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Chapter 1: Returning to the Beginning

God was bored. One day, in order to solve his boredom, he created a new world so he could watch bloody battles between lowly creatures.

Fight and kill, and you will be rewarded.

Be lazy or timid, and you will be left to die.

The god named his bizarre world the , and slowly started to pour in the life forms he had previously created.


“As we expected, only one person can go back to the past. We might need to take a vote to see who goes.”

Keldian, who held a golden book and was one of the four people standing in front of a crystal, muttered this while inspecting the crystal.

A legendary artifact that was said to have the mythical powers to send one back into the past.
In addition, this was the last remaining hope of humankind, who had entered the Abyss 50 years ago and had since all perished.

A man standing in the corner, who held a massive sword, spoke out after hearing those words.
“I’m going. The strongest person should go.”
Keldian laughed.
“Kangtae, you’ve just been lucky and became strong by gobbling up runes and items. It’ll be much better if I go.”
“Keldian, I acknowledge your intellect, but there were numerous occasions of disagreement and inner conflict that occurred when you just clowned around with your intellect. I shall go instead.”
Keldian stared at Eres, who had just spoken, and laughed.
“Eres, you’re too naïve. Think of how much we suffered beneath you. You are disqualified as well.”

The three who were arguing suddenly stopped and stared off into the distance.
Huge dragons displayed their massive bodies as they flew with incredible speed towards the speakers.
Eres, the woman who had first spotted the temple holding the Space Time Crystal, knew that the real owners of the crystal were approaching, and spoke out with a grim expression.
“It seems like there isn’t any time to argue.”

The fact that the dragons were flying there means that their forces used to buy time had all been annihilated.
If those forces had died, that meant that their group of 4 was the last of mankind.
The golden dragon race was one of the top ruling classes, even in the Abyss.
It might’ve been a different story if they were all in their peak condition. However, coming to this location caused them to use too much energy, and they wouldn’t be able to deal with the dragons.

Eres sighed, her face full of regret, and spoke while looking at the solitary black-haired man sitting in the corner.
“Although it feels a little disappointing, there’s no other way. Hansoo, you should go. Does everyone agree?”
At these words, Kangtae and Keldian sighed reluctantly.
“Can I really not go? I have confidence I can do well.”
“Alright. Don’t look at me like that. Petty bastards.”
Kangtae complained sadly.
Hansoo sighed exhaustedly and shook his head.
“Can’t I stop fighting now?”
It had been 50 years since the Great War started between the original races dragged into the Abyss.
The survivors had to fight rigorously every day for 50 years.

Just to survive.

‘I’ve fought too long.’
Hansoo shook his head.
At this point, he thought that it might be better to just die like this.
But Eres shook her head firmly.
“You are the one who has to go.”
The four people there, including Eres herself, had only gotten this far because they were the most outstanding of the 7 billion humans.
They were confident that if they had a chance to go back to the past, they would do better.
But inside, everyone knew.
He’s the one who has to go.

The ruling races of the Abyss were so strong that even if the three others went back to the past and had more time, there was no complete guarantee that they could win against the rulers.
However, Hansoo had started 20 years after the others had, yet he currently stood shoulder to shoulder with them.
If he had bloomed his unique potential even just 5 years earlier, then they wouldn’t have been pushed this far.

Hansoo looked at the three and then spoke out.
“Say something, then. I should at least listen to the last words of my friends.”
If it were anybody else, it wouldn’t have mattered, but how could he ignore their words?
As Hansoo watched the others with a sad expression, Kangtae spoke first.
“Hey. If you have the chance to acquire my previous runes and items, take them and use them all for yourself.”
“Huh? Shouldn’t I give them to your past self?”
Hansoo asked with a surprised expression.
The amount of items and runes that Kangtae had was immeasurable, to the point that his nickname was ‘Fate Creator’.
He had so much that there was a huge problem between them.

Kangtae shook his head.
“No, it’s better that you use them instead of me. If you’re going to do something, do it right.”
Hansoo nodded at those words.

“Eres, what about you?”
“Don’t fling off people who approach you just because it’s annoying, and take care of them.”
“I will try my best.”
“Oh, come on. You’re going to save humanity, aren’t you? Think about how cool it would be to be a hero. At least listen to your leader for one final time.”
“Well, if the situation allows it.”

Hansoo turned his back to the sighing Eres as he finally asked Keldian.
“Keldian, what about you? Oh, by the way, I have no confidence in using my brain as well as you did. I don’t know if I can collect all the skills you use either.”
Keldian coldly replied.
“I don’t have much. If you go back to the past… get rid of those ‘cockroaches’ who will only be of harm during the Great War. And that ‘Light Monarch’… kill him for sure. That is my request.”
Hansoo nodded, and Keldian smiled with a satisfied look on his face. Then, he lifted his book up and started mumbling something.

A blinding light exploded out from the Space Time Crystal and covered Hansoo, who closed his eyes as he started to fade away.
It’s time to take a break now.’
They all wanted to go, but at the same time, they wanted to rest.
They didn’t know their true feelings, so they had said no just in case they regretted their decision.
After all, this chance was literally the last opportunity they would have.
However, since it had been decided and Hansoo had been sent off, they clearly knew their true feelings.
Now, their minds were at ease.
At the same time, they felt bad for Hansoo.
Work it out. We leave everything to you.’
The three watched the disappearing Hansoo as they smiled with mixed feelings of regret and relief. Soon, the energy blast from the golden dragons swept over them from above like a storm.

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