Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 82

 082 - Fight? Fight. 

Tan Yubing! 

Lu Mingshu never expected that she would be the second one to arrive. Neither did she. She was stunned when she saw Lu Mingshu. But she quickly recovered from her shock and nodded to Lu Mingshu as a greeting and stood at the side. 


Lu Mingshu was certain that without her compass and the matrix method help, it would be impossible for her to be first. Tan Yubing had no advantages and yet she only came in slightly later than Lu Mingshu. This showed that Gao Rang was right. While she may not be a successor disciple, her ability shouldn't be looked down upon. 

As soon as Tan Yubing got into place, the third one arrived. He was around eighteen years old, he was lanky and had a mole on his eyebrow which made him look fierce. 

Around eighteen? This was his first time participating in the Heavenly Door competition and the fact that he could arrive at such a fast speed showed that he should be quite powerful for his age. He must’ve come for the real disciple position. This is what Lu Mingshu told herself.


“Who is that?” 


Liang Zongping confidently stood up straight at the side. He immediately forced a smile when he heard Lu Mingshu’s question. “My senior, you don’t recognize him? He’s Ban Qin from Line of Dawn. He entered the Harmonization Realm when he was only sixteen and he defeated quite a number of his seniors not long after he entered. Dawn’s strongest disciple among sixteen generations.” 


Line of Dawn.... Lu Mingshu nodded. Gao Xiang had once told her that the Line of the Dawn and the Line of the Sunset are all under the Zhou family. During the previous Heavenly Door competition, one of Sunset disciples placed in the top ten. There was a high chance that they would give the position to one in Dawn this year. If they did, Ban Qin should be the one. 


Ban Qin walked up to the stage and scanned all three of them. A serious look flashed across his face. 

He recognized Tan Yubing. She had strong abilities despite losing a place for the real disciple in the last two years due to the fact that the Line of Golden Door was weak. It was perfectly normal for her to quickly reach the lower door. 


But who the hell were the other two? One was still young and still looked childish while the other one had some complicated mystic force. The mystic light around him wasn’t clear at all, so how did both of them get to the low door? Who were they exactly? 


An idea popped up in Ban Qin’s head and he went to stand in front of them carelessly. “You’re fast, Senior Tan !” 

It was right for Ban Qin to address Tan Yubing as a senior since she was from the fifteen generation while he was from the sixteenth.


“You are quite fast too.” Tan Yubing answered in a monotone. 


Tan Yubing’s distant reply didn’t bother Ban Qin. He went to Lu Mingshu and checked her out from head to toe. “How do I address you? My dear junior?”


“Blue Alley, Lu Mingshu.” Lu Mingshu replied blandly.

“Blue…” Ban Qin’s face immediately changed. “So you’re Lu Mingshu?”

“I guess I’m the only one who’s called Lu Mingshu in Nine Jade Palace.” 


Ban Qin rubbed his chin in consideration while eyeing her.


The sect master had all gotten ahold of the list of participants way before the start of the competition. Blue Alley, Lu Mingshu. The name had some meaning to it.  


During the spring hunt held four years ago, Lu Mingshu took Fu Mingtang down which angered Zhou Yinru who wanted a revenge. It was the Line of Rising Sun and Willow Wood who stopped Zhou Yinru, and she was brought back to Blue Alley by Liu Jizhen back then. After the spring hunt, she had not stepped foot out of the alley even once.

Outsiders thought that she had given up. So what if she did fantastically in the beast cave in the previous years? She didn't even have the courage to participate in the second spring hunt.  

She shockingly surfaced again after four years. 


Fu Mingtang, who went into the Inner Breath Realm with her, hadn’t even entered the Harmonization Realm! 

But every master had a different view on this situation. Some feel that even though she entered the Harmonization Realm, her abilities would deteriorate as expected due to not having left the valley for years. Maybe she was just here to remind others that she existed. On the other hand, some thought that she might have some shocking abilities, like Liu Jizhen. Although crippled, he still had the knowledge with him. It was hard to predict the kind of disciple he would produce. 


The real disciple’s position was limited. Making Lu Mingshu a successor disciple meant that someone had to sacrifice their position, but who would?  


In summary, Lu Mingshu was the odd one out. The Zhou family obviously wouldn’t sacrifice their pride. They would do anything to stop her from becoming the successor disciple. As for the Line of Jade Terrace, they may need to carefully consider sacrificing anyone for her.  


Ban Qin had her master’s reminder in mind. The Line of Dawn stood on the same line as the Zhou family. Therefore, he and Lu Mingshu were enemies. 


Ban Qin did not attend the spring hunt four years ago but he heard about her after the event and he was unwilling to believe her abilities. Disregarding Fu Mingtang, who was she? After knowing that she would be participating in the Heavenly Door competition, Ban Qin looked forward to meeting her. Yet now she was not like what he had expected her to be like. 


Is Lu Mingshu that capable? She’s still so young! But she shouldn’t be bad since her mystic force is first-class and she can get through the Harmonization Realm. Furthermore, she’s Li Jizhen’s disciple! 


These thoughts were running through his mind when he realized that Lu Mingshu had her eye on something else.


He looked over in the same direction to see a guy walking towards them. 


The guy was a twenty-five-year-old. He was tall and sturdy and he held a giant sword on his shoulder. As he walked slowly towards them, he left no footprints even though he was stepping on mud. 


He went up the stage, plunged the sword into the ground and shouted, “Kuai Xin here. Anyone here need advice?” 


Lu Mingshu eyed him for a moment


Lu Mingshu remembered that she heard from Gao Xiang that Kuai Xin from the Line of Tai was one of the four successor disciples. 


There was no doubt that Kuai Xin was indeed a real disciple. He declared a challenge right after he arrived. If nobody was willing to take it up, he would probably take it out on the old man who was guarding the door.   


A change of expression could be seen in Tan Yubing’s eye. 


Before she even spoke, a voice chimed in from the main street. “Bullying juniors? Is it that enjoyable? Why don’t you fight me!”


The voice belonged to a twenty-year-old woman. She was petite and wore black clothes. She walked confidently towards them. 


As soon as Liang Zongping saw her, his eyes lit up. Liang Zongping gushed, “Ah, I see. It’s the Line of Fluffy Cloud’s Senior Jie Wenhan!” 


Jie Wenhan was from the Line of Fluffy Clouds and was the successor disciple of the previous Heavenly Door competition. Most successor disciples would not participate in the Heavenly Door competition for two years in a row. 


“Oh so it’s you, Junior Jie.” excitement flashed across Kuai Xin’s eyes after he saw Jie Wenhan. “Why? Aren’t you satisfied yet? Come at me if you’re not!” 

“Cut the talk and fight!” 

Jie Wenhan fished out her sword out. In a blink of an eye, she was already fighting. 


Everyone was taken aback by what happened. They did not expect them to fight for real. 


Especially Ban Qing. He initially wanted to take on the arrogant Kuai Xin but he didn’t even get a chance to speak as Jie Wenhan took Kuai Xin on immediately when she arrived.  


It’s okay, let’s wait for them to finish. 

Ban Qing eyes flew towards Lu Mingshu again. Should he use her to warm up and get rid of her at the low door? 

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