Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 92

092 - Not Worthy?

On the high stage, Fu Shangqing was shocked by what he was seeing.

The fight at the lower door gave him a clear perspective on how strong Lu Mingshu was, so why did the fight at the middle door seem different?

It looked similar to the one at the lower door, but something was off.

With her skills, it was possible for her to defeat attendant Jun. However, to seriously injure him, there must have been something more.

This child isn’t simple….

Lu Mingshu stepped into the mist and hastened her footsteps.

Time. She needed time.

She had badly injured Zhou Yinru, which meant that, if she didn't manage to become a genuine successor disciple, the Zhou family would undoubtedly give her trouble.

The Zhou family used to ignore Lu Mingshu because she was weak. Even though Zhou Yinru attacked her first, the Zhou family wasn’t logical.

Moreover, she killed Liang Zongping. With his body left on the mountain, it would be investigated. Yes, she was attacked by him first, but the Zhou family wouldn’t care much. Jie Wenhan and Shao Zhengyang knew what happened, but would they stand up for her? It was hard to say.

Thus, she was left with no choice but to become a genuine successor disciple.

Genuine successor disciples were the pride of Nine Jade Palace, which meant that she would be protected to a certain extent if she became one.

Being in such a hurry, the beast and traps were nothing to her; she passed everything very quickly.

Upon stepping out of the mist, she could see the upper door. She sighed in relief, but was soon taken aback.

Where is everybody? Am I late?

On the White Magnificent Peak, cheers could be heard.

“Someone has arrived at the upper door!”

Everyone knew that after passing the upper door, that’s where the Heavenly Door was, which meant that the fight at the upper door would determine the genuine successor disciples. Thus, it was the most exciting part of the whole competition.

“Eh? It’s her!”

“How is that possible? Didn’t she reach the middle door late?”

“She did! Others who passed it early haven’t even reached the upper door and she’s already there!”

The members of the upper echelon were shocked as well.

It was possible to be the first to reach the lower door through luck, but for the upper door, it was impossible to do so without skills.

What happened? Where was Kuai Xin, who was in the lead!?

Lu Mingshu went up onto the platform.

An old lady was guarding the upper door.

The old lady had hair as white as snow, a thin headband around her forehead, and she was sleeping soundly while tightly holding a walking stick. Lu Mingshu blinked. If not for the fact that the White Magnificent Peak didn’t allow outsiders to enter, she wouldn’t have believed that this was the guard.

Before Lu Mingshu even made a noise, the old lady lifted her head slowly and yawned.

“Aye, this girl is fast,” the old lady smiled at her.

“Fast?” Lu Mingshu raised an eyebrow, “Senior, the competition hasn’t ended?”

“What Heavenly Door competition ends before night? Look at the time, it’s still early!”

Lu Mingshu looked around. It’s two or three p.m. Indeed, I’m early.

“Where is everyone?”

“On their way?”

“You mean, I’m the first one to arrive?” Lu Mingshu was shocked.

“Yes,” the old lady smiled while staring into Lu Mingshu’s eyes. “You may be young, but treasure your body! Don’t be impulsive.”

Lu Mingshu felt a chill running down her spine. She was uneasy as the old lady stared into her eyes. It’s as if she can read my mind. This feeling was like being stared at by Zhuo Jiangui.

Lu Mingshu shivered. Perhaps this old lady is in the Assimilation Realm?

The old lady yawned again.

“Look at you. First time participating, huh? Let me give you some advice. The upper door is almost impossible to pass without any help. So, go and look for help or fight the others while I go back to sleep. Wake me up later.”

After the old lady finished her sentence, she closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Footsteps could be heard from the mist. It was Kuai Xin, who carried a sword on his shoulder.

After passing the first two doors, he surprisingly didn’t meet any trouble on his way to the upper door. This one should be more troublesome than the first two doors, and both clans won’t allow me to pass without choosing a side. However, I’m too lazy to care about the clans, so how should I continue…?

Kuai Xin was suddenly rooted to the ground when he saw someone on the platform.

What on earth? How is this possible!?

Kuai Xin couldn’t believe his eyes. He was the first to pass through the two doors! How was it possible that someone could overtake him?

“You?!” He shouted in surprise when Lu Mingshu turned around.

“Senior Uncle Kuai.”

“How are you so fast?” Kuai Xin asked in confusion.

“Lady Luck is shining on junior today.”

Yeah, sure. Luck. Kuai Xin looked at her. There’s a high chance that there’s something going on… but it’s better not to know.

“Does Senior Uncle Kuai want to challenge?”

Kuai Xin shook his head, “Nah, not now.”

Lu Mingshu nodded and stood aside.

She has nothing more to ask? Kuai Xin scratched his head as he stood aside too. He thought she would say something more.

Very soon, somebody else came.

Ban Qin!

He whistled as he came out of the mist. He was about to greet Kuai Xin when he stepped on the platform, but…

Lu Mingshu?

He stood rooted to the ground.


Lu Mingshu looked at him in silence.

Ban Qin rubbed his eyes and pinched himself to ensure that he wasn’t dreaming.

“Lu Mingshu? How come you’re here?” He didn’t even give Lu Mingshu a chance to reply before he continued, “Aren’t you already dead?”

“Who told you that?” Lu Mingshu squinted her eyes.

“Senior Aunt Jie told me.” Ban Qin furrowed his eyebrows. But Jie Wenhan said that Lu Mingshu has fallen dead from serious injuries so there’s a change in plan. Why was it that now he was seeing a perfectly alright Lu Mingshu at the upper door? Forget dead, just looking at her, it’s impossible that she’s even injured!

Lu Mingshu remained silent. There was no need for her to answer Ban Qin anyway.

Ban Qin continued to probe but still couldn’t get any answers, so he let it go. Seeing that there was only the three of them at the moment, Ban Qin added, “Hey, why not just give up? Becoming a genuine successor disciple isn’t child’s play. Even if you’re fine, there isn’t much chance that you will pass.”

Lu Mingshu smiled at him.

Ban Qin was angered by Lu Mingshu’s silent response.

“I’m warning you because I feel that you’re an okay person, don’t take my advice for granted!” Seeing that Lu Mingshu was still keeping quiet, he added, “Skills and stamina are not enough. Here, without any help, it’s impossible to pass. You’re hoping that Gao Xiang will help you, eh? But remember this; we give him face because of his master, Master An. But look at you, who’s your master?”

Lu Mingshu looked up and stared into his eyes.

The eye contact brought a chill down Ban Qin’s spine, but Ban Qin being himself, he continued, “Why are you staring at me? Stubborn much? I’m telling you out of my good will and because Senior Aunt Jie says that you’re okay as a person.”

“Senior Ban,” Lu Mingshu started.

She spoke in a monotone, but that somehow made Ban Qin’s hair stand on end. He looked up at Lu Mingshu, stammering, “W-What?”

“My master is Liu Jizhen, the eldest senior of the fifteenth generation of the Heavenly Ascension Pavilion,” she spoke firmly. “Are you suggesting that his disciple is unworthy of being a genuine successor disciple?”

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