Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 452

Chapter 452: The Wild Belle

Several minutes later, Ouyang Lulu looked at her victim—Duan Ning whose face was already beaten black and blue, and lied motionlessly on the floor like a dead dog. A wisp of smile appeared on her face. The final blow she dealt made Duan Ning faint.

Suddenly, a cunning glint flashed in her eyes. She glanced around and found a brick in a corner. After breaking it, she picked up a small piece, aimed at the window of villa #9 dozen of meters away and then threw it with all of her strength.

Inside the study room of villa #9.

Tang Xiu was quietly holding a textbook and calmly studying it. Recently, he could only hide here every day due to the video of his performance spreading. Hence, he decided to seize the time and study well, striving to master the main textbook completely as early as possible.


The sound of glass being smashed caused him to daze. After he put the book down and went to the second floor balcony window, he looked through the window. Immediately, a strange expression was drawn on his face. He saw Ouyang Lulu, donned in a camouflage outfit, valiantly and gracefully standing on the edge of the rooftop of villa #11. There, she smilingly looking at him while waving her hand.

“Hey, what are you doing up there?” With an expression of being at a loss whether to cry or laugh, Tang Xiu loudly called out to her.

Ouyang Lulu didn’t answer. She just waved her hand at Tang Xiu.

After thinking for a moment, Tang Xiu immediately left his house. After coming to villa #11, he found that its front gate was locked. Hence, he furrowed his brows and then climbed over the wall to the rear. His form was like a sturdy Spirit Ape, as he quickly climbed up to the top of the building. He was puzzled when he saw the scene on the roof, “What’s going on?”

Ouyang Lulu smiled. She raised her hand with the stuff she had picked up and said with a smile, “Well, how will you thank me? I found this thing on him after I knocked him out.”

“Is it a journalist press card?”

Tang Xiu frowned and looked at the fainted Duan Ning. He then shifted his eyes to Ouyang Lulu, who looked proud and contented. After which, he raised his brows and asked, “How did you come here? And how did you find this reporter?”

“This Ancestor Grand Aunt … Ah, that’s not right. This heavenly young miss is extremely intelligent, and her observational ability is powerful to the point of heaven-defyingness. Hence, when I just passing by, I found someone on the roof of this building. At first, I couldn’t care less about it, but after I saw the camera, I knew that it was a problem after thinking about it. You’re a big superstar now, so it’s not strange for someone to aim video cameras at the villa you live in and take pictures without your consent.”

Giving her a thumbs-up, Tang Xiu then asked, “Lulu, what I’m most curious about is, how do you know I live here?”

“Umm, I heard from Gu Xiaoxue!” Ouyang Lulu laughed and replied.

Tang Xiu suddenly understood, as he then said with a smile, “Let’s go! I’ll call the security team to deal with this matter.”

“Reward! My reward!” Ouyang Lulu quickly said, “Don’t promise me a feast, you still owe me a lot of big feasts, anyway!”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help chuckling, “What kind of reward do you want?”

“I want to learn martial arts from you.” Ouyang Lulu happily replied.

Tang Xiu looked vacant, and there was a hesitant look on his face. There was no problem at all with learning martial arts. But if one wanted to learn powerful techniques, the only way was to learn cultivation techniques; while the cultivation techniques he had mastered, each and every one of them was very powerful. Therefore, once he imparted it to Ouyang Lulu, and she accidentally passed it to someone from her Ouyang Family…

“Is it something difficult for you, Tang Xiu?” Ouyang Lulu asked.

Tang Xiu’s mind revolved quickly. After several seconds, he finally shook his head and said, “It’s not that difficult. Since you want to learn it, I’ll teach you!”

As long as he controlled the grade of the simple cultivation techniques to be practiced, Tang Xiu believed that there would be no problem. For example, the first level of casual or relaxation Kung Fu, or the second level.

Since Ouyang Lulu wanted to cultivate, then so be it. With her present age, without the aid of huge cultivation resources, it would be very difficult for her to have high achievements.

“Do you really mean it, Tang Xiu? Will you really teach me?”

Ouyang Lulu’s eyes lit up. She knew that many people from the Everlasting Feast Hall were martial arts experts. Even her good sister, Gu Xiaoxue, was a very powerful expert. Originally, when they were outside the Tang Family’s ancestral residence, the power used by Gu Xiaoxue was still vivid in her mind, causing her to be obsessed and full of desire to learn it.

“I’ll teach you.” Tang Xiu said.

“Can I reach Gu Xiaoxue’s level with the martial art you will teach me?” Ouyang Lulu hurriedly asked.

“You know Xiaoxue’s power?” Tang Xiu frowned and stared.

“Yeah, I know about it.” Ouyang Lulu nodded heavily. “Previously when you were unconscious in Beijing at your Tang Family, Sis Xue defeated a lot of guards by herself. She was like a martial arts master, very strong and very powerful.”

“If you have good aptitude and are diligent in the future, you can also achieve her level.” Tang Xiu understood in a flash.

“That would be great!” Ouyang was pleasantly surprised. “I love you, Tang Xiu!”

Having said that, she opened her arms wide and jumped on Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu hastily pushed her away. With an expression of being at a loss whether to be amused of cry, he said, “I told you that I’ll teach you, didn’t I? Why are you throwing yourself at me? Let’s go! There’s a reporter here; who knows if there are others as well. We had better not expose ourselves outside. Unless…”

“Unless what?” Ouyang Lulu smiled.

“Unless you are prepared to be like me. To have people point their fingers at you wherever you go; frequently have people confess their love to you; often being surrounded by journalists; even what just happened—having paparazzi secretly taking pictures of you...”

After imagining all that… Ouyang Lulu shuddered.

While shivering, she shook her head repeatedly, “Forget it! I don’t want to rise to stardom. I’ll surely collapse if I become one. But then again, I seem to idolize you more and more. You can stay firm and secure here under these circumstances.”

However, Tang Xiu couldn’t help but rebuke, “Not really. Not in this place. It’s not like I can dig a rat hole and burrow my head into it. Perhaps you don’t know, but someone is specifically sending meals over every day for me to eat. I can’t even go out.”

Suddenly, his expression flickered as if he suddenly remembered something, “Let’s go back.”

They quickly went to villa #9. After Tang Xiu strode into the study room, he grabbed the mobile phone on the desk and dialed Chi Nan’s cell number.

“Chi Nan, conduct an investigation and find out who spread the information of me living in Bluestar Villa Complex,” said Tang Xiu in a heavy and deep voice.

“What happened, Boss?” Chi Nan’s inquired.

“A reporter secretly snuck into Bluestar Villa Complex to secretly take pictures of me,” Tang Xiu said. “If it wasn’t for a friend of mine who came and accidentally discovered him, I wouldn’t have known that there was a reporter around. So, check it out. I must know why and how my residence in Bluestar Villa Complex was spread out.”

“Don’t worry, Boss. I’ll check it out.” A wisp of killing intent could be felt from Chi Nan’s tone.

After finishing the call, Tang Xiu looked at Ouyang Lulu, who was leaning on the door. Forking out a forced smile, he said, “Those paparazzi are really all-pervasive nowadays. I finally understand those big stars’ worries and stress.”

Faintly smiling, Ouyang Lulu commented, “Say, I heard you performed on the same stage with the big star—Zhang Xinya a couple days ago, right? How was it like? You didn’t get bewitched or charmed by that little fox, did you?”

Tang Xiu was at loss between laughing or crying, “Lulu, didn’t you say that Zhang Xinya is your friend? Just ask her if you want to know!”

“I’m just kidding!” Ouyang Lulu giggled. “Anyhow, I got news that Xinya’s concert will be held tomorrow. Shall we go watch it?”

While pointing to his own face, Tang Xiu helplessly said, “Do you think I can leave the villa complex through the front gate? Who knows how many journalists are watching the entrance?”

“Relax!” Ouyang Lulu playfully laughed. “Let’s disguise you. Who would be able to recognize you, then?! But then again, if you feel really vexed and can’t stand it anymore, just hold a press conference and tell the whole world: DON’T DISTURB ME!”

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes. He originally intended to let time dissolve all this matter. But if he were to follow Ouyang Lulu’s suggestion, not only would the storm caused by his performance not cool down, it would even grow bigger instead.

Of course, he was unaware of the fact that it was already a big deal as of now. The whole country had a population of more than a billion, and practically more than half of them had watched the video.

“Alright then, tell me your purpose for coming to Shanghai!” Tang Xiu said, “I don’t believe you came purely only to see me so vexed.”

Ouyang Lulu giggled, “Go out with me on a date the day after tomorrow, okay? I’ll give you a pleasant unexpected surprise.”

“What surprise?” Tang Xiu asked, confused.

“Don’t ask.” Ouyang Lulu laughed. “Shortly put, I promise that it will give you a pleasant surprise. So pleasant that you won’t even be able to sleep for three days and nights.”

“I’ll be tired out to death if I can’t sleep for three days and nights.” Tang Xiu forced a smile and said, “Forget it. You still won’t tell me in any case.”

Ouyang Lulu loudly laughed.

Deep inside her existed a wild and unruly nature. Inside such a carefree laughter was the was the existence of a woman who possessed boldness and toughness, giving off an aura of a man. Blended with her tender and beautiful looks, it formed a particular, special charm. Despite being accustomed to seeing beauties, Tang Xiu was also attracted and dazed by Ouyang Lulu at the moment.

“Tang Xiu, I’ll call Xinya and ask her to dine with us tonight.” Ouyang Lulu said as she turned around to leave.

Shaking his head and smiling, Tang Xiu then followed her out.

At noon, Tang Xiu and Ouyang Lulu ate the lunch sent by Chi Nan. Following that, he randomly picked an ordinary cultivation technique and imparted it to Ouyang Lulu. However, he only taught her the first two levels of this cultivation technique. If Ouyang Lulu was unable to reach the pinnacle of the second level, then he wouldn’t need to care about her anymore pertaining to this aspect.

As for Chi Nan, she didn’t stay after bringing the meals, but continued investigating how the reporter knew that Tang Xiu lived there.

However, one Tang Xiu never expected was for Chi Nan to come back at 3 PM, reporting everything about the results of the investigation.

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