Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 456

Chapter 456: Devil

A freshman at Shanghai University?

Ye Wentao suddenly remembered a video he had seen a couple days ago. He recalled the figure singing and playing the zither in the footage and compared him with Tang Xiu. He immediately realized why he felt that the young man looked so familiar. It turned out that he had seen him in that video.

“I didn’t think you were so gifted. But a pity, it will be very difficult for you to get out of my renovation company today,” said Ye Wentao in a cold tone.

“You would already have been done if I hadn’t given you time just now. There’s no point in you saying anything now. Lead the way!” Tang Xiu coldly looked at him.

Ye Wentao turned and took the lead out of the VIP room, a dozen of fierce-looking youths angrily glaring at Tang Xiu. As Tang Xiu stepped out of the room, they also followed closely.

In the New Dream Renova Company’s backyard.

With a sneer on his face, Ye Wentao came to a stop there. His men arrived one after the other, the number now exceeding 30 as they surrounded Tang Xiu. Most of them held weapons such as machetes and steel pipes. He was confident that Tang Xiu would be hacked to death as long as he gave them the order.

“Tang Xiu, isn’t it? I’m suddenly feeling merciful. I can spare you miserable life as long as you beg me for mercy and break one leg of yours. Of course, there’s no way you can get out without compensation, though it won’t be too outrageous. You injured eight of my men, so you must pay 10 million yuan in compensation each. Pay 80 million in compensation and we can forget this matter.”

Slowly raising his hand, Tang Xiu stretched his finger and hooked it toward Ye Wentao and indifferently said, “Tell your men to come at me. We shall see whether it’ll be you or I who will die.”

“Trash him but don’t kill him. It doesn’t matter if you got him crippled!” Ye Wentao scowled and shouted violently.

In a flash, more than ten men armed with machetes and steel pipes stormed over toward Tang Xiu. Most of them were experienced in fighting, and they had used the weapons in their hands to beat up quite a lot of people as well. Therefore, they brought that confidence to clash with Tang Xiu.

Alertly observing his four sides, yet don’t acting hashly, Tang Xiu then moved as though lightning. He instantly flashed to the side, his fist hitting the man in front. At the same time, his other hand also grabbed the steel pipe the man hacked at him and easily snatched it.

Pa, Pa…

Blood splashed in all direction as the steel pipe smashed heads.

The steel pipe’s afterimage in Tang Xiu’s hand was waving like a tiger in the midst of a flock of sheep. The men who had him surrounded were unable to see Tang Xiu’s movements and were smashed by the steel pipe, falling down to the ground. Yet, Tang Xiu’s footsteps didn’t cease moving as the foot of a man was broken whenever his footsteps landed.

“Heavens! How is this possible?”

“Fuck! How could he be so powerful?”

“Am I dreaming? Dozens of our Brothers got done in already?”

“P-probably, not even half a minute passed from the beginning to the end, right?”

There were still more than 20 men who had yet to act. They had looks of disbelief on their faces, as many of them couldn’t help but exclaim in alarm when they saw this scene.

People say that a pair of fists can’t contend with four enemies.

Yet, in front of Tang Xiu, the Internet celebrity who seemed to be only in his early 20s and turned out to have such powerful skills, everyone gaped and was shocked. After all, never once had they ever seen or heard of a man knocking out dozens of people, to begin with.

Is he Zhao Zilong from Changshan or something?

Many suddenly remembered such sentence. In their view, wasn’t this feat only something the historical Zhao Yun from Changshan could achieve?

Not far away from the scene, Ye Wentao gaped in disbelief as he looked at Tang Xiu. He could barely accept the fact that Tang Xiu was able to take down his eight men in the VIP room before, but now, seeing Tang Xiu easily take down 15 of his men at the same time that easily was something he could no longer accept.

It must be known that those 15 men were more powerful than the previous eight men. Even two or three ordinary people were not opponents for the two men amongst them.


Recovering from his shock, Ye Wentao quickly shouted loudly.

A tall, bear-like middle-aged man stepped out from the crowd, the steel machete in his hand reflecting dazzling lights under the sunlight. He was the best fighter Ye Wentao had. He had once defeated seven people and came out unscathed.

“I may not be able to beat him, Boss. Please order Little Qing to give me a hand.”

“Pick whoever you think can assist you.” Ye Wentao growled. “But no matter what, I don’t want this punk to get away alive from my renovation company today!”

“Got it!”

Anhu nodded heavily, murderous intent in his eyes. He shouted in a heavy voice, “Little Qing, Ah Ben, Little Mao! You three come assist me!”

Immediately, three stalwart men stepped out of the crowd. In their hands were machetes and steel pipes. They glared fiercely at Tang Xiu as they encircled him in the middle at an extremely quick pace.

“Now, now. You should be Ye Wentao’s most powerful dogs, yes? Seeing you makes me suddenly recall an ancient saying,” said Tang Xiu with a sneer.

“What ancient saying?” Anhu squinted his eyes, a murderous intent flashing as he asked.

“The monkeys reign when the there are no tigers in the mountain,” said Tang Xiu indifferently. “Soft-legged shrimps don’t have any strength whatsoever in front of me.”

“Hmph, whether or not I have the strength to fight back, that will have to be tried first.” Anhu sneered.

After saying that, he stepped forward. His footsteps were solid and were particularly positioned. In just a short two breaths he appeared in front of Tang Xiu. His one-meter steel machete hacked down toward Tang Xiu’s head. Had it been a ordinary person, the machete would probably split him in half.

Fending and dodging to the side, Tang Xiu’s footsteps glided for half a meter. He instantly smashed his steel pipe on the back of Anhu’s head. Blood splattered in all directions the moment after, as Anhu was battered to death directly by Tang Xiu.

You’ve taken a lot of human lives. Consider it a blessing and good fortune for you to die first in my hands.

Tang Xiu spoke inwardly as he reached out and grabbed Anhu’s body, maneuvering the corpse to block the two men who came hacking at him.


Tang Xiu threw Anhu’s body to the man with the machete. His legs instantly moved toward the other two men, smashing the steel pipe on the right side of their necks and causing them to fall straight to the ground. This time he didn’t kill them, but his fingers pressed some of their acupoints. His star force flushed into their bodies and destroyed their nerve system.

He didn’t kill! However, they could only spend the rest of their lives in bed; which was the best punishment for them.

“Don’t waste time! You all Come at me all at once. I’m not going to kill you today, but you fucking bastards must be punished!” Tang Xiu shouted fiercely as he threw the steel pipe away.

Desperately swallowing his saliva, fear appeared in Ye Wentao’s eyes. Never did he imagine that Tang Xiu’s martial strength would be so terrifying that his four most powerful fighters were disposed of by Tang Xiu in such a short period of time. His best fighter, Anhu, was even directly killed.

Heavens! How could he have provoked such a terrifying monster?!!!

Ye Wentao truly wanted to run away; however, he calmed down after seeing more than 20 of his men still standing. He pointed to Tang Xiu and bellowed, “FUCK HIM UP! KILL THIS ASSHOLE! I WANT HIM DEAD!”

However, the martial strength shown by Tang Xiu already made them shocked, as their legs were slightly trembling. If Ye Wentao was not here, at this moment, they might have thrown their weapons down and fled.

In their eyes, how could this youth still be human?!!! He was simply a fighting machine!!!

It must be noted that Anhu had learned martial arts since he was a child, thus his foundation was very solid. He was an expert at Taizu Chang Quan and Baji Quan, as well as very good at freestyle combat; yet, even this fellow was killed by him with only a move. It was simply like sending themselves to die!! Furthermore, Little Qing was a retired soldier and very strong. He became Ye Wentao’s henchman after murdering some people and needing to lay low for a while; he had been concealing his identity till now. [1]

Four masters! Yet they were actually done in so easily by someone while they were ganged up on the man at the same time. How could they possibly contend against him?

Looking at the fear on their faces as they didn’t immediately execute his order to besiege Tang Xiu, Ye Wentao’s panicked expression turned into anger as he shouted loudly, “ARE YOU ALL FUCKING DEAF?! This Father wants you to kill him for me! I will give 10 million yuan to whoever kills him, and he will also become my right-hand man in the future!”

10 million yuan?

Vicious and fiendish as they were, their fear instantly vanished upon hearing the reward set by Ye Wentao. Many of them reacted as though injected with chicken blood as they bravely stepped forward and storm over Tang Xiu like hungry wolves. [2]

If the reward is attractive enough, there will always be those brave enough to take the risk.

These words perfectly explained this very moment.

However, no matter how hard they went, they were still like ants trying to shake a giant tree. They were simply biting off more than they could chew. Tang Xiu acted ruthlessly and heavily due to the anger inside his heart. Every man who rushed over toward him had his hand or leg broken.

In the courtyard, dozens of people curled up on the ground like dried-up shrimps, screaming and wailing. This scene chilled one’s spine.

Looking at Tang Xiu standing among the crowd, Ye Wentao’s complexion was one of disbelief. He looked at his miserable men. Staggering, he faltered as he looked at Tang Xiu and was speechless for a long time.

“Ye Wentao, right? There’s still time. I’ll wait if you want to call more people.” Tang Xiu’s face was cold and detached as he walked toward Ye Wentao and indifferently spoke.

Ye Wentao’s mouth twitched. Prior to this, he was so arrogant when speaking to the opposite party, yet he didn’t expect that he’d be forced to this extent today.

“You just wait!”

Not daring to run away, Ye Wentao took out his mobile phone and prepared to call his biggest backer.

Chapter Notes:

1.       Taizu Chang Quan, or Great Ancestor Long Fist, developed by Zhao Kuangyin, a founding emperor of the Song Dynasty. Baji Quan: Eight Extremities Fist.

2.       Sprayed by chicken blood means become highly spirited.

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