Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 440

Chapter 440 - Truefire Blade

Shi Feng’s sudden change immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“Guild Leader, why do you seem smaller? Even your aura has diminished significantly.” With her refined observation skills, Fire Dance instantly noticed Shi Feng’s transformation.

The rest of the team was also curious. When they took a look at Shi Feng’s HP bar, they were suddenly very afraid.

Shi Feng, who had originally possessed over 8,400 HP, now had a maximum HP of 1,700. He could not even compare to a Level 20 ordinary player right now.

“It’s nothing, just the Weakened debuff I got after going berserk. Many Lord ranked monsters deal with the same thing. I’ll be fine after some time has passed,” Shi Feng laughed.

Giving it some thought, everyone understood the logic behind the mechanics.

A skill that could render a Rare Lord helpless… If there were no side effects to it, it would be far too overpowered.

Following which, everyone finished collecting the loot scattered across the ground.

The thousand-plus Wolfman Warriors before had dropped a ton of items. Although it was only the loot of Elite monsters, the quantity was more valuable than even the loot from a Lord.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng stored the loot the Crimson Shadow Wolf had dropped.

As for Weakened state’s extension to three hours, Shi Feng had some idea of why this had occurred.

Dragon’s Power significantly increased one’s Attributes. Coupled with Blade Liberation’s Sword’s Power, his body could not bear the fusion of the two buffs, which resulted in his extended Weakened state.

“It seems that twofold berserk should only be used as a last resort in the future.” Shi Feng could only smile bitterly at his three-hour Weakened state.

If nothing special happened during these three hours, all would be fine. However, he did not know what sort of trouble they would encounter as they moved on. With his Attributes reduced by 80%, even if his original Attributes were overwhelming, he would not be a match for an ordinary player. If they encountered danger, he could only helplessly watch from the sidelines.

Fortunately, they were safe for now.

“Guild Leader, the monsters here are stingier than the monsters outside. The Wolfman Warriors rarely drop weapons or equipment. Moreover, the majority of the items are Common rank with a small amount of Bronze Equipment.” Blackie was already used to grinding Lord ranked monsters. Now, he could only feel contempt when he saw the loot of Elite monsters.

“It’s actually quite good. Previously, I had never carried more than one Gold Coin. Now, I pick up more than two Gold. There are also 37 pieces of Level 25 Bronze Equipment and over a hundred Common items. If we sell them, each item could fetch at least six or seven Silver Coins; 100 pieces is worth six or seven Gold Coins.” This was the first time Flying Shadow had joined Shi Feng’s party on an excursion. When he saw that the money inside his bag had exceeded three Gold, he was elated.

If he grinded monsters outside of White Fog Canyon, at most he would obtain a little EXP. Very rarely would the monsters drop weapons or equipment. Even if they did, 95% of the time the items would be Common ranked.

“Guild Leader, what did that Crimson Shadow Wolf drop? Let us have a look!” Aqua Rose held little interest in the loot of the Wolfman Warriors. At this point, she was only interested in the loot from Lords.

“Not bad. We have a total of twelve weapons and pieces of equipment, one Intermediate Strength Potion Recipe, and the rest are materials.” Shi Feng had just finished appraising the drops. Smiling, he said, “Among the twelve weapons and equipment, five are Dark-Gold rank, three of which are weapons, one is cloth armor, and one is leather armor. The remaining seven items are all Fine-Gold rank. Have a look for yourselves.”

Saying so, Shi Feng displayed the data of all the dropped weapons and equipment.

“Damn! This Rare Lord is awesome! It even dropped such top-tier weapons!” Blackie immediately grew excited upon seeing dropped items’ information.

“Guild Leader, are you blessed by god? Even such weapons managed to drop!” Flying Shadow’s eyes bulged upon seeing the weapons.

Of the three Dark-Gold Weapons, one was a two-handed battle axe, and two were short swords.

Unlike the battle axe, which had a silvery-gray color, the two short swords were blood-red. There was even a spark circulating the blades of each sword, the spark resembling a fairy of fire.

[Truefire Blade] (Short Sword [Main-hand], Dark-Gold Rank)

Level 25 - Level 30

Attack Power +376 (Level 25)

Strength +29, Agility +36, Endurance +20

Attack Speed +3

Ignore Levels +5

25% chance to deal double damage.

15% chance to awaken Flame state, ignoring all defensive and block skills, causing 220% damage.

Set effect:

When both main and sub Truefire Blades are equipped, damage increased by 15%. Obtain Truefire Dance skill. Strength increased by 30%, Agility increased by 40%, Attack Speed increased by 60%, and damage received increased by 20% for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

[Truefire Blade] (Short Sword [Sub-hand], Dark-Gold Rank)
Level 25 - Level 30

Attack Power +352 (Level 25)

Strength +25, Agility +40, Endurance +21

Attack Speed +3

Ignore Levels +5

When attacking, 20% chance to activate Swift state, increasing user’s Attack Speed by 30% for 6 seconds.

10% chance to activate Flame Guard, absorbing 1,000 damage.

Set effect:

When both main and sub Truefire Blades are equipped, damage increased by 15%. Obtain Truefire Dance skill. Strength increased by 30%, Agility increased by 40%, Attack Speed increased by 60%, and damage received increased by 20% for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Level 25 weapons were extremely rare in God’s Domain currently. Equipping a Level 25 Fine-Gold Weapon was already incredibly impressive. Meanwhile, the Truefire Blades were both Dark-Gold rank, and they were a set.

In God’s Domain, sets of weapons or equipment were usually half a rank higher than their stated rank.

As a Dark-Gold Set Weapon, the Truefire Blades were the best quality weapons below Epic rank. Moreover, the set effect of the Truefire Blades was intensely powerful; they did not seem the slightest bit inferior to Epic Weapons. The short swords only had somewhat weaker Basic Attributes.

“Although Swordsmen, Rangers, and Assassins can use the Truefire Blades, these short swords are most suited for Assassins. Fire Dance and Flying Shadow, the two of you will Roll for them, then.” In truth, even Shi Feng was surprised that the Crimson Shadow Wolf had dropped such top-tier short swords.

One was lucky if even one Truefire Blade dropped. Now, the Rare Lord had dropped both of the set weapons…

Sure enough, the 25 points of Luck was incredible!

After Shi Feng said so, Flying Shadow shook his head, saying, “Guild Leader, forget about me. Let Sister Fire Dance have the Truefire Blades.”

Although the Truefire Blades were very attractive, he knew that he was not worthy of them. Moreover, he had done almost nothing during the battle with the Crimson Shadow Wolf. Such weapons were only suited to the number one Assassin of Zero Wing. Only in Fire Dance could wield these weapons to their full potential.

“The party had killed the Crimson Shadow Wolf, resulting in these items dropping. If more than one player can use them, we will Roll. Don’t be shy. They’re just  Dark-Gold Weapons,” Shi Feng laughed, having long since understood Flying Shadow’s personality. “There is also a leather armor shirt among the Dark-Gold Equipment. The winner gets the weapons, while the loser gets the shirt.”

“Guild Leader has already told us to Roll. Let’s just do it,” Fire Dance said as she chose to Roll.

After a moment of hesitation, Flying Shadow decided to Roll as well.

In the end, Fire Dance rolled a 91, while Flying Shadow rolled an 86. The system automatically distributed the Truefire Blades to Fire Dance, whereas the Level 25 Dark-Gold ranked leather shirt went to Flying Shadow.

After equipping the Truefire Blades, Fire Dance’s combat power abruptly soared. Moreover, the streams of light on the Truefire Blades further enhanced her beauty. At this moment, Fire Dance looked like an elf standing in fire.

Blackie successfully Rolled for the Level 25 Dark-Gold cloth armor, while Aqua Rose and Violet Cloud both obtained a piece of Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment. Shi Feng gained two pieces of Level 25 Fine-Gold plate armor. One was a pair of gauntlets, while the other was a set of leg guards. Now, the majority of his equipment consisted of Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment.

After happily distributing the equipment, everyone returned to their search for the exit.

Time passed quickly, and unknowingly, Shi Feng’s party had made a full circle around the Land of the Fallen Star. Although they had not encountered a single monster, they had mined plenty of Starfire Ore, over a thousand pieces in total.

Just as Shi Feng began to grumble about the exit’s mysterious location, the system suddenly announced an emergency notification.

Before Shi Feng could react, he was thrown out of God’s Domain.

Moreover, Shi Feng had not been the only one; Aqua Rose and the others had also been expelled from the game.

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