Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 83

83 - Different  

Jie Wenhan’s sword was like fish gliding through water — fast and flexible. 

Kuai Xin swung his sword and it cut down swiftly, with might. However, Jie Wenhan calmly avoided the attacks. 

Lu Mingshu was observing the fight closely. It was the first time she witnessed a fight between genuine successor disciples at such close proximity. This was the only chance for her to get a sense of each genuine successor disciple’s standing and adjust her plans accordingly when it came to fighting them herself.

Kuai Xin’s sword might have seemed bulky, but in fact, it was easy to control. The sword tore through the air like lightning and appeared in front of Jie Wenhan in no time. 

Lu Mingshu noticed that the sword was covered with a layer of red mystic light. When the sword swept past her, she could feel the air getting hot air around it.

 On the other side, Jie Wenhan easily matched Kuai Xin’s speed. Just as Kuai Xin’s sword slashed down, she appeared behind him. She lifted her sword, and white mystic light enveloped Kuai Xin, attacking him from behind.

Kuai Xin’s giant sword instantly changed directions; drawing a U-shaped ark in the air, it stabbed at Jie Wenhan’s sword.

Ching—— The swords collided.

The mystic lights enveloping them were getting closer as well.

Lu Mingshu looked at them fight. Both Kuai Xin and Jie Wenhan are skilled and their mystic forces are strong. But, they still do have flaws. If Lu Mingshu were in Jie Wenhan’s shoes, she wouldn’t have taken a step back. Instead, she would have moved forward by half a step to dodge and would have attacked the opponent’s wrist. Jie Wenhan’s reaction, however, was not as swift. Her actions were too big, thus the amount of mystic force she expanded was huge.

Not surprising. Jie Wenhan had been in the Harmonization Realm for years, she had more than enough mystic force to spare.

Boom! Their mystic forces collided and both were forced back two steps.

Not even one second had passed since both parties started to attack each other and the fight had already reached its climax. Sword light, mystic light — all intertwined together. 

Below the White Magnificent Peak, disciples cheered as they watched the fight.  

“Wow! If it was me, I wouldn’t have been able to stand any of the attacks.”


“Harmonization Realm, eh! We would have all been wiped out in one move!”  

“No wonder they are the genuine successor disciples!“

The elders were discussing the competition on the stage as well. 

“Kuai Xin has improved a lot these few years. He used to only have a lot of mystic force but was unable to find the right balance. Now he performed stunningly well.”

“Jie Wenhan is okay too. However, is she trying to embarrass herself by participating in this year’s Heavenly Door competition?“

“Who is she to blame for her being bad tempered?”

The fight between Kuai Xin and Jie Wenhan was still going on, while the “fight” on the stage also continued. Just that the first was a fight with weapons and the other was a fight of words.

“Wow, that’s fast.”

 It’s Zhou Yinru 

Lu Mingshu’s heart sank as she heard her voice.

A boy and a girl came in together with Zhou Yinru. She went on the stage and took a look at those present. Lu Mingshu. Zhou Yinru’s face fell as she saw her. 

“There’s not much time left. Go assist Jue Wenhan,” she ordered.

The youth in black, who was beside her, nodded and went up two steps. He stretched his palm out and a fist made of mystic light punched out. The mystic light flew straight towards Kuai Xin, as fast like lighting. Kuai Xin and Jie Wenhan were forced to stop their fight.

“Zhou Yinru! Mind your own business!” Jie Wenhan shouted at Zhou Yinru, to everyone’s surprise.

Lu Mingshu was taken aback. There was someone who dared to disrespect Zhou Yinru?! Moreover, Jie Wenhan and her were from the same line!

Zhou Yinru stared coldly at her. “Jie Wenjie! What are you talking about? I’m trying to help you over here!”

“Who needs your help? I’m not like you.”

“Not like me? What on earth are you talking about!”

“What on earth am I talking about? Won’t you feel embarrassed?”

After a moment of silence, more and more people start to crowd around.

Zhou Yinru exploded in anger. “Jie Wenjie! Don’t think I won’t touch you.”

Jie Wenhan opened her mouth to argue back, but Kuai Xin couldn’t wait anymore. “Just shut up, you, annoying woman! Just fight or let me pass! Stop wasting my time.” 

“You pass. I’m not continuing this anymore.” Jie Wenhan put her sword back in its sheath and sat on a stone, not caring anymore.

“You!” Zhou Yinru bellowed, “Jie Wenhan! Are you going to let him off like this?!”

Jie Wenjie looked at her mockingly. “Why not stop him yourself?”

Zhou Yinru snickered, “Don’t regret it then!”

“Hmmph!” Jie Wenhan returned to her sulking self and ignored Zhou Yinru. She was the genuine successor disciple, who had the skills and the ability. Not like Zhou’s second miss. She’s still not that capable to even defeat a genuine successor disciple.

Zhou Yinru signaled the female and male by her side to attack.

“Two versus one?” Kuai Xin laughed. “That’s exciting! Come on!”

The pair looked at each other and then dashed towards Kuai Xin. Kuai Xin swung his sword, causing a gust of wind. A red light shined among the chaos, as he slashed both of his opponents, showing no mercy. 

Boom— The three lights clashed. 

Even if it was one against two, Kuai Xin was still the one who held the momentum. He waved his sleeve, indicating his victory.   

“Senior uncle Kuai is really powerful!” Liang Zongping was in awe. “He used his mystic force straight away, which is dangerous! Also, he looks so easy-going even when taking on two people! Senior, Who do you think will win?”

Kuai Xin will.

Lu Mingshu came up with this conclusion as she watched them fight. Kuai Xin might have seemed to be encircled, but he was not. Even with the two people cooperating, they couldn’t overpower him. However, if Kuai Xin continued to drag this fight on, he would be at a disadvantage.


Before Lu Mingshu managed to put her thoughts in order, the results were already out. The wind came to a halt, as Kuai Xin watched the two fall. “Who else?” he laughed.

Jie Wenhan snickered while eyeing Zhou Yinru. “Just pass, I’m not going to fight you. Nobody here can stop you so just go,” she told Kuai Xin.

“You said so?”

“Yep, I said it.”

“Okay then, see you at the middle door,”

Jie Wenhan waved her hand.

Kuai Xin dashed forward with his giant sword and lashed at the old man.

Lu Mingshu was taken aback by his action. Isn’t he going to challenge the old man? Why didn’t he greet him?

As soon as the sword’s light slashed the old man into halves, the old man hugging the sword looked up. Lu Mingshu could only see a sword light rapidly go past her. In a blink of an eye, it went back to just being a sword.

The whole fight ended in an instant. It was over before they could see anything. Kuai Xin’s sword stopped in mid-air, not finishing his move. 

The old man wiped his mouth. “Okay, okay, you can pass.”

“Thanks!” Kuai Xin lifted his sword, passed by the old man and disappeared into the mist

Lu Mingshu stood stunned on the ground. She was confused by the current situation.  Isn’t the challenge supposed to be hard?  Why could Kuai Xin get through so easily? If she knew that was this case, she would have passed earlier and not waited until now. 

“It’s possible for him, but not you.” Ban Qin cut her line of thought. “His skills have already been recognized, but not yours.” 

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