Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 89

089 - Conscience

It was a metallic lizard with the strength of the Harmonization Realm. It was ten feet long and had a back that was as hard as steel.

When Liang Zongping realized what was happening, Lu Mingshu was already fighting the lizard.

“Senior, watch out for its tail!”

“The tail contains poison! Don’t let it touch you!”

“Be careful, it’s behind you!”

Lu Mingshu fished out her sword to scare the metallic lizard, causing it to retreat. On the other hand, Liang Zongping was just jumping around and screaming. He was so annoying that Lu Mingshu nearly ran over to kick him. She shouted, “If you’re going to be a hindrance then just shut up!”

Her shout caused Liang Zongping to shut up indeed. He then pulled out his sword to help Lu Mingshu slaughter the lizard. 

Looking at that scene, Lu Mingshu heaved a sigh of relief. She didn't expect Liang Zongping to actually be of any help though. In fact, he was no stronger than Zhou Yinru, and all Lu Mingshu wanted was for Liang Zongping to not be a hindrance.

Suddenly, she started massaging her dantian because her meridians were still throbbing in pain from the previous battle.The black mystic light from Zhou Yinru’s attendant

carried an unknown force that would damage one’s meridians upon coming in contact with them.

Lu Mingshu was more wounded than she initially thought.

However, she had no choice except to ignore the pain for now. She had to get rid of the metallic lizard before finding a spot to heal her injuries.

Despite being in so much pain that cold sweat was trickling down her forehead, Lu Mingshu gritted her teeth and continued to fight without slowing down.

After a painstaking struggle, the metallic lizard finally dropped to the ground with an anguished wail and stopped moving.

As for Lu Mingshu, she had reached her limit as well. She felt dizzy and struggled to stand up straight.

“Senior!” Liang Zongping dashed over to her side to support her.

“Take it slow. Come over here and take a rest.”

It seems he’s not good for nothing after all.

Since her body was completely strained, Lu Mingshu leaned against him and allowed him to lead her to a place where she could rest.

As soon as she settled down, Lu Mingshu felt a sting on her waist. Something had pierced through her; her flesh was cut open and the sound of blood gushing from the wound could be clearly heard.

She looked up slowly at Liang Zongping. The guy who was constantly trying to flatter her had a sinister smile on his face.

“Why?” Lu Mingshu’s voice had become hoarse from all the fighting. Even though they were strangers that only came together by chance, she had treated Liang Zongping fairly: bringing him to the lower door, helping him pass, and even ensuring that he was safe.

“Why? Why are you trying to murder me? I saved your life, didn’t I?” Lu Mingshu asked while panting.

Liang Zongping smiled foolishly as he looked down at Lu Mingshu.

“Senior, you can’t blame it on me. Senior Aunt Zhou said that if I kill you, she will promote me to be a disciple manager. I’m sure you understand… a disciple like me who's neither a genuine successor disciple nor a first-rate disciple, even if I’m in the Harmonization Realm, I don’t have much of a chance at success. If I can become a disciple manager, I’ll be able to die without regrets!”

After he finished his last sentence, Liang Zongping pushed the dagger further into Lu Mingshu. In a few minutes, even an immortal would die from the blood loss and pain.

A radiance flashed across Lu Mingshu’s eyes. She punched with great strength, creating a mystic light that exploded. The force of the punch sent Liang Zongping flying.

Liang Zongping was struck dumb. He never would’ve expected that Lu Mingshu would still be able to strike back given how badly injured she was, and the attack was even strong enough that it sent him flying.

“Hahahaha,” Lu Mingshu laughed aloud as she leaned against the tree. It was unknown whether she was laughing at herself or Liang Zongping.

“I didn’t think that I would only be worth a measly disciple manager!”

She grasped her waist tightly. The dagger was still stuck in her; it was so deep inside her that the hilt could no longer be completely seen. She tried her best to balance herself.

“I keep trying to save everyone no matter how badly I get treated, as I value each and every one of your lives, even if saving you all means putting myself in danger. Why do I keep getting betrayed by all of you in the end?” She said while looking into his eyes.

Liang Zongping looked at her as a chill ran down his spine.

She continued rambling, “You’re the same as everyone else. Hah. Since when do I owe you guys? I’ve risked myself to protect your lives, yet you all still want to backstab me? Maybe that’s just how the world is, huh? We shouldn’t be good guys.”

You guys? Who is she referring to?

Lu Mingshu looked down for a moment before whispering, “Since that’s the case, why should I be a good guy? Revenge seems to make my life easier too, right?”

She took small steps as she moved toward Laing Zongping. Even though she couldn’t even stand up straight, Liang Zongping felt scared.

“D-don’t… don’t you dare come over! You may be powerful, but you’re seriously hurt right now. You wouldn’t be able to kill me-…”

Before Liang Zongping could finish his sentence with the words “that easily”, the sword shone as it aimed for his head.

Liang Zongping cried out in alarm as he tried to block the attack with his own sword.


The swords clashed and Liang Zongping’s sword was chopped in half.

Lu Mingshu pointed her sword at him as she slowly walked toward him.

“When did you gang up with Zhou Yinru? From the start? No…. Should be after you passed the lower door. You promised that you would only follow me up to the lower door, right?”

Lu Mingshu nodded, agreeing with herself.

“No wonder you were able to locate me among the heavy mist. It must’ve been Zhou Yinru telling you where I was, right?”

“D-don’t come near me….” Liang Zongping stammered. She’s seriously injured, how is it possible that she’s still so powerful? He was in the Harmonization Realm too, why was the difference so big?

“So to you, personal interest comes before everything? You’re just like him….” Lu Mingshu stopped

and sighed.

Him? That sentence aroused Liang Zongping’s curiosity.

He wanted to probe further, but there was no longer any chance to do so. Lu Mingshu didn’t hesitate as she waved her sword. Before Liang Zongping could escape, his head had already dropped to the ground.


Flesh blood spurted everywhere as the headless corpse fell to the ground.

Lu Mingshu had killed numerous ferocious beasts and demonic beasts in her time. She had killed more than she could count, but this was the first time in her entire life that she had ever killed a human being.

So, killing a human being isn’t that hard after all.

Suddenly, the sound of coughing could be heard. Blood flowed from the edge of Lu Mingshu’s mouth. Her vision was blurry and, within a second, she fell.

Lu Mingshu was currently very weak. She had been seriously injured by Zhou Yinru’s attendant, yet she still had to fight the metallic lizard. On top of that, Liang Zongping assaulted her by stabbing her in a vital part, which caused her to lose too much blood. She didn’t dare to pull the dagger out on her own. All she could do was take some medicine to relieve the pain.

It would be great if could enter the Heavenly Wheel right now. However, her vision was too blurry and she didn’t have enough energy, making her unable to do so.

It’s alright, just a little longer. She received this medicine back in the Heavenly Wheel, so she was sure that she would survive. If she could just manage to endure the current pain, she would be able to spend some time to recover.

If she was lucky, maybe someone would pass by

and lend her a helping hand.

Lu Mingshu was drowsy. Her body needed to rest and she was losing consciousness. However, losing consciousness here wasn’t an option because it would put her life at risk.

In her dazed state, she heard footsteps.

“Someone’s here….”

It was Jie Wenhan.

Will she lend a helping hand?

Jie Wenhan inspected Lu Mingshu for a while.

“Your injuries are so serious. Were you attacked while you were down? Oh no! There’s not much time left. I’ll have to get going. Please hang on while I inform the guards,” Jie Wenhan sighed.

Jie Wenhan covered Lu Mingshu with something

before she left.

Lu Mingshu wasn’t very disappointed. It’s perfectly normal for her to react that way, right?

Being part of the Zhou family line, Jie Wenhan was already treating her kindly by not hurting her even more. The Heavenly Door competition meant so much to Jie Wenhan, it was impossible that she would forego the competition to save Lu Mingshu’s life. At least she’s going to report to the guards....

Not long later, the sound of footsteps could be heard again.

“This is... Lu Mingshu?”

That’s Zhao Zhengyang’s voice.

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