Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 91

Chapter 091 - Hurrying

Lu Mingshu got up slowly.

She realized that there was a cloak covering her. She recognized it as Jie Wenhan’s.

There was also some beast-repelling powder surrounding her.

Lu Mingshu smiled bitterly.

Should I thank Shao Zhengyang?

He actually considered that were beasts around and didn’t just leave her to die.

But now her injuries were all recovered. The dagger that was used to attack her was now on the floor.

She picked it up to have a look, then tossed it aside expressionlessly.

Liang Zongping’s headless corpse was still lying there, but Lu Mingshu didn’t even spare it a glance. She quickly packed her things before taking out the compass and continuing her journey.

She had already wasted too much time here. She would have to hurry since a lot of people may have already passed the middle door.

A huge flaming red mink suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Lu Mingshu didn’t even bother looking at it before her sword-light surrounded the mink and chopped off its head.

It’s quite a boost indeed.

Back at the White Magnificent Peak’s stage:

“There’s someone at the middle door!” somebody shouted as a figure appeared on the mirror

Fu Mingxi sat up enthusiastically. She looked at the mirror and realized that it was a tall and muscular man. She turned to Fu Shangqing happily, “Isn’t that Kuai Xin – Senior Uncle Kuai?”

“Yes!” Fu Shangqing answered. Why is she so happy?

“He’s the first to pass the lower door, and now he’s the first for the middle door too! Isn’t that amazing?”

“He’s been in the Harmonization Realm for more than ten years, he should be able to break through to the Spirit Realm by the time of the next Heavenly Door competition.”

“Wow! No doubt he’s the backbone of our Nine Jade Palace’s new generation!”

The elders who were seated near Fu Mingxi and Fu Shangqing looked at them in confusion.

Why are they praising Kuai Xin all of a sudden?

Fu Mingtang sighed. Nobody knew why Fu Mingxi reacted that way, but he did. She was just happy that Lu Mingshu wasn’t the first to reach the middle door, so she kept praising Kuai Xin.

In reality though, it didn’t matter. Everyone knew that speed wasn’t a factor that determined if one got a place as a genuine successor disciple. As long as one didn’t lag behind by too much, everyone had a chance.

In his heart, Fu Mingtang was curious if his other “sister” would become a genuine successor disciple.

Kuai Xin’s arrival was considered early. He quickly challenged the guard and passed the middle door before anyone else even got there.

Other disciples soon started to stroll in slowly.

It was just another round of fighting, ganging up, and betrayal.

Something struck Fu Mingtang and he turned to his father, “Why isn’t aunt at the middle door yet?”

The fight at the middle door was about to end, yet Zhou Yinru couldn’t be seen anywhere.

Fu Shangqing narrowed his eyes.

Something feels weird.

Zhou Yinru brought along two attendants. Aside from Rui Xiang, the other attendant was highly skilled. It was impossible that she wouldn’t even be able to reach the middle door.

As soon as he was about to instruct somebody to check it out, a sparroweagle flew over and circled over Fu Shangqing’s head before landing.

Sparroweagles, which were a hybrid of a sparrowhawk and an eagle, were used as messengers.

Fu Shangqing detached a small bamboo tube from the sparroweagle’s claw. He took a piece of paper out of the tube to have a look. Fu Shangqing’s face fell as he read the message.

“What’s wrong, father?”

“You both just continue watching, Father has something to do,” Fu Shangqing patted them. He disappeared before they could even respond.

Fu Shangqing went down the stage to a corner. Somebody was already waiting for him there.

“What happened?” Fu Shangqing whispered.

“Second Miss was found seriously injured near the lower door….”


However, this wasn’t the time to investigate the details, so Fu Shangqing quickly added on, “Where is she now?”

“She’s on the way now.”

Fu Shangqing was a bundle of nerves while waiting for Zhou Yinru to arrive. Soon, he could see some people carrying three stretchers walking down a path of White Magnificent Peak.

He was taken aback after seeing what was on the stretchers.

Zhou Yinru’s attendant was completely wrapped up, unable to move. The amount of blood stains indicated that he had injuries over his entire body.

Rui Xiang wasn’t seriously hurt, but her eyes were lifeless and she showed no reaction.

As for Zhou Yinru…

Fu Shangqing’s heart fell as he saw Zhou Yinru.

She didn’t have any serious injuries, but with her disheveled hair and staring blankly into space, she looked like a mad woman.

“Sister?” Fu Shangqing called her.

Zhou Yinru didn’t respond.

“Sister!” Fu Shangqing shook her.

“Ouch!” Zhou Yinru screamed in pain.

The man who brought her down on the stretcher immediately went over, “Sect Leader, Second Miss has broken her arm….”

Fu Shangqing looked over to realize that Zhou Yinru’s arm was situated in a weird position.

“How is Second Miss? Are her injuries serious?”

“She fractured one arm, and the other was pierced by a sword. Other than that, there’s nothing much.”

The man hesitated for a while before adding on, “There are two handprints on Second Miss’ face, like she’s been slapped.”  

Fu Shangqing looked closer and realized that Zhou Yinru’s face, which was covered by her hair, was indeed swollen.

Sighing, he ordered, “Send Second Miss for healing and inform Madam immediately.”


Fu Shangqing then went over to the attendant.

“What happened Jun? Who did this to you?”

The attendant forced his eyes open, “Sect Leader…. It’s… Green Jade Valley….“

“Green Jade Valley…?” Fu Shangqing probed.

“Yes, Second Miss wanted to block her….”

Green Jade Valley. Fu Shangqing immediately knew who he was referring to. But…

“Who is she with?”


“You mean she injured you all by herself?”


“Go back and rest first,” Fu Shangqing waved his hand, but he was confused.

On his way back to the stage, Fu Shangqing’s mind was filled with a lot of questions. What Jun meant was that she took on all three of them and defeated them? But Lu Mingshu only just entered the Harmonization Realm, and Jun isn’t just an ordinary servant; his skills are at the same level as a genuine successor disciple! How did she manage to do it…?

“Father, you’re back!” Fu Mingxi pulled him to the side happily, not noticing that Fu Shangqing wasn’t looking good.

“There was an interesting fight just now!”

However, Fu Shangqing ignored her and turned to Fu Mingtang, “Mingtang… has Lu Mingshu passed the middle door?”

Fu Mingxi’s face dropped after hearing what he asked.

“Father, there!” Fu Mingtang pointed out.

When Lu Mingshu arrived at the middle door, the fights were about to end. Those who qualified to be genuine successor disciples had already passed, while those who weren’t cut out for it were starting to make their way back. There were only a few left that were waiting to take on the guard.

The guard at the middle door was a bearded and muscular man. From his skills, one could tell that he was in the Spirit Realm.

After the disciple before her finished their challenge, Lu Mingshu went up.

“Senior, I resign myself to your guidance.”

The bearded man didn’t even bother to look at Lu Mingshu before waving his hand to indicate that they could start.

“Eh? Aren’t you…?” He looked at her in confusion when he turned around.

Lu Mingshu looked up, “What’s wrong, senior?”

The bearded man scratched his head before continuing, “Whatever, it’s not my problem anyways. C’mon.”

As soon as he finished that last sentence, Lu Mingshu’s sword-light shone. The bearded man didn’t expect her to attack immediately. He quickly pulled out his sword and blocked the attack.

Seeing that the first attack failed, Lu Mingshu changed her strategy.

Both swords clashed, as did their owners. The fight was so intense that the audience couldn’t differentiate who was who.

Finally, the fight ended. The bearded man looked at Lu Mingshu in shock.

“Senior?” Lu Mingshu called him.

“Oh, you may pass.”

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