Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Anger

Within the range of his perception, nothing can escape from Tang Xiu’s observation. Either a rat’s hole or even an ant on the floor, he could find it clearly. However, he couldn’t find the white-haired youth and the woman in the hotel’s building.

“They vanished?”

Tang Xiu didn’t believe that their speed would be so fast, because the entire hotel was, after all, being blocked by the police now. Even if they wanted to run away, it was impossible to do so in such a short time.

However, where were they?

Tang Xiu carefully looked for a few times before he finally decided to investigate each and every person. He knew that there was an easy technique that can change one’s appearance easily. The white-haired youth had an obvious and unique characteristic that his perception would be able to discern even if he wanted to run away without being noticed.

Sure enough, after careful investigation, Tang Xiu finally found two suspicious persons. Although their appearance had changed, he was sure that the two now were wearing cleaning staff attire. The white-haired youth and the woman were now pushing trolleys.

Tang Xiu took out his mobile and was about to make the call. But he suddenly remembered the spot where the police had them surrounded. Each corridor had a surveillance camera, including the room where he was in. If he was to send the message to Cheng Xuemei, she would definitely find his secret after viewing the surveillance video afterward.

“Well, it seems like I have to personally act. Anyway, it can be considered as removing evil people.”

Tang Xiu secretly sighed. He then turned around and walked toward the door.

Chen Wei had already gone back to bed as she pulled over the quilt that covered her body. As she sat down and watched Tang Xiu leaving, she quickly asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going out to take care of something. You stay here and don’t go anywhere. Do remember that it’s still dangerous out there. If you run around, it’s very likely that those drug dealers will grab someone as a hostage.” Tang Xiu said.

“Drug dealers?” Chen Wei’s brain was quite fast and immediately associated what had happened before in the Three Feathers Pub and asked anxiously, “You’re involved in this, aren’t you? These drug dealers are related to the ones in the Three Feathers Pub, aren’t they?”

“Yes. The police knew that the drug dealers were staying in this Caesar Grand Hotel; because those who were caught in the Three Feathers Pub told them. Do bear in mind, you’re not to get out! These drug dealers are killers and very ruthless. They come from the Jinshan Region. Not only do they have pistols, they also have machine guns.” Tang Xiu said.

Chen Wei’s complexion turned pale as she hurriedly jumped off the bed and grabbed Tang Xiu’s arm, shouting, “You can’t go.”

“I have a serious matter to take care of.” Tang Xiu said.

Chen Wei said loudly, “I don’t care! You must stay in the room. You just graduated high school. Don’t think to show off your ability to that beautiful officer. Han Qingwu sent you to me, you’re only responsible for my safety.”

Tang Xiu said lightly, “As long as you don’t leave the room, I’ll be able to keep you safe. Moreover, I know what’s going on outside, so you’d better not stop me.”

“I’ll stop you!” Chen Wei shouted angrily.

Tang Xiu sighed and moved lightning fast as he stunned Chen Fei in an instant. He quickly held her waist and directly put her on the bed. Only then did he turn to leave the room.

At the second floor’s corridor.

Taylor was pushing a small trolley. He wore cleaning staff attire and had his hair covered as he moved forward slowly. Next to him was a woman wearing makeup. Whenever the two found an officer, they moved quickly and intentionally stopped outside a room, acting as though they were going to clean the room.

“I have a feeling we’re being watched.”

Taylor’s footsteps suddenly stopped as a cold glint flashed in his eyes. His Chinese was very fluent and wasn’t much different than the locals, even though he was a foreigner.

The woman said with an unfazed expression, “It’s a given. There are surveillance cameras in the corridor. And those cops should be searching our trail from the monitoring room. I’ll go to the 20th floor to destroy the surveillance equipment there. Crown Prince, you find the chance to run away!”

Taylor chided with a low voice, “Shut up! Once you destroy the surveillance cameras, it’s the same as exposing our position. Follow me! As long as we can successfully get to the underground parking lot, we’ll be safe.”

The woman shook her head and said, “No. The cops are not stupid. They blocked all the entrances and exits to the underground parking lot. Even if we forcefully break through their blockade, I’m afraid we still can’t get out. Prince, your life is much more important, so you must escape successfully. As long as you can get out of this hotel, I believe that with your ability, those cops won’t be able to get you! After you go back, send my regards to the general on my behalf.”

Taylor looked at the woman deeply and said, “If you die, I’ll find a way to get your bones back and give you a proper burial. If you live and escape, I’ll guarantee you a good and happy life for a lifetime.”

“I’ll remember that!”

The woman then took the mop and carried a bucket. She separated from Taylor in the elevator door. She was quite courageous as she took the elevator, directly heading to the 24th floor. After leaving the elevator, she met two attendants in the corridor. And almost without hesitation, with a sharp dagger in her hand, she sliced off their throats the moment she passed by them.


She moved very quickly. After killing the two attendants, she immediately destroyed the surveillance cameras above the corridor’s corner. Then, she easily kicked the door and killed the man and woman inside.

Within just a short two minutes, the woman had killed a total of 11 people and destroyed 4 surveillance cameras.

At the control room on the 4th floor of Caesar Grand Hotel, Deng Jianmin and Cheng Xuemei were coordinating the forces. By monitoring the screen, they were constantly looking for suspicious persons. However, as soon as one of the screens suddenly went dark, the security guards’ complexion who was responsible for the monitoring, changed greatly.

“We got the suspicious criminal! She killed two attendants before she destroyed the surveillance camera. Fuck! She’s on the 24th floor,” the security guard shouted loudly.

Deng Jianmin and Cheng Xuemei quickly came in front of the screen. The four screens continued to disappear one by one. From the last footage, they were sure that there was a drug dealer on the 24th floor. And not only the other party destroyed the surveillance camera, but she also randomly killed the hotel staff and the guests.

Cheng Xuemei grabbed her intercom and shouted, “The drug dealer is on the 24th floor. All teams pay attention and quickly block the 23rd, 24th, and 25th floors as fast as possible. Do remember that the drug dealers are destroying the surveillance cameras and wantonly killing the hotel staffs and guests. She’s wearing cleaning staff attire and carrying a dagger and guns.”

The police moved quickly and rushed to the 23rd, 24th, and 25th floors one after another. Within just a few minutes, they had blocked the exit of the three floors.

However, as a large number of police officers began raiding these three floors, the other surveillance cameras up to the 40th floor were continuously being destroyed. She even deliberately killed the hotel’s guests before she destroyed those surveillance cameras.

Tang Xiu was continuously monitoring the white-haired youth and that woman with his perception. And the woman’s action made him thoroughly enraged. He had guessed her intention, but her unceasing murdering was something that he couldn’t stand idly by because the victims who died in her hands numbered almost 20.

The moment when she destroyed the last surveillance camera on the 40th floor, she suddenly saw a young man coming toward her with a deadpan expression on his face. She rushed toward him without a moment’s hesitation.


A sharp dagger fiercely slashed toward the other’s neck. At first, she was sure that the blow would hit, but the moment it was about to hit, she was struck with disbelief because she failed.

What happened?

The woman’s complexion changed and she lifted her leg to kick while her other hand quickly grabbed a pistol and aimed at him. However, before she could even pull the trigger, the flying kick she threw was as though hitting a hard rock, giving her an incomparable shock.


A hand’s shadow flashed through, and she could only feel that her hand turned numb as the pistol in her hand suddenly appeared in the man’s hand.

The woman’s pupils contracted. She staggeringly stepped backward and shouted sternly, “Who the hell are you? You…”

Naturally, the opponent who was the first to arrive at the 40th floor was none other than Tang Xiu.

A cold killing intent could be seen on Tang Xiu’s face as he spoke with an awe-inspiring tone, “I originally wanted to catch that white-haired youth, not you. But since you continued killing the hotel’s staffs and guests, I can no longer watch and stand idly by, so you have to die!”

The moment his voice fell, Tang Xiu’s figure flashed forward instantaneously as he moved in an instant in front of the woman. His fist moved with uncanny trajectory and hit the woman’s neck, while his foot kicked her stomach.

Tang Xiu was very well aware of his strength. He didn’t use all of his strength because even an ox would be killed instantly by him on the spot. So his punch wouldn’t kill her.


Tang Xiu frowned. The range of his perception had been extended to the underground parking lot. And he could see that the white-haired youth had already got there unimpeded, he had also discarded the trolley he was pushing before.

“He wants to run away by driving?”

Tang Xiu’s mind relaxed. He knew that the exits and entrances of the underground parking lot had been blocked. Even if this white-haired youth was powerful, it was impossible for him to drive a vehicle and run away. However, just at the moment, he took a relieved breath, his expression changed again.

“No. He isn’t going to run away with a car. Is he going to escape from the air ventilation? Damn! There should also be a lackey waiting at the air ventilation exit for him. These fucking damned bastards are truly cunning and have prepared more than one escape route…”

Sure enough, as Tang Xiu guessed, the white-haired youth easily opened the vent and climbed into it within a short time. Then, he quickly moved forward along the pipeline. When he opened a manhole lid and climbed out of it, he was already in the alley behind the hotel as two black cars were parked there in the nearby alley.

“Damn! I can’t catch up with him!”

Tang Xiu secretly shook his head and gave up the idea to pursue him.

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