Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 280

Chapter 280: The Shocking Past Events

Nodding, Ke Zhentao replied, “He spent 2.5 billion in tonight’s auction. Despite my knowledge, it’s my first time seeing a young man in his 20s who can do something so extraordinary. That Everlasting Feast Hall seems very mysterious and also has a deep relationship with the Grand Fortune Jewelries.”

Laughing, Li Juren said, “Actually, the Grand Fortune Jewelries is one of the Everlasting Feast Hall’s industries.”


Ke Zhentao’s expression changed and looked shocked.

The smile on Li Juren’s face disappeared, replaced by a slightly dignified expression as he slowly said, “You might not know, but I had been to Jingmen Island 20 years ago. At that time, I had some problems with my business and was in need of a fleet of ships to transport a number of goods. At that time, the Everlasting Feast Hall already had a sizeable fleet and a very mysterious woman surnamed Gu was the sole owner of the enterprise. I sent someone to investigate her, however, not only the there were no results, even the people I sent disappeared out of thin air.”

Shocked and aghast, Ke Zhentao replied, “Uncle Li, you mean… those people you sent had been done in by the Everlasting Feast Hall’s people?”

“No, they did not die, but they were captured and escorted to a mining area somewhere in Africa and became coolies there. That time, the owner of that mining area was the former owner of the Everlasting Feast Hall. She complied with my pleas that time, but I had to promise her two things in exchange.”

Listening to the behind the scenes secret story of that year, Ke Zhentao asked, “What did you promise?”

With all seriousness, Li Juren solemnly said, “First, she forbade me to investigate the Everlasting Feast Hall further, otherwise, I and my company group would disappear from Earth. Secondly, she wanted me to help her find someone surnamed Tang—Tang Xiu.”

Ke Zhentao suddenly said, “So, it turned out that the reason why you invited him over is that he’s someone that the Everlasting Feast Hall wanted you to find him!”

“No. I didn’t recall that matter at first. It’s just that I felt that he’s very special; thus, I invited him over. But, when he said he’s the Boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall, then I remembered what happened that year.”

Smiling, Ke Zhentao said, “Uncle Li, you are really someone with keen perception! However, the Everlasting Feast Hall seems to be kinda very arrogant to even dare to threaten you.”

“Zhentao, remember my words. You must never become an enemy of the Everlasting Feast Hall!” said Li Juren solemnly.

“Your meaning is… the Everlasting Feast Hall is very powerful; even on par with the current you?” Ke Zhentao asked in astonishment.

Falling into silence for a moment, Li Juren then slowly said, “Perhaps the wealth of the Everlasting Feast Hall is on par with me, but they possess fearsome power, for which I can never able to contend with! For the rest of my life, I’m afraid that I can never forget the scene 20 years ago when I shipped those cargos and was attacked by pirates.”

“What scene?” asked Ke Zhentao quickly.

Overlooking the Dongsha Islands, Li Juren said word by word, “The Black Shark Pirates had once been a scourge in Dongsha Islands for decades and they were all composed of vicious and ruthless pirates. They boasted of more than 200 heavily armed pirates and their military strength was very strong. Yet, those 20 guards from Everlasting Feast Hall who were protecting the ships destroyed them. Completely.”

“What?” Ke Zhentao involuntarily cried out in fright.

Taking back his vision, Li Juren looked at him deeply and said, “You didn’t hear it wrong. Those pirates were completely annihilated by those guards without using firearms. They only carried a dagger each, disappearing and appearing mysteriously near those pirates. More than 200 pirates were killed, but only six men got minor injuries and one was heavily injured amongst those 20 guards; no deaths.”


Ke Zhentao shivered and couldn’t help but take a cold breath.

Gently patting him on the shoulder, Li Juren seriously said, “So, remember my words. Do not become an enemy of the Everlasting Feast Hall; they are too fearsome and horrifying. Even if my guards are very powerful and I train a lot of powerful individuals, but I can never be compared with them.”

“I’ll bear that in mind, Uncle Li,” Ke Zhentao nodded heavily as different color glinted in his eyes.

Hong Kong, Kowloon Bay.

The Everlasting Feast Hall covered a very wide area whereby four antique towering restaurants with five floors each stood, along with a seven-story towering pavilion that was located between the four restaurants. Normally, the center restaurant of the Everlasting Feast Hall was not opened to the public unless a VIP visited the venue, which it then would be opened officially.

Each of the four restaurants had its own manager, whereas Tian Li was the General Manager.

“Chief Tian, what should we do now?”

On the third floor window of the northern restaurant building, a gentle middle-aged man who was standing beside Tian Li softly asked. He was Deng Zhen—the manager of the North restaurant.

“Boss will be here shortly. If those people dare to attack the restaurant, we’ll fight back immediately. But don’t kill them, it’s fine disabling them.” Tian Li said in a cold and detached tone.


Though Deng Zhen was curious about the fabled Big Boss, he didn’t dare to show it. Becoming a manager of the North restaurant of the Everlasting Feast Hall in Hong Kong was already considered as a high-level position, yet he still only saw the small Boss before and had never seen the Big Boss.

Behind them was the sexy Hao Lei, nesting on the sofa lazily with a cigarette between her fingers. She smirked, “It seems that our new Boss is kind of a ruthless figure too! Is it because Elder Ji is with him?”

Turning her head to her, Tian Li said calmly, “Elder Ji left Hong Kong half an hour ago to return to Jingmen Island.”

A tinge of astonishment could be seen on Hao Lei’s face as she puffed out and said, “Tian Li, how much do you know about our new Boss.”

Looking at her, Tian Li shook her head, “I’m afraid I know less than you.”

Rolling her eyes, Hao Lei hummed, “Hmph, you’re playing modest huh? You did intelligence in the past and it seems that aside from getting news and all, you’re also the strongest amongst us. Come on, hurry and tell me what you know!”

“Boss is very easy going and young. Elder Ji told me when she left that Mo Āwen and Mo Āwu’s opportunity came; and its due to the order from Boss.”


Hao Lei was stunned and suddenly jumped from the sofa with glittering lights in her eyes, growling, “You mean that they have learned…”

With slight envy in her eyes, Tian Li said, “That’s right. Hence, we can also take our chances. If we could get it, then, we will ascend; but if not, we may have to wait for a very long time.”

Hao Lei took a deep breath and replied in a heavy tone, “I gotta take this opportunity. Even if Boss wants me to serve him, I’ll sacrifice everything.”


Tian Li couldn’t help laughing as she glanced at her and humorlessly said, “We only need to do one thing in front of our Boss.”

“What is it?”

“Obedience. Absolute obedience. Even if Boss wants us to die, you must never shrink back,” said Tian Li with a revered expression.

Rolling her eyes, Hao Lei sat back on the sofa as she moved her leg on top of the other and said, “You still need to say that? The former Big Boss in the past… in any case, our lives belong to Big Boss, same for the new Big Boss.”

Standing beside Tian Li, an intense curiosity budded out inside Deng Zhen’s heart when he listened to their conversation. He was clueless about the meaning of their conversation, but he had already guessed that the opportunity they talked about should be the core secret in the Everlasting Feast Hall.

Others may not know how strong Tian Li and Hao Lei were, but he knew perfectly well about it. When Tian Li rescued him in the past, the military strength shown by her could be called as terrifyingly fearsome.

‘They said they could get an opportunity. Could I get it also?’

Secretly, Deng Zhen lamented and was also full of expectation.

As he turned his head and looked out of the window, he suddenly shook and said in a deep tone, “Chief Tian, those Bosses are coming.”

Turning her head, Tian Li looked down and immediately saw more than ten black cars approaching quickly, stopping in front of the North restaurant. More than 20 big men also got off, whereas three people came out from three cars. She had seen those three men; the Big Boss of Jiang Group—Jiang Ba; the Big Boss of Wanyuan Real Estate—Chen Jianye; and the Du Kang Winery’s Big Boss—Du Changze. Following them was Du Yan whom she had beaten before.

“Deng Zhen, let’s greet and take them to the second floor’s hall.”

"Yes!" replied Deng Zhen as he nodded with a tinge of worry inside.

Though he knew that the Everlasting Feast Hall possessed many powerful soldiers, however, they had provoked three big forces this time. He was worried that the Everlasting Feast Hall wouldn’t be their opponents if their faces were really torn.

Turning her head and looking at Hao Lei, Tian Li said, “Let’s not be idle waiting for them on the second floor. If they don’t settle the account today, no matter what, we’ll slaughter them.”

Hao Lei replied with a smile, “We really know each other, eh. If the Boss really order us to slay them all, you’ll snatch this chance from me. All these years, I could only grab some time every year to move my hands and feet when going to the gold and diamond mine in Africa. So I got a really bad mood!”

Tian Li snorted coldly, “Good for you. You can move your hands and feet every year. As for me? It’s been a few years that I haven’t seen blood. I gotta shift the place with the others when I get back to Jingmen Island. How about I propose to Boss to exchange our positions?”

"No way!" Hao Lei’s face changed and quickly shouted.

“Pfft…” Tian Li couldn’t help laughing and gave a teasing smile before she turned and walked toward the door.

Within the second floor of the North restaurant there was a hall big enough to accommodate hundreds of people. However, the tables and chairs there had been removed by the Everlasting Feast Hall’s staff as only a chair remained on the bright red carpet in the innermost hall. There, Jiang Yu and Chen Fei, who were brought back by Tian Li, knelt in front of the chair with four big men guarding them.

Shame and anger!

The both of them grew up with golden spoons since childhood. They used to drown themselves in a life of luxury, being superior to many, where others usually acted humble despite their unruliness, smiling and flattering them. Yet, why would they encounter such a disaster today? How could they be beaten so savagely by others, being forced to kneel here and wait for their parents?

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