Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 457

Chapter 457: Cruel and Evil

Jindi Group’s Headquarters.

 It was a lunchtime for Ye Wenhe. He was busy due to businesses’ issues, and was only able to take a breath now. However, his mood turned for the better after looking at his peach-faced, tender and beautiful female secretary. If the project he had just discussed could be completed successfully, he would receive a lot of profits. At that time, he would buy some extravagant accessories for this little coquettish demoness to make sure that she’d make him feet better and more ********. [1]

Ring, ring, ring…

The mobile phone on the table ringed.

After swallowing the food in his mouth, Ye Wenhe picked it up and had a look at it. His brows immediately lifted up. After accepting the call, he asked, “What’s the problem, Second Brother?”

“Brother, help!”

From the cell phone, Ye Wentao’s voice came out.

For a moment, Ye Wenhe stared blankly. He then put the chopsticks in his other hand. The smile on his face faded as he asked, “What happened?”

“T-There’s a monster in my renovation company making trouble,” said Ye Wentao hurriedly. “H-he… he alone disposed of more than 40 my men. B-Brother, bring your people here. FAST!!”

“Hey, Second! Did your brain get kicked by a donkey or something?” Ye Wenhe frowned. “Did you say that a person took care of 40 of your men? What damn joke is this? I still got things to deal with. I have no spare time to joke about with you.”

After saying that, as he was about to hang up the phone, Ye Wentao shouted.

“Brother, I’ll die if you don’t help me! Every word I said is true. If it was before, I myself would never believe such an absurd thing, but it did really happen. There really is a guy who killed more than 40 of my men standing in front of me. I-If… if you don’t believe me, I’ll let him talk to you.”

After a moment of silence, Ye Wenhe then replied coldly, “Then let him talk.”

Ten seconds after, Tang Xiu took over the phone thrown by Ye Wentao and said indifferently, “What your trash brother has said is all true. If you don’t want him to die, then send some people to rescue him. I gotta give you an advice you, though. You had better give it your all; don’t spare anything. Otherwise, you would only fold yourself instead of saving him.”

After saying that, Tang Xiu smashed the mobile phone and then looked at Ye Wentao with his arms folded.

Ye Wentao took a deep breath and forcibly suppressed his fear. He looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Tang Xiu, though I do have a lot of people, I pale in comparison with my older brother. If you don’t want to die, I advise you to get the hell out immediately; or else, it will be impossible for you to leave this place later.”

“You think I’m scared?” Tang Xiu sneered.

He then fished out his mobile phone and dialed Chi Nan’s phone number. After she answered, he said, “Take some people to the New Dream Renova Company. I have killed some people here, and I need you to bring someone to deal with the collateral damage and the aftermath.”

“Got it, Boss!” Chi Nan quickly replied.

After putting away his mobile phone, Tang Xiu looked at Ye Wentao and said, “At first, I had no need to call people over here to deal with the aftermath, but today’s matter will inevitably make a big stir. Therefore, I hope that your big brother can quickly come to rescue you. If not, once my men arrive and with me around, the people your brother brings will be cleaned up.”

The fear in Ye Wentao’s eyes intensified. Tang Xiu alone had decimated more than 40 of his men. If he still had his subordinates, could his older brother be able to deal with the situation?

That’s not right!

Suddenly, he remembered something, the fear on his face completely disappeared. After which, he sneered and said, “Surnamed Tang! Trying to mystify things, eh? You are nothing but a freshman at Shanghai University. Dealing with the collateral and aftermath? Hmph, what a bluff!”

Creasing his brows, Tang Xiu looked at the sudden arrogance on Ye Wentao’s face. A wisp of a smile appeared on his handsome face as he said, “Well, I just had a sudden change of mind. I decided to make you pay interest first because of your provocation. Isn’t the Boss supposed to share everything with his men for better or worse? Didn’t you also speak such things to your men?”

“Y-Y-You… what are you gonna do?”

Without him realizing, Ye Wentao stepped back two steps. A panicked expression re-surfaced on his face again.

“Are you asking what I’m gonna do?” Tang Xiu jeered, “Don’t tell me you can’t figure it out?”

“Tang Xiu, a man’s words are as worthy as gold. Those were your words a moment ago. Don’t tell me you want to take back the words you’ve said? Are you still a man?” Ye Wentao shouted.

“Whether or not I’m a man is not for you to say it.” Tang Xiu sneered.

As his voice fell, Tang Xiu’s figure instantly appeared in front of Ye Wentao. In an instant, a sharp dagger flashed across Ye Wentao’s arms, blood spraying out quickly, as a slit the size of a baby’s mouth opened on it.

Tang Xiu sneered. The tip of his knife then changed directions and directly poked into his front arm. Amidst Ye Wentao’s shrilling screams, Tang Xiu retreated two steps and watched as Ye Wentao tried to pull his weak arm, “So, how are you feeling now?”

The severe pain almost made Ye Wentao faint. He looked at Tang Xiu’s smile as his vision turned dark and almost fainted. Regardless, it was not caused by the pain, but the fear in his heart.

From the first moment Tang Xiu acted, he realized that Tang Xiu was extremely cruel and merciless, yet little did he imagine that his cruelness would go so far as to this extent.

He didn’t kill him. But what he was doing now was fully torturing and tormenting him. Not only was he torturing him physically, he was also tormenting him psychologically.

As of now, Ye Wentao had already started to pray, so that his older brother—Ye Wenhe would come earlier with his men. Otherwise, he didn’t know how long he could persevere until his older brother arrived.


Ye Wentao suddenly looked up. His eyes were as though spitting flame as he shouted and glared at Tang Xiu.

“For me to be ruthless or not is not something for you to decide as well. But I’ll give your older brother half an hour. If he doesn’t arrive here within this time window, I will kill you directly; I don’t want to waste my time here any longer. Let my men deal with the aftermath later!”

A chill struck Ye Wentao’s heart.

He didn’t want to die!

He was still under his 40s and possessed great wealth. But if he were to die now, having enormous wealth simply had no meaning whatsoever. He had once had a myriad of fantasies, imagining that he had bundled himself a mountain, possessing an enormous wealth, and then enjoyed it for the rest of his life.

“Tang Xiu, give my big brother 40 minutes. He wouldn’t be able to arrive here within 30 minutes if he got trapped in a traffic jam. But I promise you he’ll be able to arrive here within 40 minutes. Furthermore, I won’t let him strike you even if he comes. This issue is my mistake, to begin with. I shouldn’t have let my people strike your brother and friends. If anything, I’m willing to pay compensation. Tell me how I should compensate you and I’ll do it.” Ye Wentao was really frightened, looking at Tang Xiu in fear as he nearly wept.

40 minutes?

“You want 40 minutes. Alright, I’ll give him 40 minutes.” Tang Xiu sneered. “I really hope he can arrive in 40 minutes. Otherwise, hmph…

“Sure, sure!”

Nodding in desperation, Ye Wentao’s eyes then swept over his nearest subordinate and shouted, “Gimme your cell phone! I gotta call my brother again.”

The middle-aged man had his leg broken by Tang Xiu. At this time, he was suffering tremendous pain; however, he hurriedly threw his mobile upon hearing Ye Wentao’s shout.

“Don’t your eyes see that my hands are unable to exert any strength? Dial his number for me!” Ye Wentao furiously shouted.

Fearful and frightened, the middle-aged man crawled up and hurriedly dialed the cell number while suppressing the pain. He propped himself up by holding onto Ye Wentao’s waist and was barely able to stand up. He then dialed the number as per Ye Wentao’s instructions and then sent the mobile phone to his ear.

“Who is this?” Ye Wenhe’s cold voice came from the phone.

“Brother, my arms… my arms were pierced by his knife. Brother, please hurry up! Come quickly! He only gave you 40 minutes. No, that’s not right! There’s only 38 minutes now. If you can’t get here within 38 minutes, he said he’s going to kill me. Brother, I’m not joking with you. He already killed Anhu, and his dead body is in front of me. Please, hurry up!!!”

At this time, Ye Wenhe, who was riding an elevator downstairs, had his complexion greatly changed. He knew that Anhu was the best fighter his younger brother had. He didn’t expect him to be killed in front of his younger brother.

In a flash, killing intent appeared in Ye Wenhe’s eyes, as he said in a deep voice, “I’ll catch up as fast as possible! Tell him that as long as he does nothing, I agree with whatever he wants!”

“Okay, I’ll tell him at once!”

Ye Wentao then looked at Tang Xiu and loudly said, “Tang Xiu, my older brother said that as long as you do nothing until he arrives here, he’ll comply with whatever demands you have. Let me tell you. My older brother is the Big Boss of the Jindi Group with a ten-billion-yuan wealth. If you spare me, he’ll give you a lot of money; tons of money!”

“Do you see me as someone who lacks money or something?” Tang Xiu sneered.

“Then, what exactly do you want?” Ye Wentao asked loudly, “That’s right, you did say before that you have a request. What’s your request, exactly?”

“My request was originally a simple one. But your people started to attack me, some of them even dying in my hands. Thus, I’m not prepared to mention about that request again. Because now, I only want to kill you.” Tang Xiu sneered.

Ye Wentao’s face turned ghastly pale. His lips quivered as he looked at Tang Xiu without the ability to speak. He could only tell his brother to come a bit faster and rescue him, for Tang Xiu already held the thought to kill him.

Suddenly, the big man standing next to Ye Wentao whispered, “Boss, tell him that we’ll let bygones be bygones for Anhu’s death.”

Ye Wentao dazed for a short moment. A few seconds after, his eyes lit up and he shouted, “Tang Xiu, Anhu was my henchman. He was a man who lived on the edge of the knife, who sooner or later could have been killed by his enemies. Hence, I don’t mind that Anhu was killed by you. If anything, I’ll certainly comply with your request as long as you say it. And my older brother will definitely comply with it as well!”

Chapter Notes:

1. It’s censored. I can’t figure out the characters nor was I able to deduce the words since it’s 8 chars long. The censored chars may be an idiom referred to something or not, but I’m hella sure that it refers to sex fetishes or something like that. That’s also the reason I made the ‘accessories’ word italic.

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