Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Acting According to the Circumstances

At the first floor hall of Everlasting Feast Hall, Tang Xiu and Hu Qingsong had yet to enjoy their meal. Shortly after, Han Qingwu arrived carrying a bag. She was prettily dressed up in a floral dress, high heels, and light makeup.

“You unexpectedly picked good dishes,” Han Qingwu smiled and sat beside Tang Xiu.

“We just arrived and ordered the dishes after calculating the time of your arrival,” Tang Xiu said, “Teacher Han, you haven’t told me. How did you suddenly transfer to Shanghai University?”

“My father had a job transfer to Shanghai, and it’s been two months already. So my family followed him and moved to Shanghai,” laughed Han Qingwu, “Staying by myself in Star City was boring, so I asked my father to use his personal network. Coupled with my outstanding performance of teaching the CET’s top scorer this year, my transfer to Shanghai University was very smooth. Hence, I more or less benefited from your limelight!”

Tang Xiu didn’t say anything. Because he knew that it was just excuses. For her to be able to work in Shanghai University meant that she was outstanding, whereas she also didn’t have to use her family’s connections.

“Damn, Eldest Brother Tang is really lucky to continue with your teacher in charge in Shanghai University,” Hu Qingsong turned rather jealous, saying, “I can tell that it won’t long before these ‘fine deeds’ will be known to the class.”

“As long as you don’t let your imagination run wild and talk irresponsibly, it will be fine,” said Tang Xiu humorlessly.

“That’s true,” Han Qingwu said with a smiling expression, “The relationship between Tang Xiu and me is a pure teacher-student relationship. Whoever let their imagination run wild and speak irresponsibly are those who have way too many impure thoughts. Besides, I’m way older than you.”

“It’s needless to say that, Teacher Han. The relationship between you two is way too special, so it’s normal that others would find it intriguing,” Hu Qingsong giddily said, “Moreover, marrying an older woman is just like holding a gold brick. Besides, looking at your appearance, regardless of how old you are, your real age won’t differ much from ours, no? So it’s kinda appropriate if a student marries you. You don’t know it yet, but I heard that Yue Kai even declared to pursue you when he first saw you.”

“Hahaha,” Han Qingwu couldn’t help chuckling as she said with a smile, “You boys truly must study well on campus and not lose yourselves in wild thoughts.”

“Teacher Han, entering university is equivalent to stepping into society,” Hu Qingsong replied in all seriousness, “Have you ever heard that university is like a miniature society, where one begin their new starting point in life? Not only that, they will also experience the endpoint when they finished it. It seems that even university students are eligible to marry, right?”

“Without a career, do you want to rely on your parents to support your wife?” retorted Han Qingwu with a smile.

“Ugh!” Hu Qingsong’s expression froze as he no longer spoke, embarrassed.

“Alright, let’s cut this topic,” Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Let us have a meal while chatting.”

Halfway through the dinner, ten minutes later, Han Qingwu seemed tired as she put down her chopsticks, rubbed her shoulders and then said, “Prior to this, I felt that being a university teacher was very relaxed. Having very few classes weekly, and most of the rest of the time was free. But since I’ve been to the office, I just realized that it was not all. Preparing content for university classes are way more difficult than preparing high school lessons. Moreover, I’ve been busy trying to find a house, wandering around Shanghai every day. It’s been more than a month and it’s my first time eating in an upscale restaurant in Shanghai.”

“You’re looking for a house?” Tang Xiu was surprised and asked, “Didn’t your family move to Shanghai? You don’t live with them?”

“Nope. I’m a grown-up,” Han Qingwu shook her head and said,” I don’t want to live with my parents.”

Hearing it, Tang Xiu nodded and said, “So, you haven’t found a house yet?”

“How can it be that easy?” Han Qingwu forced a smile and said, “House prices in Shanghai are way too high. An ordinary single room flat or a house cost several thousand yuans monthly. It’s somewhat cheaper if we pick somewhere remote, but it’ll be rather far from Shanghai University and inconvenient for work. Besides, we also have to pay water, electricity, gas, and phone monthly bills, etc.... Mix those altogether and I won’t have much left of my monthly salary.”

“But the salary of Shanghai University’s teachers shouldn’t be low, right?” asked Tang Xiu, astonished.

Han Qingwu forced a wry smile and said, “What is not low? It’s just 10 thousand yuan monthly. I’m afraid I can’t survive living in this place.”

After doing some calculations, Tang Xiu could tell that the matter was really true. With several thousand for rent, plus all sorts of miscellaneous expenses, living here did require a lot of money. Not to mention that women had to buy clothes and whatnot. There really wouldn’t be much left from the 10 thousand yuan.

Thinking up to there, he recalled that he also had several real estates in Shanghai. Excluding the villa in Bluestar Villa Complex, there was another real estate not too far away from Shanghai University. The distance was only little more than 20 kilometers away.

After pondering for a moment, Tang Xiu said, “Teacher Han, how about I give you a hand? I happen to have a friend who just bought a house in Shanghai. But he must go abroad, so the house is currently unoccupied. He won’t sell the house for the foreseeable future since he wants to wait for the house’s price to rise in value before selling it. Do you want to live there?”

Han Qingwu was surprised for a moment, before quickly asking, “Is it near Shanghai University? How much is the rent?”

“It’s a little more than 20 kilometers away from Shanghai University. About the distance, it’s not far considering it’s in a big city like Shanghai. As for the rent, it doesn’t matter since I have a good relationship with him, so I can do whatever I want,” said Tang Xiu.

“It’s quite close,” said Han Qingwu as she probed, “But can I pay three thousand for the rent? I can’t afford it if it’s more than that.”

“No problem,” laughed Tang Xiu as he said, “He actually wanted to find someone to look after the house for him. It’s fine however much money you want to pay. If you really decided to take it, I’ll ask the keys from him tomorrow, and I’ll take you there tomorrow afternoon. If you’re content with the place, you can stay there later!”

“Tang Xiu, you’re really my lucky star!” Han Qingwu slapped her thigh and cheerfully said, “Ah, right! What about the house? How big and how many rooms does it have?”

“I don’t know the details,” laughed Tang Xiu as he said,” We’ll find out tomorrow.”

“Alright!” Han Qingwu quickly said.

The Everlasting Feast Hall’s Shanghai branch business was booming. Chi Nan was in the office for a while and she couldn’t sit still. She was a very mobile and active woman. Nesting herself in Shanghai’s Everlasting Feast Hall made her body very uncomfortable, and staying in the office was like a torture.

She wandered and circled around twice upstairs before coming back to the first floor. Shaking her head in front of the bar and looking at the busy staff, she then picked her mobile out of boredom and dialed her immediate superior’s cell number.

“Lili Sis, are you busy?”

“Nope!” Tian Li’s voice was heard on the phone.

While leaning on the bar, Chi Nan yawned and said, “Lili Sis, if you’re not busy, why don’t you come back to Shanghai? I’m bored here.”

“If you don’t want to stay in Shanghai, then I’ll send someone to take over your job,” Tian Li said, “Regardless of our Jingmen Island’s HQ, Hong Kong, and Beijing, some people have secretly contacted me, wanting to transfer to Shanghai.”

Chi Nan stared blankly for a moment, confused, “They want to transfer to Shanghai? Do they have any problem? I’ve spent three years in Shanghai and my body and bones are almost rusty. If it continues like this, I dare say I’m going to fall into depression here.”

“If you feel like that, it’s decided then,” Tian Li slightly laughed and said, “I’ll have you transferred within a few days and leave the great opportunity in Shanghai to the others!”

“Wait, wait, Lili Sis! What’s this great opportunity you’re talking about?” asked Chi Nan quickly.

“It’s nothing,” laughed Tian Li, “It’s just that Boss has gone to Shanghai University to study. He should have arrived in Shanghai recently and will inspect our Everlasting Feast Hall. The four of us have already had our opportunity, and now my strength increased. Originally, I was thinking that if you can serve the boss, you could perhaps obtain a chance too. But heck, since you want to transfer, then I can only leave this opportunity to the others.”

“AH! I really have a pig’s brain! No, no, Lili Sis, don’t transfer me. Though this place is boring and drives me crazy, I’ll keep staying here. Right, no problem. I’ll definitely manage the Everlasting Feast Hall’s affairs and organize it well. By the way, Sis, I saw a new Hermes bag a few days ago. I feel that it will look good on you, so I’ll take the time to buy and send it to you,” said Chi Nan in a obsequious tone.

“Ah,” Tian Li smiled and laughed, “I love Hermes bags.”

“I’ll certainly buy it for you…” Chi Nan quickly said. She had yet to finish her words when she saw two young men and a woman coming closer as her vision eventually fixated on the handsome youth.

In a flash, she raised her hand to rub her eyes and murmured, “Lili Sis, I’m gonna see Boss first!”

“What did you say? Boss is going to the restaurant?” Tian Li quickly asked.

“I’m not sure,” said Chi Nan quickly, “I’ll hang up first and contact you later.”

Having said that, she quickly ended the call and then opened the photo gallery on her mobile. After enlarging and contrasting it, she immediately determined that the young man was her boss.

At the corridor.

While maintaining her smiling expression, Han Qingwu said, “You two don’t have to snatch the honor for paying the bill today. If you want to invite me to a meal later, let’s have it in the campus cafeteria.”

“No, Teacher Han,” Hu Qingsong shook his head and said, “It’s not appropriate for you to say that! Though we are poor students, it’s fine with us to pay. Besides, we are men. How can we allow a lady to spend her money?”

“Leave that male chauvinism of yours, will you?” laughed Han Qingwu and continued, “I’m the one who invited you to dinner, so it’s no problem. If you wanna show off, wait until you start working and make some money later. Then you can treat me in a place of your picking.”

“OK, say no more you two!” said Tang Xiu with a smile, “I picked this place, so I’m the one who’ll pay the bill! Although I’m quite poor, I can still afford it!”

“Hi, Boss!”

A smell of perfume drifted over as Chi Nan appeared with a bright smile on her face.

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