Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 206

Chapter 206: A Rare Annoying Woman

Han Qingwu replied with a helpless expression, “I did have considered it, you know. But this good sister of mine has just come from abroad. It’s been five years since her last time the country. She’s not familiar with Star City, so I’m afraid she’ll come across many accidents.”

“Since she’s coming from overseas, why don’t you take her with you to Shanghai?” Tang Xiu said.

“She’s already on the plane, and I can’t contact her for now. Besides, I have important things to take care of in Shanghai, so it’s really inconvenient to let her accompany me there.” Han Qingwu said.

“Am I the only acquaintance you have in Star City?” Tang Xiu said with a reluctant expression, “I’m just a student, how can I have time to accompany her?”

Han Qingwu laughed involuntarily and said, “Don’t say it like you’re a busy man. Your CET has just passed, and except playing, what else you do anyway? Look Tang Xiu, I helped you by opening the back doors for many times in the last two months, so help me this once!”

Opening the back door?!

Tang Xiu looked at Han Qingwu with an inconceivable expression as he said, “Teacher Han, one can eat random food, but you cannot speak nonsense irresponsibly. When did you open the back door for me?”

“Did you forget your school ditching for so many days? Have I ever held you responsible for that? Afterward, I also complied to your plea to go home every night, didn’t I?” Han Qingwu said.

“This also counted as opening the back door?” Tang Xiu asked with a strange expression all over his face.

"Of course!" Han Qingwu replied with all seriousness.

Smiling wryly, Tang Xiu said reluctantly, “Fine! Just count it as my bad luck for knowing you. Tell me, what’s your friend called and how do I contact her when she arrives in Star City? We need to reach a consensus first that it’s my business as to how I entertain her, so don’t look for me to settle the account after you come back from Shanghai.”

“Great! You don’t have to contact her, she’ll call you instead when she arrives.” Han Qingwu was pleasantly surprised and continued, “Anyways, I’ll go first. I need to catch up the noon flight to Shanghai.”

Tang Xiu waved his hand and also prepared to leave the classroom.

Suddenly, as if remembering something, Han Qingwu opened her bag and took a stack of money from the inside. She then handed it over to Tang Xiu and said, “Here is five thousand yuan. Use it to entertain my sister. If it’s not enough, call me anytime.”

Tang Xiu didn’t refuse it. He would handle the matter for Han Qingwu, so the money was supposed to be part of the service also. After putting the money into his pocket, he then directly left the classroom.

At noon.

After having lunch in his family restaurant, Tang Xiu decided to go to the Star City’s Antique Goods Market. He had long wanted to forge an interspatial ring and was delayed until now because of the ore needed to refine it. Going to the Antique Goods Market was but only trying his luck. If he was lucky, perhaps he could find some precious ores.

However, after strolling around the entire Antique Market the whole afternoon, he couldn’t find any precious ores. He also found quite a good antique, but since the price was way too expensive, whereas he also had no hobby in collecting antiques, he didn’t spend his money on it.

After catching a cab and on the way back to South Gate Town, he received a call from an unfamiliar woman, and after the inquiry, he found out that the woman was Han Qingwu’s good sister who came from abroad.

“After you arrive at Star City downtown, feel free to find a hotel first. I’ll look for you later.” Tang Xiu said his command and hung up the phone.

At Star City Airport.

The tall figure of Chen Wei attracted the attention of numerous travelers outside as she came out of the airport exit. She wore a short, T-shirt and a platinum necklace along with pink sunglasses on her face. The most attractive was her blazing red lips.

Aside from the latest limited edition of Louis Vuitton bag, she also carried along a delicate white leather suitcase.

“How could Qingwu do this? She put her student to accompany me, she didn’t even say that this student of hers doesn’t even have any basic courtesy at all. He surely knows that I’d arrive in Star City at night, but he didn’t come to the airport to pick me up?”

Chen Wei stamped her foot bitterly. Then, she turned around and walked toward the taxi parking area.

Caesar Grand Hotel.

The hotel was one of the 5-star hotels in Star City. Although it was not the best, it was upscale enough. The entire hotel building was around 40-50 meters high and had a particularly majestic and extraordinary style.

Chen Wei opened the door to the 1st class suite. After she took a comfortable bath, she put on refreshing casual wear before she heard her suite’s doorbell ring.

“He’s really so damn late!”

Chen Wei grunted in dissatisfaction. If it weren’t that she felt a bit hungry, she was really too lazy to open the door. Because she knew nobody would come here except the student Han Qingwu sent to her.

The door was opened, whereas Chen Wei only glanced at Tang Xiu, who stood outside, before turning around. With a slightly disgruntled voice, she said, “You’re finally here. If not because I’m starving, you can just scram out of here. Get inside!”

Tang Xiu himself had imagined various scenes of the meeting between him and Chen Wei. However, he never dreamed that it would be like this. Despite being quite stunned, he secretly shook his head. After entering the room, he walked straight to the sofa and directly sat on it as he grabbed the magazine on the table and begun reading it.

Chen Wei ignored him. Although shouting that she was starving, however, putting on her own makeup was kind of taking quite a long while. After having spent an hour to finish her makeup, she then picked up her Louis Vuitton bag and said, “Yep, I’m good. Let’s go!”

“Where to?” Tang Xiu looked up and asked.

Chen Wei replied with a foul mood, “Of course it’s to have a meal, what do you think it is? Don’t you see the time? It’s almost 9 o’clock and I have yet to have dinner. Midnight snack doesn’t count as dinner.”

Tang Xiu couldn’t utter a word.

He came to the hotel before 8 o’clock, whereas she spent an hour putting on her make up. She even blamed for his coming here?

But he’d rather forget it, good men wouldn’t pick a fight with women.

She was Han Qingwu’s bosom sister, whereas he also only needed to deal with her for two days. So when Han Qingwu had come back, he could immediately say goodbye to her and wouldn’t see her again for the rest of his life.

Upon thinking up to there, Tang Xiu walked toward the bedside cabinet and took the landline phone to dial a number.

“What are you doing?” Chen Wei asked with a puzzled expression.

“Don’t you think that it’s late already?! You need not go out to have dinner because the hotel also provides it. Just let the hotel send the attendant to deliver the dinner. After you finish your meal, you might as well rest earlier since I also have to go back quickly.” Tang Xiu said.

With an inconceivable expression, Chen Wei said, “No! Don’t call to order a meal. Don’t you know that the hotel’s meals are not delicious? You take me out for a meal, and I want to eat and taste the most famous delicacies in Star City!”

Tang Xiu knitted his brows and said, “I don’t know the most famous or the best delicacies in Star City. If you really don’t want to eat the meals provided by the hotel, then we’ll look for a casual small restaurant outside and fill your stomach. You just had a long flight, so you’d better take a rest early. Tomorrow you’ll be more spirited if you want to stroll around everywhere.”

“No no no! I’m not tired. I fully rested on the plane. I don’t have jet lag and need not adjust to the time difference. Your task is to accompany and guide me. Anything I wanna eat, you must accompany me.”

“I’m not your damn father!”  

Tang Xiu couldn’t help but whisper inside before he turned around and followed Chen Wei out of the door.

Caesar Hotel was located in the most bustling block of Star City. There was an upscale residential area on the East side nearby, a commercial street to the West, and a famous street lined with food and dining courts to the South.

Tang Xiu took Chen Wei to the dining street. But he was also somewhat confused with the places. He had been here before but only for a few times and only passed through this street and never ate anything at all. He realized that there were not only upscale restaurants here but also a lot of snack stalls on the lane.

“What do you wanna eat? You say. It’s on me.”

Following beside Chen Wei, Tang Xiu found that she was constantly glancing around as he then asked with an indifferent expression.

“Hey, I know nothing about this place, how do I know what to eat?” Chen Wei was dissatisfied and grunted as she continued, “You take me to eat something unique with good taste and flavor. You can pick whatever you want, either it’s an upscale restaurant or the snack stall on the roadside.”

Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “I also don’t know much about this place. Don’t forget my identity. I’m just a student so I didn’t have chances to come and spend time here.”

As astonished as she was, Chen Wei then said, “Ehh, students shouldn’t… Oh, I get it. Here is not the United States, and the students here are good mommy boys and well-behaved. Well, forget it. Since we both know nothing here, then I’ll taste the cuisines stall by stall.”

Tang Xiu secretly sighed inside. Chen Wei truly was resembling the haughty and arrogant princess type that he loathed the most. However, since he only needed to follow her for two days, he would just need to fool about and it would pass, eventually.

Finally, after Chen Wei had tasted a lot of cuisines, they entered a Hunan restaurant. Tang Xiu followed her along and also ate some cuisines while convenient. But he was really struck with astonishment. Chen Wei herself had a good figure, but her appetite was unexpectedly big. The food she ate was twice the amount he had, at the least. Tang Xiu himself felt full, but she was still able to eat more.

Shortly after, Chen Wei had ordered a table full of meals and then asked another two bottles of beer.

“Haven’t you just eaten? You’re not afraid of your stomach bursting?”

Tang Xiu was somewhat dumbfounded as he asked.

Chen Wei rolled her eyes and said with contempt, “Are you not a man? A good man will eat everywhere. And your appetite is kinda shameful, you know. Although I’ve eaten some cuisines before, I’m only 40% full. I have a habit. Before I’m a 100% full, I feel like I haven’t really eaten to the full.”

“What a marvel!”

One truly can’t pass judgment on a person’s life, until the lid covers the coffin. This was the final conclusion Tang Xiu had toward Chen Wei.

Two bottles of beer had been gulped down and the sumptuous meals on the table were all nearly wolfed down. Only then Chen Fei felt satisfied as she patted her bulged belly and exclaimed, “Homeland cuisine is truly great! In that damn country overseas, I can only drink milk and eat bread and barbecue, which even makes me vomit quickly after I eat it.”

Deep inside, Tang Xiu gave a “rice barrel” nickname for Chen Wei. Then, he asked, “Alright, since you have eaten to the full, isn’t it time for you to rest?”

Chen Wei picked up her bag and said, “Now? Going back to the hotel and sleep, I’d just be wasting your good time of youth! Besides, only pigs go to sleep after having eaten to the full! Let’s stroll around and look for a bar with me. Today, this Big Sis invites you to drink in the pub, and let’s watch some pole dance there.”

Tang Xiu knitted his brows and said, “I’m not interested.”

Chen Wei replied with a jeer, “What is this? You’re still young, but you act so decently and solemn, eh? Are you afraid of me talking about this to Han Qingwu? Don’t worry, boy! This sister guarantees, I won’t sell you out! Go, let’s go to the pub!"

With all seriousness, Tang Xiu said, “I really don’t like going to the bar!”

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