Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 448

Chapter 448: A Superstar’s Compliment

After getting their approval, Zhang Xinya was somewhat excited, yet also faintly concerned at the same time. Though the present her was a famous singing star at the height of popularity, she debuted quite late and didn’t have a deep capital. Forking out 200 million yuan was already her limit; she’d even have to sell her two villas in Beijing and Guangyang to gather the sufficient amount.

She knew clearly well about Tang Xiu’s situation. He was definitely filthy rich. After all, when he was in Hong Kong, the benefits Tang Xiu ultimately obtained surpassed 10 billion yuan. The two others, Gu Changmin and Jin Xingkui, were famous Big Bosses a net wealth of more than 10 billion.

Therefore, they could afford to lose money. But not her.

Despite so, she believed in her own vision. Cooperating with the three of them, the probability of earning a profit was much greater than the odds of a loss. She felt that she would regret it later if she missed such a good opportunity.

Next to her, Tang Xiu was not aware of Zhang Xinya’s thoughts. After he and Gu Changmin finished talking, he turned to Jin Xingkui and smiled, “Old Brother Jin, I just heard that you have a project in hand, yet you are currently short on funds, right?”

Jin Xingkui looked blank. A glint flashed in his eyes as he inquired, “My original funds were not ample already. therefore, investing several hundred million yuan in the IP and APP projects definitely put me short on money. I will be very pleasantly surprised if someone can invest.”

“Tell me about your project.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

“I took over a strategic site and spent a lot of money on it.” Jin Xingkui smiled and said, “And now, I’m planning to develop an upscale residential area project…”

“I see.” Tang Xiu raised his hand and said, “But what I’m wondering now is, how much the total investment you’ve forecasted in advance for this project?”

After contemplating for a short while, Jin Xingkui then seriously said, “The total investment should be around 3.2 billion yuan. This is excluding the value of the site. If we calculate that the amount I spent buying the site was 2 billion yuan, it should be around 5.5 billion yuan or so. Additionally, because my company has another ongoing projects, half of the 3.2 billion yuan funds must be funded from a bank's loan.”

Tang Xiu looked pensive before saying, “In fact, I’m very interested in investing in real estate, too. My Magnificent Tang Corporation also engages in real estate business. If you are willing to redo the planning and preparation, I may consider joining in the venture capital as well. Furthermore, the amount of investment won’t be less than my investment in the Dingshen Media’s project.”

Jin Xingkui was startled, and then quickly asked, “Brother Tang, can you elaborate about this re-planning?”

“Start everything from scratch, excluding the plot of land.” Tang Xiu said, “Of course, the most important thing is to design the blueprint for the architectural plan.”

"This…" Jin Xingkui hesitated.

“You can leave the architectural blueprint design for the upscale residential area to me.” Tang Xiu said.

“To you?” Jin Xingkui dazed and incredulously said, “Do you know about designing architectural blueprints? Brother Tang, please don’t joke about that with me.”

He didn’t believe it.

He didn’t believe that Tang Xiu knew how to design architectural blueprints. Even if he did have the knowledge, he didn’t believe that Tang Xiu was able to draw a good architectural design. It must be noted that he had hired a well-known domestic architect to design the architectural blueprint for this plot of land. Not to mention that it also took a long time to complete.

Furthermore, he was also very satisfied with the architectural blueprints that had already been designed. He firmly believed that once it had been constructed, he would be able to attract the public’s attention and become popular. By then, the sales issue would become much smaller as well.”

Looking at Jin Xingkui’s expression, Tang Xiu was silent for a moment. Then, he lightly said, “Originally, the New City project’s architectural blueprints in Star City’s outskirts that is now being developed and constructed, the blueprints for those buildings were drawn by me.”


Jin Xingkui, a dignified Big Boss with a 10-billion-yuan net wealth, jumped up from his chair after hearing Tang Xiu’s statement. A look of disbelief covered his face, as his heart violently shook.

“You can call the project leader, that is the Long Group’s Big Boss—Long Hanwen, in Star City if you don’t believe me. He’ll confirm it.” Tang Xiu said.

Gasping and taking a few deep breaths, Jin Xingkui immediately took his mobile phone out and dialed Long Hanwen’s private number. Both of them were in the real estate business, and they also had high positions in the business community, so they had contacted each other many times before.

“Boss Jin, what brings your call today? To think that you would call me?” Long Hanwen’s voice was transmitted from the cell phone.

Jin Xingkui activated the loudspeaker feature and hurriedly asked, “Brother Long, I have something to ask you. But please, you must tell me the truth.”

Upon hearing the seriousness in Jin Xingkui’s tone, Long Hanwen replied in a deep and heavy voice, “Brother Jin, I won’t conceal it if I’m capable to answer.”

“I want to know about the architect who designed the architectural blueprints for that New City in Star City your Long Family is currently developing. Who was it?” Jin Xingkui quickly asked.

“I can’t tell you that!” Long Hanwen replied without hesitation.

Jin Xingkui gasped. He then forced a smile and said, “Brother Long, then I’ll ask you in another way. Was the architect who designed that architectural blueprints surnamed Tang?”

Tang Xiu shook his head and took the mobile phone. He then said, “Uncle Long, it’s Tang Xiu. There are some special reasons here, so you don’t need to hide it from Old Brother Jin.”

“Tang Xiu? You are with Jin Xingkui now? Are you familiar with him?” Long Hanwen’s surprised voice was transmitted over.

“Yeah, I know him.” Tang Xiu said.

“Well, I didn’t want to tell him before because it was you who urged and didn’t allow us to disclose anything about the New City’s architectural designs.” Long Hanwen forced a smile and said, “Anyways, since you requested it so, I don’t need to hide it from him, then. Give the phone to Jin Xingkui, I’ll tell him.”

“Brother Long, the phone is in the loudspeaker, so I can listen to what you say.” Jin Xingkui quickly said.

“Brother Jin, that New City’s designs indeed stemmed from Tang Xiu’s hands.” Long Hanwen laughed, “I don’t think anyone can design such a great blueprint in this world aside from him, either.”

Gulping down his saliva, Jin Xingkui then gazed at Tang Xiu. There was a bit of awe in his eyes. It must be noted that he was in the real estate business, so he naturally knew the significance of what the architectural design of the New City big project in Star City meant. That architectural complex would turn it into a landmark, which meant that the profits that would eventually be earned from that huge project would be terrifying.

“Thanks a bunch, Brother Long. I’ll treat you to dinner some other day to express my gratitude.”

“Forget about it. I’ll be satisfied if you can bring Tang Xiu along when you see me.” Long Hanwen smilingly said, “That lad is busier than I am. I’ve been wanting to meet him for a long time now, but I can’t find his shadow at all.”

“Hehehe…” Jin Xingkui embarrassedly laughed.

“Well, I’ll be having a vacation in October, Uncle Long. I’ll be back to Star City by then to have a drink with you.” Tang Xiu chuckled.

“Great. That’s a promise!” Long Hanwen laughed crisply.

After the call ended, Tang Xiu then looked at Jin Xingkui and asked, “So, you heard him too, right? Now, what’s your decision?”

Without hesitation, Jin Xingkui replied, “If Brother Tang can design a blueprint like New City’s, I’ll follow your instructions to re-plan it again from scratch. No, even if it’s worse than the New City’s, I would still take it.”

“The architectural blueprint I’m going to design will definitely not be worse.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

With an excited expression, Jin Xingkui nodded repeatedly and said, “Then, I’ll instruct the company to cease operations first. Brother Tang, I’ll be waiting for your blueprint design. Ah, right. How long is it going take?”

“Well, I need to know the area of the land, the transportation in its surrounding, the environment, and some other things.” Tang Xiu said, “Additionally, I also need to check my schedule. If nothing unexpected happens, I should be able to hand it over to you before October 1st.”

“That will be no problem!” Jin Xingkui exclaimed in praise, “You schedule the time and I’ll wait for your call. I’ll show you the site myself when you’re free.”

“All right, then!” Tang Xiu laughed.

At the side, after the two finished talking, Gu Changmin directly said, “Brother Tang, Brother Jin, I’m the one who pulled you in the IP and APP projects, so you can’t leave me out from your real estate project. I’ll try to gather the funds, but you must count me in.”

“Brother Gu, it was you who just asked me to invest in it, yet now the wheel of fortune finally reversed. How come it’s your turn to come looking for me?” Jin Xingkui roared with laughter. “Hahaha… rest assured, though! As long as Brother Tang gives his consent, it’s not a problem for me. Just as Brother Tang said previously, everyone will profit and get rich together!”

With an envious expression, Zhang Xinya said, “I really admire you all, Big Bosses. Such good projects, yet it’s a pity that I can’t join you. The 200 million I forked out to be invested in the IP and App projects is already my limit. Otherwise, I can only sell my last villa in Hong Kong.”

“One does what one can! Besides, it’s not like your chances to earn money are over.” Tang Xiu chuckled.

“True that.” Zhang Xinya laughed.

Afterward, they no longer talked about the business matters anymore, shifting to more interesting topics. As a celebrity, Zhang Xinya was knowledgeable and experienced; while the two men, Jin Xingkui and Gu Changmin, were seasoned players and shrewd businessmen with deep experience. Although Tang Xiu didn’t possess high emotional intelligence, he had, after all, been living for thousands of years in the Immortal World. He had also gone through a lot of things after returning to Earth, which had improved his mentality a lot more.

Therefore, the four chatted rather animatedly and with great interest, causing them to get along together harmoniously.

10 PM.

After everyone had dined and wined to satiety, they parted ways outside the Purple Aromatic Garden pavilion. Tang Xiu then took the car keys left by Jin Xingkui and watched as another car took him and Gu Changmin away. Then, he turned to Zhang Xinya and smiled, saying, “You didn’t drink, so you’ll be driving!”

Zhang Xinya took the car keys and said with a smile, “Tang Xiu, thanks for today.”

“What are you thanking me for?” Tang Xiu asked, confused.

“It was because of you that I got such a good investment opportunity!” Zhang Xinya said with a smile. “Following after you and those Big Bosses’ discussion about surviving and living, I believe that I’ll meet spring all year round afterward.”

“A super celebrity’s mouth is really awesome, eh.” Tang Xiu replied with a smile.

“A powerful mouth to talk glibly I may have, yet you’re practically a life model for me, for you are very amazing in every aspect.” Zhang Xinya smiled. “You know what?! I’ve already started to idolize you, you know.”

Chapter Notes:

The raws wrote Blue City, but it should be Star City.

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