Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 463

Chapter 463: Keeping a Mistress in a Golden House

“I really wanna go,” said Yi Lianyan. “Besides, Zhang Xinya is my idol, to begin with; but her concert ticket is way too expensive. I already checked it on the internet, and they had all been sold out, so I can’t go even if I want to.”

Tang Xiu put his hand into his pocket for disguising and took out a stack of concert tickets from his interspatial ring. He then looked up and asked, “Do you want some?”

Yi Lianyan’s eyes lit up and said without hesitation, “Four!”

Tang Xiu casually took out four tickets for successive rows and handed them over to her, smilingly said, “I just happened to get some tickets by chance. Since you wanna go, just take it!”

“Wow, you’re really amazing, Tang Xiu,” Yi Lianyan exclaimed in praised. “To think you can actually get that many…”

“Say, Lianyan, it was not long since the last time we met, how did you become such a bootlicker?” Tang Xiu waved his hand and forced a smile. “Who was it that was saying that she would catch up to me and have at least one-tenth of my wealth? It’s still vivid in my memory, you know!”

A blush appeared on Yi Lianyan’s charming face as she snappily rebutted, “That’s in the past, and now is now. Who would have thought that you’d be so perverted, anyway? You are just a student, yet you already have such a huge business and wealth. Thus, my previous goal is annulled, and I gotta make it down to one percent!”

Pfft… hahaha!” Tang Xiu couldn’t help bursting into laughter and was thoroughly defeated by her argument. That was a new experience for him, truly.

“Now that I have your phone number I’ll go to the cafeteria for a bite, Tang Xiu. Besides, my dorm sisters are waiting for me! Be sure to call me after you’re done with your things, got it?” Said Yi Lianyan with a smile.

“Sure thing,” said Tang Xiu.

After letting out a faint smile, Yi Lianyan turned around and went toward her good sisters. She immediately got surrounded and interrogated by them.

Several minutes later, Tang Xiu saw Yue Kai, Hu Qingsong, and the others slouched out of the classroom building and immediately greeted them.

“Ehh? How are you in the campus, Eldest Bro?” Yue Kai was somewhat surprised, and couldn’t help asking.

While looking at their surprised expressions, Tang Xiu smilingly said, “I just came to give you guys something.”

“What is it?” Asked Hu Qingsong.

Handing him the remaining tickets, Tang Xiu smilingly said, “These are the tickets for Zhang Xinya’s concert. The seating positions seem to be good, too. You’re responsible to give it to Mu Wanying’s group of four, while the rest is yours to divide!”

"Concert tickets?"

They looked shocked, and they all gathered to see it. Shortly after, Hu Qingsong’s deep northeastern accent invaded their ears, “Tang Big Bro is so fucking awesome! These are front row tickets! As I recall, isn’t its online price at least 2,000 to 3,000 yuan?”

Tang Xiu laughed and shook his head, “Go grab a bite! I still need to do something tonight, so I won’t be eating on the campus. But I’ll come to class starting tomorrow.”

“Eh, Eldest Bro, leave me your car keys, okay?” Yue Kai hastily called out.

After a short hesitation, Tang Xiu gave him his car keys and said, “You gotta drive me back first, then.”

“Sure thing!” Yue Kai took the car keys and smilingly walked toward the Land Rover.

Shortly after, Yue Kai drove Tang Xiu to Bluestar Villa Complex. After stopping outside the courtyard, just as Tang Xiu got off from the car, he saw Yue Kai following him, “Ehh, aren’t you going back?”

“I’m not in a hurry. They will keep it for me, anyway. My throat feels a bit dry, so I wanna drink something,” said Yue Kai smilingly.

Tang Xiu hesitated for a moment. As he recalled that Zhang Xinya and Ouyang Lulu were still inside, he immediately said, “Just go back to campus and have a drink there! It’s not a long drive back.”

Yue Kai gave Tang Xiu a dull look and slowly eyed him. A glint flashed in his eyes as he ran toward the villa. In just 10 seconds, he had already rushed into the living room. As his eyes swept over the two fairy-like beautiful girls on the sofa, he instantly came to a halt and became slack-jawed.

With a wry smile, Tang Xiu looked at Yue Kai’s shocked expression and helplessly said, “I told you to go back to campus if you wanna a drink, didn’t I? You just didn’t want to listen. Now that pitiable small heart of yours can’t bear it, right? All right, whether you wanna chase the belle, just work hard on your own, I won’t give you a hand at all.”



Zhang Xinya and Ouyang Lulu got up from the sofa and looked at the gaping and dumbfounded Yue Kai. His slack-jawed expression made them laugh.

Nevertheless, the fragment of a good poem saying that ‘a smile when she looks back shows all her charms and graces’, was thoroughly expressed by their dazzling smiles. Yue Kai, who was shocked by their beauty, suddenly felt his heart stop pumping blood, and his blood pressure began to drastically hike at this time.

Slapping his shoulder, Tang Xiu dragged him from his daze and smilingly said, “Okay, please don’t make a spectacle of yourself, ok? It’s like you’ve never seen a beauty before. Anyways, I’ll introduce her to you. She’s Ouyang Lulu, a friend of mine; and I don’t think you need me to introduce you Zhang Xinya. That poster on your bedside is her picture, to begin with.”

Furiously gulping down his saliva, disbelief flashed in his eyes as he stutteringly said, “E-Eld… … Eldest Bro. A-am I not… Am I not dreaming? I thought just that… I-I thought that you were keeping a lover or a mistress in your golden house. I-I just didn’t expect that... t-to think that you even have two canaries in your villa?! Even… they are even such top-class canaries??!!”


Tang Xiu couldn’t help bursting into laughter.

Zhang Xinya and Ouyang Lulu exchanged looks, as the two also immediately burst into laughter. All of a sudden, they felt that this friend of Tang Xiu was really too funny and interesting.

Ignoring Yue Kai, Tang Xiu said to Ouyang Lulu, “Lulu, can you take a bottle of drink from the fridge? Just hurry and give it to him, and then pack him away. It’s really shameful to have such a dorm mate, you know.”

With a lovable expression, Ouyang Lulu complied and ran to the fridge. She handed one bottle to Yue Kai and uncapped the other before giving it to Tang Xiu, saying, “My dear honey, your classmate is thirsty, so you should be thirsty as well. Come, I just helped you open the bottle cap, so drink it quickly. Ah, right. Xinya just said that she gotta change our bed’s quilt. She also personally picked a very beautiful quilt from the cabinet, and said that it’s the one she likes the most. Resting on it at night will certainly fetch us good dreams.”

Puff… cough, cough, cough…

Yue Kai, who couldn’t help showing an envious look upon seeing Ouyang Lulu uncapping the bottle for Tang Xiu, uncapped the bottle himself and gulped down a mouthful. However, before he fully swallowed it, Ouyang Lulu’s following words made him choke, nearly sending him to the death early. After coughing, his face, that was almost as pretty as a woman, flushed red.

Giving him white eyes, Tang Xiu patted his back and said, “Lulu, don’t tease him, okay?! It’s fine if you want to choke him into a mutt or something, but just in case he chokes to the death, that will be a matter of life or death!”

“What the? Get lost…”

Yue Kai finally made a comeback. His red face was akin to a hen laying eggs. He angrily glared at Tang Xiu and sternly called out, “Tang Big Bro! I just realized today that you’re really shameless!”

Having said that, he ran away.

While looking at his departing back, the smile on Tang Xiu’s face turned thicker, as he said, “This brat is always running his mouth about hot chicks and whatnot every day. All day long he’s always despising my proper manners as false and hipocritical. Today, this can be considered as me venting my foul mood. Anyways, Lulu, those words you just said; however attractive it sounded, you’re a girl, after all. You should say less about this kind of statement later. It wouldn’t be good if any bystanders take it in the wrong way.”

Ouyang Lulu’s proud twin peaks were waving turbulently, as she directly gazed at Tang Xiu and said, “I’m not afraid. If worst comes to worst, I’ll just play the false as really true, and you will take me in, anyway.”

After hearing that, Tang Xiu spoke no more, and immediately fled up to the second floor. Just as he had just ascended a few steps, he said without turning his back, “Someone will bring your meals. You two have a bite and then hurry back to your things.”

Standing at the side, Zhang Xinya was smiling. When Tang Xiu’s back disappeared at the staircase, she turned to Ouyang Lulu and said in a low voice, “Lulu, do you like Tang Xiu?”

“Of course! Why would I have come here if I didn’t like him? But heck, this fella obviously knows what I have in mind, yet he feigns ignorance and plays the fool.”

“He’s probably not ready yet,” said Zhang Xinya with a giggle.

“I’m the girl and I’m already ready, but he is like this… Bah, forget it. I don’t wanna talk about it. Anyway, I firmly believe that there’s no stronghold that can’t be breached, neither do I believe that there’s a golden jade that can’t be buckled. Sooner or later my small flame of love will burn his icy cold heart.”

“Hahaha… you’re so funny,” Zhang Xinya giggled.

Looking self-satisfied, Ouyang Lulu raised her head and seemingly recalled something. She then patted her forehead and said, “My goodness, it’s my bad. I just joked around, but forgot a serious matter I wanted to ask him! Lets go after him and ask about what he discussed with those people from the State Security!”

The smile on Zhang Xinya’s suddenly receded. After hesitating for a short while, she shook her head and said, “Let’s have dinner first! I think that Tang Xiu would have just told me right away if the situation was really bad.”

Nodding, Ouyang Lulu replied, “Yeah, though Tang Xiu is much younger than us, he’s very mature and stable. He’s always able to measure the weight of matters. He’d definitely tell us directly and come up with countermeasures.”

“I think so, too,” said Zhang Xinya. “Anyway, are you going to stay with me after eating? I need to do a rehearsal, so you’ll act as my companion.”

Ouyang Lulu hesitated for a short while before saying, “Just tell me the address. I need to go back to arrange something. I’ll look for you later.”

“That’s right. I always meant to ask you the reason you came to Shanghai, btu you always mystified it. What exactly are you doing here?” Asked Zhang Xinya.

“It’s still a secret!” Ouyang Lulu laughed coquettishly and leaped toward the sofa. Furthermore, she was still holding up a small secret inside. A secret that she must get Zhang Xinya to be at the scene on the day she opened the business.

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