Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 462

Chapter 462: Nuisance

Shangri-La Hotel was located in the bustling Jingning District. The hotel encompassed a large; after all, it was a five-star hotel. The multi-storied hotel building itself was exceptionally elegant and very stylish.

Taking the elevator, Tang Xiu arrived at the door of the room #8068 and immediately knocked it. The door was opened from the inside and a young man, vigilantly looking at Tang Xiu, asked, “Who are you?”

"Tang Xiu!"

The young man nodded and poked his head out, glancing at both sides of the corridor. Then, he stepped back and said, “Please come inside, Mr. Tang.”

After striding into the room, Tang Xiu saw four or five people sitting before the table, one of whom was constantly typing away at a laptop. There was also a mini projector inside, displaying a lot of chaotic pictures. A middle-aged man with rather common features and a black mole on his lips was quietly sitting in front of the mini projector silently watching the pictures above.

“Mr. Secretary, Tang Xiu has arrived.”

The young man who opened the door went to Li Changxi’s side and bent over to whisper something to him.

Liu Changxi looked back and saw Tang Xiu coming over. A smile immediately appeared on his face, as he got up and walked toward Tang Xiu to greet him. He stretched his hand and said, “I already heard about your name, Tang Xiu, but I didn’t expect that I would be able to see you today. Senior Tang is truly blessed to have such an excellent grandson.”

“You’re too polite, Mr. Liu,” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle. “I also have heard a lot about your heroic deeds. Speaking of that, you are the shield of our country, the protector of our people. After this incident comes to an end, I would like to invite you to dinner to show you my respect.”

“You embarrass me with your commendation, Tang Xiu,” said Liu Changxi with a smile. “Come here and please sit down. Little Wang, prepare some tea!”

“No need for the tea. Let us talk about the issue with the extremists,” said Tang Xiu.

After they took their seats, Liu Changxi produced a bitter smile and said, “Tang Xiu, to tell you the truth, the information about the extremists who have been in hiding for more than a year and are about to take action again was acquired accidentally. We were only able to get the information from one of our people in the intelligence department before we were finally sure that they are targeting Zhang Xinya’s upcoming concert in Shanghai.”

After saying that, he personally operated the projector. As the picture finally fixed on a picture of a bald man, he said, “This man is called Shi Biao, he’s the owner of a video games arcade on the surface. Yet, as a matter of fact, he is a member of this radical organization. We have already investigated him; he appeared in several terrorist incidents several years ago. According to the follow-up investigation by our intel, it has been confirmed that he has already arrived in Shanghai. He’s now staying in room #8066, which is the room next door.”

Tang Xiu released his spiritual sense and “instantly” saw the middle-aged Shi Biao in the next room. At this moment, the man was currently smoking a cigarette and playing with a dagger in his hand. There was also a girl in her 17s or 18s sitting on the sofa in front him and typing on a laptop. She was currently playing a game.

“Is Shi Biao the only clue you have? Is there any specific intelligence on the other members of this terrorist organization?” Tang Xiu inquired.

Producing a forced smile, Liu Changxi shook his head, “We do have some information about them, but it’s not detailed enough. For example, there’s a guy named Lao Lang—codename Old Wolf. Age about 50, yet we don’t have his photo, nor do we know his real name, or any other information on him whatsoever.”

Nodding, Tang Xiu then said, “Have you contacted Zhang Xinya yet?”

“No, we haven’t contacted her yet; we want to avoid alerting the enemies.” Liu Changxi shook his head. “But I’m going to contact her at noon tomorrow.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary to call her, since she was with me when I called you. Also, for her safety, I’ll send some people who will be responsible to protect her. Furthermore, I’ll also go to the concert venue tomorrow so I can move in cooperation with you.”

“Tang Xiu, I think that it will be best if you don’t go,” said Liu Changxi quickly. “These extremists are not a simple. Take this Shi Biao for example. He used to be in the army; a retired serviceman. He was somehow missing and disappeared for several years afterward. After he appeared, he became the owner of that video games arcade. Through various clues, we learned that Shi Biao is very powerful and skillful. If you were to fall into an accident at the concert, we won’t be able to explain it to Senior Tang!”

“Worry not, Sir. I’m a Kung Fu expert, most people wouldn’t be able to hurt me,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Regardless, Liu Changxi still wanted to persuade him against it. Thus, Tang Xiu stopped him by waving his hand and saying, “Mr. Secretary Liu, please say no more. Zhang Xinya is a friend of mine, and I cannot ignore her safety. Besides, I won’t act rashly and blindly if something happens, either. I’ll tell you about it firstly, and your people will handle it.”

Upon hearing it, Liu Changxi immediately felt relieved and smilingly said, “I can relax, then! Anyway, I have already met with the leaders of the Public Security Department of Shanghai. This is a joint operation, and the armed police and special police will also move in secret. There will be a large number of undercover officers blending in with the audience. So our people will be able to rush in and stop them should any incident occur.”

“Such being the case, I can rest my worries,” said Tang Xiu with a nod. “Anyway, if there’s nothing else I will take my leave first. Let us keep in touch.”

“All right!”

Liu Changxi nodded and sent Tang Xiu out of the room by himself. Afterward, his complexion turned cold.

The young man who previously opened the door for Tang Xiu frowned, saying, “Mr. Secretary, this Tang Xiu is practically adding a chaotic variable to the situation. Why did you in on the operation?”

“He is a member of the Tang Family, after all.” Albeit reluctantly, Liu Changxi said with a helpless expression. “Moreover, he’s also a friend of Zhang Xinya. From the look of his expression, he would act rashly and blindly if I were to refuse to cooperate with him, and that will court us trouble when the time comes. If anything, tap his mobile phone number, so we can know in advance no matter where he is when the concert is being held. Little Wang, assign two men and quietly protect him once he appears in the concert venue later.”

“Do we still need to protect him, Mr. Secretary?” Asked the young man.

“If by any chance he has an accident while on the mission, do you think the Old Master of the Tang Family will let this matter go? You should have heard the hearsay flying in Beijing, no? For the sake of making up with Tang Xiu, the Old Master of the Tangs is practically cherishing him in his mouth, fearing that he would fall and break from his hand. Because of that, we can’t afford to provoke him; we can only assign two men to protect him.”

“It’s so depressing! He’s practically giving us more problems; a nuisance.” The youth commented in a low voice, yet he still nodded.

It was already 4:30 PM when Tang Xiu left Shangri-La Hotel. After hesitating and pondering for a while, he decided to go to campus to give the concert tickets Zhang Xinya gave him to his friends. On the way to Shanghai University, however, he phoned Gu Xiaoxue and told her to send a group of powerful experts whose background records were relatively clean in the country to come here.

Despite being unsure as to why Tang Xiu needed such a large number of experts, Gu Xiaoxue didn’t ask anything and dispatched 40 experts to wait for Tang Xiu’s assignment.


At Shanghai University…

The class was already over by the time Tang Xiu arrived. Instead of going to the classroom, he sat in the car and looked at the students constantly coming out of the entrance.


Suddenly, Tang Xiu’s brows raised, as a wisp of a smile appeared on his face. It was because he saw an acquaintance, Yi Lianyan.

Di di…

Tang Xiu sounded the car’s horn and suddenly, many students who had come out of the classroom building fixed their eyes on him.

“Is that… Tang Xiu?”

“Oh God! I’m actually seeing Tang Xiu? He hasn’t been coming to campus lately, right? Never thought he would come today!”

“Holy cow! He seems to be very rich! Isn’t that a Land Rover Range Rover series? Isn’t that car rumored to be priced at at least 1 million?”

“He’s now a superstar, buddy! A big celebrity. But, what did he come to the campus for? The classes are already over today.”


Many people stopped walking and animatedly chattered about him for a while. The sound of the car’s horn also attracted Yi Lianyan and several of her classmates. Ignoring her classmates gazes and dorm sisters, she half ran toward Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu opened the car’s door. While looking at Yi Lianyan, he smilingly said, “Ehh, you seem very angry?”

Upon hearing this, Yi Lianyan rushed toward Tang Xiu and kicked his calf. Then, she angrily said, “You already knew that I had enrolled here before we registered as freshmans. Why the hell didn’t you tell me?”

“You didn’t ask me,” Tang Xiu replied with a laugh. “Besides, saying that I also got admitted to Shanghai University, pfft… It’s not like I can show off so willfully like you, no?”

“You…” Yi Lianyan ranted. "What a lame argument and perverted logic! You’re quibbling!"

“Okay, okay. The fault is mine, all right?” Tang Xiu laughed. “I didn’t tell you because you didn’t ask. Well, I’m quite busy now, but I’ll treat you two days later. I’ll also introduce you to some hot guys. Is that OK?”

Yi Lianyan rolled her eyes at Tang Xiu. Her action was a bit coquettish and charming. Despite so, she couldn’t help smiling, “Who the hell cares about hot guys? Just gimme your cell number again. My phone was lost before, so was your number lost as well. I was originally planning to make a trip to Nine Dragons Island to find Mo Āwen and ask him your number!”

Smiling, Tang Xiu spelled his number to her. Then, he smilingly said, “Now you don’t need to go there anymore. I just saved you of travel expenses, didn’t I?”

“Hmph!” Yi Lianyan grunted. “I will ask for reimbursement from you, anyway! That’s right, it was kinda out of my imagination that you would also be a student at Shanghai University. If it wasn’t for you performing at the freshmen welcoming party I would still have been in the dark till now. Speaking about it, you’re really amazing, Tang Xiu. You’re still a college student, yet you already run so many businesses, and you’re even acquainted with so many powerful people. You are…”

Tang Xiu interrupted her speech and smilingly said, “If you want to express your admiration, I think you gotta hold it for now. There’s something I gotta do now.”

“What are you going to do?” Asked Yi Lianyan, confused.

“I gotta give something to my classmates at the campus, and then I’ll go out to deal with something. By the way, do you have some spare time tomorrow night? Do you want to watch the concert of the big star, Zhang Xinya?”

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