Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 84

084 - Too Fast 


So, the successor disciples would get special treatment? If that’s the case, then it would be hard to take down any of them… 

Before Lu Mingshu could respond, Ban Qing jumped up. “Senior, please guide me!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, the sword’s ingeniousness could be felt. The sword was so fast! It flashed past and Ban Qin’s was gone before Lu Mingshu could even figure out what was happening. The sword’s ingeniousness then multiplied itself into ten and surrounded the old man. 


However, the old man looked like he was unaffected. Soon, a snowy white sword shined and the ten duplicates were gone. 

Ban Qin didn’t stop even after he missed his first shot. He changed his stance and the duplications reappeared. After just a few moments, Ban Qin and the old man had already each attacked and defended more than ten times. 

Lu Mingshu started to see the pattern of their moves. Ban Qin’s sword might have been fast, but his mystic force was just ordinary. Even though he was able to split the sword into more than ten.

 A light suddenly flew past and it hit Ban Qin’s chest.

Even if Ban Qin jumped up his reaction wouldn’t have been fast enough to avoid the strike. Thus, it landed on his shoulder. 

Ban Qin fell to the ground and struggled to stand up.

Jie Wenjie, on the other hand, unsheathed her sword to attack Ban Qin’s assailant. “Ambushing someone in front of me? Do you think I’m dead?”

The assailant tried to attack again. But his mystic light and Jie Wenhan’s sword light clashed, causing them to move backward from the impact. Jie Wenhan only went back a step, but the assailant went back one and a half steps. 

The assailant was about thirty years old. He had a gloomy aura surrounding him and he held a pair of weird knives. He creepily smiled at Jie Wenhan. “Junior Jie, you’ve indeed improved a lot!”

It was Yuan Ziyang, another successor disciple! 

Up until now, four successor disciples: Kuai Xin, Jie Wenhan, Zhou Yinru, and Yuan Ziyang had shown themselves. 

Kuai Xin had already passed the lower door, leaving only the three of them. Jie Wenhan and Zhou Yinru were from the same line, but they were not on good terms. Meanwhile, Yuan Ziyang was on the opposite end.

As for the others, Ban Qin belonged to the Zhou’s family and Tan Yubing was neutral. Yuan Ziyang was at the stake of being a “soloist”. 

Lu Mingshu swayed. If the Zhou family members have a winning streak, passing through would be tedious. Should she…? 

At that moment, another person walked out of the alley. “Senior Uncle Yuan, you’re early! Junior nephew is late.” 

Shao Zhengyang! 

Lu Mingshu stopped in her footsteps. 

Shao Zhengyang came with a few more people. With them, the parties were now balanced. If she stepped out to side with someone now, Yuan Ziyang might not appreciate the help. 

“Ah, Junior Nephew Shao is here! You are indeed late.” Yuan Ziyang sighed in relief when he saw him; Kuai Xin had passed the lower door and those remaining, even if they didn’t outnumber him, Jie Wenhan was already way more powerful than him.

“I got caught up in a small incident along the way.” Shao Zhengyang replied calmly. “I met Junior Weng and wasted some energy.”

Ban Qin frowned. “Weng Yufan?”

Shao Zhengyang smiled at him — a smile that indicated that he had indeed met Weng Yufan. 

Ban Qin jumped up high and flashed his sword. “I heard that Senior Shao’s skills are fantastic, junior would like to learn some skills from you!” 

Shao Zhengyang turned to look at him. “But, Junior Ban, you are injured. Are you sure you want to challenge me yourself? You will be at a disadvantage though.”

“Ha!” Ban Qin snickered, “I’m not sure who will be at a disadvantage later.”

No doubt, this fight will happen. 

Shao Zhengyang turned to look at Jie Wenhan.

“Don’t look at me. I am not as shameless as the guy with the surname of Yuan.” Jie Wenhan waved her hand.

Yuan Ziyang showed no reaction, he stood still and was emotionless as he heard her say that. 

Shao Zhengyang nodded. “Thanks, Senior Aunt Jie.”

He reached for his sword and prepared himself. “Junior Ban, please!”

Just as he was finishing his sentence, Ban Qin was already attacking. The sword replicas were approaching fast and furiously shining with mystic lights. They surrounded Shao Zhengyang, leaving him cornered. 

Shao Zhengyang stood still as he lifted his sword, only a gust of wind could be felt. 

“Boom—” The replicas disappeared into thin air. 

Lu Mingshu was taken aback. It was surprising for Shao Zhengyang to use this method to freeze the mystic force and make Ban Qin’s sword duplication disappear. The method was brilliant, but it consumed a ton of energy. How will Shao Zhengyang sustain himself throughout the fight? 

While Lu Mingshu was thinking that, Shao Zhengyang suddenly dashed forward. He dashed and pointed his sword straight to Ban Qin. 

Lu Mingshu was dumbstruck as she watched the fight. 

Shao Zhengyang is actually countering Ban Qin’s speed with his! Unlike Shao Zhengyang, who was fast due to his skills, Ban Qin was fast due to his sword. He had the ability to change his sword’s position one after another. On the other hand, Ban Qin was struggling to launch an attack as he had to take down Shao Zhengyang’s attacks one after another without stopping. 

Just as Ban Qin was facing danger, a black streak of mystic light flew toward Shao Zhengyang. Shao Zhengyang was about to be hit by the mystic light, but he could not stop attacking Ban Qin just to defend himself from this light. When the light appeared right under his nose, Yuan Ziyang jumped into the fight and defended him from it. 

Two mystic lights clashed, and the thunderous noise filled the surroundings. 

Shao Zhengyang turned around and ended the fight. 

He looked at Zhou Yinru mockingly. “Senior Aunt Zhou, you don’t seem to be satisfied with the one versus one fight, huh? Should we have a group fight instead?”

“Ban Qin’s injured and you’re taking advantage of him without my permission!” Zhou Yinru replied coldly.

“True. I’ll take it that Senior Aunt Zhou has agreed, so what are we waiting for?” Shao Zhengyang hinted his partner. “It’s getting late so let’s get it over with fast!” 

 “Sure!” Zhou Yinru glanced at Jie Wenhan. “What are you waiting for?” 

“Oi!” Before Jie Wenhan could take any action, Zhou Yinru had already started fighting. 

“Tsk! “ She leaped, staring fiercely at Zhou Yinru. “Stupid woman! I must be cursed, that’s why I’m from the same line as her!” 

But, nothing else could be done as Zhou Yinru had already gone up to fight. 

The situation had changed so fast that Lu Mingshu was rooted to the spot. In a blink of an eye, a one-on-one has turned into a group fight? 

She tried to recall everything and it all made sense. Shao Zhengyang must have done it on purpose! If it were a single fight, Shao Zhengyang might have defeated Ban Qin, but Yuan Ziyang wouldn’t be able to defeat Jie Wenhan. With Kuai Xin leaving first, Jie Wenhan was stopping all of them from passing through. Why not have a group fight? 

Zhou Yinru might outnumber them, but they were not powerful on their own. When it came to a group fight, Shao Zhengyang’s side had a higher chance of winning. 

Everyone is so cunning. 

Lu Mingshu sighed. I should really never let my guard — there are too many sneaky people in this world. 

“Senior.” Liang Zongping whispered, “Do we wait here?” 

“Yes.” The chaos had just started but Lu Mingshu knew for sure that she could make it through the lower door. Both parties would be too tired to even care about her and furthermore, there were many more chances for them to stop her afterward. 


Chapter Notes:

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