Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 459

Chapter 459: Acrimonious Falling Out

Ye Wenhe’s net wealth was worth more than 10 billion yuan, and he was the Big Boss of a listed company, the Jindi Group. He was very famous in the business circle of Shanghai. Thus, his younger brother, Ye Wentao, also got some of his limelight, giving him a good status and also earning a fortune.

However, never once had he ever dreamed that one day he would actually see his brother, Ye Wentao, falling into such a predicament like today.

Bleeding and extremely unsightly to the eyes!!

Wounded, looking hideous and horrible to the extreme!!!

The injured in the backyard were all his younger brother—Ye Wentao’s men. Anhu’s dead body, in particular, causing his breath to turn rougher.

Ye Wentao rushed toward Ye Wenhe. With his back facing Tang Xiu, he shouted, “Brother, this time is my fault; I don’t blame it on Tang Xiu. He just taught me the lesson that one will be punished for his evil deeds. Hence, you can take your men back.”

After saying that, he also gave winked at Ye Wenhe.

Ye Wenhe’s face turned extremely unsightly. He could understand the meaning behind his younger brother’s meaningful wink. He instantly turned vigilant and alert inwardly. However, he didn’t leave, and instead, quickly undressed his clothes, turning around to take a knife from his confidant behind him, and then quickly cut his clothes. After tearing a few strips, he quickly wrapped the wounds on Ye Wentao’s arm.

“Tell me, what exactly is going on here?” Ye Wenhe asked with a grim and cloudy face.

“I’m not too clear, either. It was Manager Li who told me. Several university students came to my renovation company, wanting to hire us to renovate their gym.” Ye Wentao forced a smile and answered. “However, since they didn’t strike a deal, those students then looked for another renovation company, so Manager Li sent people to make trouble for them, injuring them as well as the workers from the other renovation company. Those students turn out to be Tang Xiu’s friends, so he came seeking revenge. Big Brother, we have already been punished, so let this matter go!”

Ye Wenhe turned to Tang Xiu and coldly said, “Honorable young man, your actions are too severe. For a misunderstanding, not only did you hurt so many people, but you also killed my brother’s people. That’s too much.”

“Am I too excessive?” Tang Xiu replied with ridicule. “Had it not been for my strength, it would have been me who would have died today. You say I’m too excessive? Your brother is still kicking, so you should be glad.”

Ye Wenhe was silent for a while before unhurriedly saying, “Since things have come to this point, and my younger brother has already been punished, this matter will end here and now!”

“You want to end things here?” Tang Xiu sneered. “Are you kidding me?”

Ye Wentao stopped Ye Wenhe and talked to Tang Xiu in a heavy voice, “Tang Xiu, I told you before that you can kill me if you want to, but please don’t make things difficult for my brother and my men.”


Ye Wentao had a dramatic change in expression. Though he didn’t know why his brother was so afraid of Tang Xiu, he didn’t fear the youth at all. He brought his men to this place and was well prepared. Even if Tang Xiu could fight and also had some people beside him, could they block bullets?

Staring at Tang Xiu, Ye Wenhe indifferently said, “Young man, don’t ask for a mile after taking an inch. For better or worst, I, Ye Wenhe, am an honorable and respected figure in Shanghai. Do you think I’d let this matter go like this if it wasn’t for my younger brother’s sake? Furthermore, an enmity won’t end if you don’t settle it amicably. Damage has been done to both of our sides, so this issue had better end here and now; or else, no one will end up better after we’ve truly fallen out.”

Eyes turning colder, Chi Nan said in a deep voice, “Boss, let us wash this place with their blood.”

Deeply staring at Ye Wenhe, Tang Xiu produced a smile and said, “You two are really brothers; you have the same arrogance. Not very friendly and hard at the very least. I heard of your Jindi Group prior to his, and I also heard your name as well. From the looks of it now, you indeed have a bit of ability, it seems.”

“Whether I’ve skills or not, it’s not your place to talk,” said Ye Wenhe coldly.

Tang Xiu walked toward Ye Wenhe. Just at the moment when Ye Wenhe thought he would stop, Tang Xiu’s speed abruptly accelerated, his shadow almost flashing. A dagger suddenly appeared in his hand out of thin air, as it fiercely stabbed Ye Wenhe’s upper arms. When he returned to his original position, a stream of blood immediately flowed profusely from Ye Wenhe’s arms.

“Kill all those with weapons!” Cold words came out from Tang Xiu’s mouth.

Chi Nan and the six big men were long prepared. Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s order, the six big men moved fast. They instantly pulled out their daggers and rushed into the group of Ye Wenhe’s men. With undeniable force and irrefutable vigor, Ye Wenhe’s men fell down.

The six sturdy men who were closest to Ye Wenhe had their complexion furiously changed. They quickly pulled out their pistols. However, before they had yet to open the safety lock, a silver pistol appeared in Chi Nan’s hand. Along with the flame bursting out from its barrel, six bullets shot out and pierced their foreheads.

Trembling inside, Ye Wentao had already known that things were going to turn hellish the moment Tang Xiu moved. By the time the six gun bearing men fell down, he rushed toward Ye Wenhe, blocking him with his own body.

“Brother, you truly love showing off your forces!”

Bitterness inundated Ye Wentao’s heart.

Although the fighting seemed somewhat chaotic, the fallen men were all the men brought by his big brother, whereas Tang Xiu’s six men were as though six tigers rushing into a flock of sheep, and the sheep had no strength to fight back at all.

It was like the autumn wind sweeping away the withered leaves.

Amidst the spraying blood and screams, dozens of stalwart men had fallen. Tang Xiu’s six men were moving swiftly and violently. Adding to that, they moved from rear to front in less than a minute, yet all of them inflicted heavy damages, and those who were hit couldn’t even stand up from the ground.

“The task has been accomplished, Boss!”

The six big men wiped the blood on their faces and they quickly fell back to Tang Xiu.

Nodding, Tang Xiu motioned for them to stand aside. Then, he unhurriedly walked toward the fearful-looking brothers, Ye Wentao and Ye Wenhe.

“Now do you know what fear is like?”

Tang Xiu showed an unfeeling and cold smile. He took out a cigarette and lit it, taking a deep puff and spitting out rings of smoke. Then, he spoke again, “Weren’t you acting rampant just now, Ye Wenhe? How come you are standing behind your little brother now like a coward? Ah, what am I seeing? Your legs are trembling! To think that your legs are shivering right now, to what degree of fear did you succumb to, exactly?

Ye Wenhe was truly frightened.

Just a moment ago, he was in high spirits and full of confidence due to bringing dozens of expert fighters; six of them even armed with guns. Hence, even though his younger brother, Ye Wentao, signaled to him and was acting submissive toward Tang Xiu, he thought that Tang Xiu would also end up the same to him. If a conflict were to arise, then his six men could take care of it with their pistols.

However, how did things come to this?

Blood was flowing from his arms, yet he didn’t dare to bandage it. He could only lift his hands to cover the wounds on his shoulders, attempting to reduce the bleeding speed.

Scared and frightened, Ye Wentao looked at the six dead bodies beside him, whose temperatures were still warm. The scene struck him hard, making him realize that Chi Nan was truly a demoness who could kill without batting an eye.

“Please forgive my brother’s rashness, Tang Xiu. He didn’t really want to fight you and become your enemy. He’s accustomed to acting this way, so he couldn’t change it so abruptly. Now, if you want to kill, then kill me; if you want to beat someone, then beat me; but please, leave out my older brother! You can lash out your resentment at me.”

While deeply staring at Ye Wentao, Tang Xiu sighed, “While I’m still clueless as to why your mentality has transformed like this, it is indeed a good thing, so I decided not to kill you. As long as you can accept my conditions, I can write this off all.”

Eyes lit up, Ye Wentao immediately nodded heavily and said, “Please do speak out your conditions! I’ll not refuse them as long as I can fulfill them.”

“First, you two brothers are to fork out 1 billion yuan in compensation. Second, you must go to Shanghai’s First Public Hospital personally and kneel at the hospital’s entrance for a day. Third, discard one arm and leg of that Manager surnamed Li. Fourth, you two brothers are to deal with the aftermath here.”

Ye Wentao’s expression constantly changed. After 10 seconds, he nodded with a face full of bitterness and said, “I accept all your conditions.”

“Wentao!” Ye Wenhe exclaimed.

Turning around, Ye Wentao gazed at him and forced out a wry smile, “Brother, do we still have room for bargaining? It’d very easy if him he wanted to kill us now. I really thought that I would die for sure at first, but now there’s a slim chance of survival. There’s nothing I can do but comply.”

Ye Wenhe fell into silence.

He knew that his brother’s words were the hard truth. With Tang Xiu’s and his men’s cruelness and mercilessness, this day next year would probably become their anniversary of death if they refused.

Tang Xiu nodded and lightly said, “Give me your cell number. I’ll send my bank account to your mobile via SMS. All the conditions I gave you must be fulfilled by 12 o’clock tomorrow night. Otherwise, I won’t think twice to send people to kill you all.”

Having said that, he turned around and walked away. While leaving, he gave an order to collect the pistols. Those pistols were illegal weapons and would be a cause for disaster if these people kept them. He might as well keep them inside his interspatial ring for safekeeping.

Two minutes later, Ye Wentao finally took his gaze back and shifted his vision toward Ye Wenhe, bitterly saying, “Big Brother, let’s bandage our wounds first! We have been done in this time, and we can’t let such a thing happen to us again. Otherwise, we brothers will die a tragic death sooner or later in the future.”

Yet, there was coldness inside Ye Wenhe’s eyes. He had never eaten such bitter losses like this for over a decade, thus was born a bitter hatred toward Tang Xiu. He made up his mind. Today he may bow his head and admit his fault, but he swore to secretly build up his power and then pay back today’s shame and humiliation in the future.

“A decade later is never too late for a man to take his revenge,” said Ye Wenhe coldly.

Ye Wentao’s complexion changed as he retorted in a deep voice, “You had better not think about revenge, Brother. That Tang Xiu and his men are simply not human. Even if we train hundreds of skilled people, they won’t be necessarily able to contend with them. Who knows how powerful is his background?”

“I’ll send people to investigate him!” Said Ye Wenhe coldly.

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