfectly aware what you guys have experienced abroad, so I think that you will understand this kind of adversary.”

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