Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 327

Chapter 327: VIP Among VIPs

As Chi Nan left the first floor hall, Tang Xiu and Hu Qingsong appeared at the entrance of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Hu Qingsong’s bleeding nose and swollen face caused the four security guards of the Everlasting Feast Hall to focus their sights on them especially.

“Welcome, Sirs. May I ask how many people are coming?”

A waitress greeted them, smiling.

Tang Xiu’s vision slowly cast a glance toward the interior and immediately nodded inwardly. The environment there was great, with a luxurious interior design and decoration. It appeared to be two grades higher than the Riverwood Restaurant.


“The boxes upstairs are nearly full. Would you like to have a seat on the first floor?” asked the waitress with a smile.

"No problem!" Said Tang Xiu.

The duo quickly came to the dining table on the quiet side of the interior under the waitress’s guidance. Though there were many visitors dining inside their separated boxes, it was rather quiet. Only faint cheering and toasts were heard from the lively banquets.

“Sirs, would you like to order the course now?”

“No need. Please give us the special cuisines of the house. Four non-vegetarian dishes and two veggies with soup would be fine,” said Tang Xiu.

“Does you have any dietary restrictions?” asked the waitress with a smile.

"No!" said Tang Xiu.

The waitress slightly bowed and said, “Alright. Please wait for a while.”

As the waitress left, Hu Qingsong raised his thumb toward Tang Xiu and sighed in praise, “Eldest Brother Tang is truly impressive. This restaurant’s grade is so high, yet you didn’t ask for the menu and directly ordered special dishes. It seems you have deep pockets to win Teacher Han.”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing, “Who said I have a deep pocket? We’re all poor students. After we eat enough, the one paying should be Teacher Han, no?”


Hu Qingsong stilled with a disbelieving expression, saying, “How can we make a woman treat us for a meal? Though she’s a teacher and we are her students, we’re only separated by a few years. Eldest Brother Tang, if you don’t have enough money, tonight’s meal is on me.”

Male chauvinism!

Tang Xiu secretly forced out a wry smile. What made him most speechless was that he didn’t know he looked like someone who was short on money. Yue Kai, as well as Hu Qingsong, all thought he was poor!

He didn’t like to display a high profile; and he liked to show off his money even less. Hence, he didn’t rectify Hu Qingsong’s mistaken opinion about him. Instead, he said with a smile, “I’m just joking with you. How can I allow Teacher Han to treat us? Anyhow, you don’t have to pay. Just eat to your heart’s content.”

“OK! In any case, just tell me if you need money,” Hu Qingsong straightly replied and no longer mentioned about it.

His family was made a lot more money than before, but it was his first time visiting such an upscale restaurant. Therefore, he didn’t speak loudly and restrained his rough personality.

Inside a VIP lounge on the fourth floor.

Miao Wentang was drinking with some colleagues of his business circle. As they talked to each other, they were unlike laymen in the marketplace, who spoke in a blow-sky-high manner. Instead, they exchanged business information in a jovial mood. 

Knock, knock!

The door was knocked, interrupting their conversation. Following that, the door was opened and Chi Nan came inside with a bright smile on her face carrying two bottles of wine.

“I didn’t disturb everyone, did I?” asked Chi Nan with a smile.

Upon seeing her, several Shanghai local businessmen exchanged dismayed looks, as astonishment was immediately cast on their faces. With the same amount of astonishment, Miao Wentang asked, “You are?”

“I’m Chi Nan, the deputy manager of the Everlasting Feast Hall’s Shanghai branch. According to our Everlasting Feast Hall’s custom, the person in charge must toast with every honorable guest who comes to dine at the restaurant. And Boss Miao, you’re a VIP among VIPs here,” said Chi Nan with a smile.

Miao Wentang himself knew what the toast was. However…

As he got up and shook hands with Chi Nan, he asked with a puzzlement, “Chief Chi, what’s the meaning with this VIP among VIPs? I only know that the Everlasting Feast Hall does have honorable guests, but I don’t understand about this VIP among VIPs thing.”

“Our HQ in Jingmen Island has relayed the news that you and Boss Shao Mingzhen are our Everlasting Feast Halls’ special honorable guests since you both are our Boss’s friends,” said Chi Nan with a smile.

“Your Boss? Gu Xiaoxue?” asked Miao Wentang, astounded.

“No,” Chi Nan shook her head and smiled, “It’s our Everlasting Feast Hall’s new Boss, Tang Xiu.”

"Tang Xiu?"

His tone increased in volume as a burst of disbelief shot out from his eyes. He knew perfectly clear about what kind of existence the Everlasting Feast Hall was. He couldn’t figure out the depths of Gu Xiaoxue’s strength. However, Tang Xiu did break through the Thousand Revolution Array of the Everlasting Feast Hall. But, how would he inexplicably become its owner?

Miao Wentang suddenly realized that what he knew about Tang Xiu was unexpectedly minute. Yet, at the moment, he at last realized as to why he could somehow become a VIP among VIPs in the Everlasting Feast Hall.

After opening a bottle of wine, Chi Nan filled up their glasses and said with a smile, “Boss Miao and other bosses, I propose three cups of toast to all of you. I hope that you can enjoy your time here in our Everlasting Feast Hall.”



After finishing three glasses of wine, Miao Wentang forced a smile and said, “Ah, I never imagined that Brother Tang would become the Everlasting Feast Hall’s Boss. Prior to this, I already knew that he was very powerful and mysterious. Yet, it seems I have underestimated him way too much. I dare not think what kind of high achievements he will achieve in the future.”

“Our Boss is naturally a dragon amongst men; it’s guaranteed that he’ll have high achievements in the future,” said Chi Nan with a smile.

Zhang Yueming was the Boss of Shanghai’s Xinyang Group, with total assets of tens of billions, and the vice-president of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce. He was someone of a very high status. At this time, with an astounded expression, he inquired, “Chief Chi, we have been in Shanghai for a long time, yet we weren’t particularly aware of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Could you please tell us what this Everlasting Feast Hall’s VIP among VIPs is all about?”

“About this issue, Boss Miao himself would be better to tell you! Anyway, I still have other things to attend to, so I won’t disturb your dinner any longer. Please excuse me.”

Having said that, Chi Nan smiled and turned around to leave.

“Old Miao, care to tell me about it?” asked Zhang Yueming as he looked at Miao Wentang.

“You all only know me as businessmen, but neither of you knows that I’m also a martial artist, right? The Everlasting Feast Hall’s HQ is in Jingmen Island, and even though the enterprise is usually low key, however, it has a solid foundation and is unfathomably deep. Their HQ’s manor resort is equipped with formation array called Thousand Revolution Array. This array…”

A few minutes later, the other three men understood the bottom of the story from Miao Wentang. They were astonished and filled with a keen interest toward the mysterious Everlasting Feast Hall.

Looking at the three men’s expression, Miao Wentang laughed, “It’s fine for you to know this, but please never spread it out. Although it’s not really a secret, in the case that a lot of martial artists jack of all trades and master of none are attracted and try to break through the array, their lives will be easily ruined.”

“Relax, we understand. But this Tang Xiu—the owner of this Everlasting Feast Hall, who’s he exactly? Listening to your conversation with Chief Chi, your relationship with him is rather unordinary!” said Zhang Yueming.

Looking solemn and staying silent for a moment, Miao Wentang then seriously said, “Gentlemen, Tang Xiu is indeed a friend of mine. We met in Jingmen Island and then went through several matters together, for which we then developed a very good friendship. But in a few words, he saved my life. We have known each other for two decades, so I’ll give you a thorough understanding of the true story.”

“Please do tell!” said Zhang Yueming.

“Tang Xiu is a very powerful person. As to how powerful he is, even I have some dread of him. He’s also very mysterious, and each contact with him always gives me a great shock. As far as I know, he will be studying at Shanghai University this year, so he should be in Shanghai by now. I hope all of you, as Shanghai’s local bosses, don’t provoke him, or else I’m afraid you’ll face a miserable fate,” said Miao Wentang.

Zhang Yueming was stunned as he couldn’t help laughing, “I say, Old Miao, you’re kidding me, right? This Tang Xiu you just told me about is only a freshman student?”

Gu Changmin, the Boss of Dingshen Media, also laughed, “That’s right! Old Miao, you’re speaking like that for fun, right? How powerful can a high schooler be? The powerful ones are the elders of his family, right?”

Looking at the both of them, Miao Wentang was at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh. He slightly frowned upon seeing their disbelieving expressions. However, when he looked at his other old friend, the boss of Jinda Estate—Jin Xingkui, he was a bit surprised, because Jin Xingkui looked pensive and was frowning tightly at the moment.

Suddenly, Jin Xingkui said, “Brother Miao, since you are friends with Mr. Tang, is there any of you introducing us? Don’t worry, though. I won’t let you down. I’ll give you my Qilin Jade when you visit my place later.”

Miao Wentang waved his hand, “Although I do covet your Qilin Jade, I can’t accept it for this matter. We have been friends for many years, so I’ll help introduce you to him should the chance arise later.”

"Thanks!" said Jin Xingkui seriously.

Zhang Yueming stared blankly, whereas Gu Changmin revealed a puzzled expression as he said, “Brother Jin, you are…”

“No asking, please. Besides, I dare not tell you about this. You two don’t believe Brother Miao’s story. But if one day you or someone in your family provokes Tang Xiu, I’m really afraid that you’ll meet a very miserable fate.”

Zhang Yueming exchanged looks with Gu Changmin as both revealed shocked expressions at the same time. Were it only Miao Wentang saying this they may not believe it, but coupled with Jin Xingkui, they’d rather believe it than not.

With all that said, then that young man was truly frightening?

The two men fell into silence for a period of time as they then nodded in succession, indicating that they would pay attention to the matter in the future.

As for Miao Wentang, he was very curious as to how Jin Xingkui knew about Tang Xiu. He secretly made up his mind to find a chance to ask Jin Xingkui after the dinner was over. After all, it was about Tang Xiu; and he really wanted to know more about him.

“Alright. Come, come. Let’s drink!”

After putting the idea in the back of his mind, Miao Wentang smiled and raised his glass.

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