Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Li Juren’s Invitation

Shocked, Zhang Xinya looked at Tang Xiu tongue-tied as she could hardly believe what she heard. Her heart throbbed faster than before.

His subordinate?

The elderly who bid billions of yuan that shocked the audience and even didn’t give Li Juren face turned out to be Tang Xiu’s subordinate? In other words, she buying that piece of ore and wild ginseng was in fact for her master, Tang Xiu?

Looking at her, Tang Xiu felt funny. He found that her dumbfounded expression was quite cute, especially her bright black eyes and her charming fazed look was as if a cute kitty.

Suddenly, Tang Xiu’s face flickered as he smiled and asked, “Do you have anything else to do later?”

Swallowing her saliva and waking up from her daze, Zhang Xinya then shook her head and said, “After presiding over this auction, I got nothing to do.”

“Are you familiar with Hong Kong?” asked Tang Xiu.

“Of course! I’m a native here!” answered Zhang Xinya.

“If so, do you have time now? It’s my first time in Hong Kong and I must leave tomorrow. The night is still young and I haven’t had time to stroll around here, so how about finding a place and have some snacks?” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

“You’re leaving tomorrow?” surprised, Zhang Xinya asked.

“Yea, I’m going abroad to take care of something,” said Tang Xiu

“Please wait a while, I’ll go get my bag! Hong Kong is well-known as the gourmet paradise. I’ll take you to taste the local unique delicacies.”

Tang Xiu squinted as he saw some people behind Zhang Xinya.

Though Li Juren was elderly, his body was still healthy and vigorous and didn’t need a helper. His pace was still steady and calm. But beside him, two middle-aged bodyguards that looked like bouncers accompanied him.

“Little Brother, may I ask your surname?”

“It’s Tang. Tang Xiu!”

Li Juren nodded slowly as he stood before Tang Xiu. Smiling, he asked, “If my guess is correct, you should know the old lady who competed with me for the wild ginseng, or you should have a deep relationship with her, yes?”

“Your guess is correct. She’s my subordinate,” said Tang Xiu lightly.

Li Juren stared blankly for a moment. He didn’t expect that that old lady turned out to be a subordinate of the young man before him. He immediately smiled, “Little Brother Tang, it seems like you’re a very interesting young man, a really rare one at that. If that’s true, then you might have abused her—the elderly—since she’s old already. She should have been in her retirement and enjoying life, no?”

Shaking his head, Tang Xiu replied, “How about you? Does Li Juren himself wants to retire and enjoy the rest of his life?”


Stunned and staring blankly for a second, Li Juren laughed involuntarily the moment after, saying, “Little Brother Tang is truly interesting. Anyways, do you have time to have a dinner together?”

“I’m sorry. I just invited her,” Tang Xiu shook his head.

Yet again, Li Juren got surprised for a moment, for he didn’t expect that Tang Xiu actually would refuse him.

Aside from the dear beauty Kang Xia who also rejected his invitation, it had been many years that nobody refused him.

At this time, Zhang Xinya was also shocked since she had never imagined that Li Juren would come here personally. More so that his purpose was to invite Tang Xiu to dinner, and the most shocking thing was the latter actually rejected it. Recalling how powerful Li Juren was, she quickly asked, “Mr. Tang, it’s fine with me!”

After being silent for a moment, Tang Xiu said lightly, “Since you don’t mind, let’s have dinner together! You’re the local host here, so it’s your call.”

Zhang Xinya looked at Li Juren, silent. The latter then said with a smile, “Well, Little Brother Tang is not a native of Hong Kong. In that case, might I play the host? I went to Beijing a few days ago and my old friend gave me some good tea. How about we taste it together?”

“Please lead the way!” said Tang Xiu calmly.

At this time, a voice came over as Ke Zhentao arrived before them and said with a smile, “Uncle Li, Little Brother, may I join you?”

“Zhentao, since you couldn’t buy that wild ginseng then you want to know the buyer’s identity, huh?” Li Juren laughed.

Being seen through, Ke Zhentao looked awkward, but in a moment after, his expression turned normal and smiled, “Yea! Spending 2 billion yuan for a wild ginseng made me very curious about the buyer.”

Toward Ke Zhentao, Tang Xiu also didn’t have a suspicion at all because it was an auction after all; the highest bidder would win. Whereas Li Juren and he had also spent more than a billion.

Turning and shaking hands with Tang Xiu, Ke Zhentao then said with a smile, “I’m Ke Zhentao.”

Accepting his handshake, Tang Xiu then said, “Shall we go?”

A car had been waiting outside as they went out of the auction house. There were still a lot of guests that had yet to leave as they chatted in smalls group of two or three. Seeing Li Juren and Ke Zhentao coming out, they approached to greet them. Li Juren himself greeted them cordially and responded to everyone with a smile. After they boarded the car and left, the crowd that greeted Li Juren and Ke Zhentao broke into chatter:

“The young man that was followed Li Juren and Ke Zhentao, who’s he? I recall he was the one seating with the old lady who bought the wild ginseng at the auction.”

“What’s that young man’s identity? How could he leave with Li Juren?”

“That famous singer—Zhang Xinya seems to have a rather unordinary relationship with that young man. They just boarded the same car.”

“Have you seen that young man before? From which family he comes from?”


Deepwater Bay 79, Li Juren’s mansion.

As five cars arrived slowly at the mansion’s entrance and parked in the interior parking lot, Tang Xiu and Zhang Xinya got off from the Hummer. Tang Xiu was somewhat curious about Li Juren’s mansion. After all, his mansion had always been very mysterious all these years as no one amongst the paparazzi in Hong Kong was able to take a picture of its interior.

“Little Brother Tang, is my place good enough?”

Greeting them into the main hall, Li Juren then sat in the sofa of the first floor’s living room and asked with a smile. He could feel an extraordinary bearing exuding from Tang Xiu. Such an aura could only be seen from those who had high status. Hence, he was very curious about him.

“It’s good. The construction, the style of interior design and decoration, the furniture’s placement- the most particular and important thing is, the Feng Shui here is excellent. You should have asked someone to manage it for you, no?” said Tang Xiu calmly.

Surprised, Li Juren stared blankly for a moment as he asked in astonishment, “Little Brother Tang actually knows about Feng Shui?”

“I know a little about it,” Tang Xiu laughed.

A profound respect immediately revealed itself on Li Juren’s expression. He firmly believed in Feng Shui, and those masters who had knowledge about Feng Shui had a high status either in Hong Kong or all over the world.

“May I know who Little Brother Tang’s teacher is?”

Shaking his head, Tang Xiu answered, “I apologize, I can’t say. It’s kind of inconvenient.”

A tinge of regret could be seen on Li Juren’s face as he then put the thought to the back of his mind. This time he invited Tang Xiu over in order to find out what uses did Tang Xiu had for that wild ginseng for him to spare no expense to buy it.

“Where are you from, Little Brother Tang? Listening to your accent, you shouldn’t be a native, right?”

“Shuangqing Province,” said Tang Xiu.

“The development in the Mainland is very fast now. I had traveled to Shuangqing Province before and it has a lot of wealthy families there. But I’ve never heard… about a Tang Family there. Yet, being able to come with such a huge amount of money to buy the ore and the ginseng, I presume that it should be a family with a profound background, no?”

“Ring, ring, ring...”

Tang Xiu’s mobile suddenly rang. As he took it out and saw the caller’s number, his brows slightly furrowed as he pressed the answer button and spoke, “Tang Xiu speaking.”

“Boss, it’s Tian Li. A huge number of people showed up near our restaurant in Hong Kong. If my guess is correct, they should be related with the Jiang Group, Wanyuan Real Estate, and Du Kang Winery. Hao Lei has already brought the Grand Fortune Jewelries’ guards here. What do you command, Boss?”

A killing intent glinted from Tang Xiu’s eyes as his expression turned cold and replied in a deep tone, “I’ll be there shortly. If they dare to attack the restaurant before I get there, fight them back.”

"Yes!" said Tian Li respectfully.

After hanging up the phone, Tang Xiu looked at Li Juren and Ke Zhentao who looked surprised and said, “Gentlemen, I have a small matter to deal with. If there’s an opportunity, we’ll gather again later! Also, about the question from Mr. Ke, I must tell you that it’s better to rely on oneself rather than rely on the heaven and place. If you have some time in the future, please visit and look after my enterprise here, the Everlasting Feast Hall.”

Having said that, he turned to Zhang Xinya and said, “It seems that having you as a tour guide tonight must be canceled. I’ll contact you again the next time I visit Hong Kong.”

“I’ll go with you,” Zhang Xinya said quickly.

Staying silent for a moment, Tang Xiu then nodded.

Getting up and looking at Tang Xiu, Li Juren said with a bit of surprised expression, “Little Brother Tang, I know about the Everlasting Feast Hall. Its headquarters is on Jingmen Island. But I have never imagined that you’d turn out to be the big boss of the enterprise though. That call before, there seems to be some trouble in the Everlasting Feast Hall, yes? I have some connections in Hong Kong, would you like me to lend a hand?”

Tang Xiu shook his head, “No, I’ll resolve it myself.”

Li Juren and Ke Zhentao watched as Tang Xiu and Zhang Xinya got on the car and quickly left. Li Juren then turned around and said to a big bodyguard, “Send someone to investigate Tang Xiu’s identity. Also, find out about what’s happening there.”


The big bodyguard replied and left.

“Uncle Li, you seem to value Tang Xiu? It’s not like your style.” Ke Zhentao said with a smile.

“I just feel that this young man is very mysterious. He has an aura of someone that has been in a high position for a long time. I find it hard to believe that a young man in his early 20s can actually develop such an imposing manner; unless, he has been in a superior position above anyone else since childhood and has a huge power and privileges. Hence, I’m a bit curious about him.”

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