Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 81

081 - First

Liang Zongping kept chattering for quite a while, which annoyed Lu Mingshu. She opened her eyes and stared at him.

After noticing her cold stare, Liang Zongping immediately quieted down. However, before long, he started again. “Since fate has brought us together and we have both chose the same path, should we go together, my dear senior?“

Seeing that Lu Mingshu did not respond, he continued, “No worries, senior. With my standard, it’s impossible for me to become a genuine successor disciple. All I want is to get promoted by a rank and not to be embarrassed.”

The three doors of the Heavenly Door competition were used to distinguish between the different disciples — the best always aimed for the genuine successor disciple status, while the normal disciples were there just to try their luck.

Liang Zongping smiled sheepishly.  “Senior, I may not be capable but I could settle minor stuff like the small Harmonization Realm beasts for you. It would help to lighten your burden, wouldn’t it?”

After a while, Lu Mingshu finally spoke, “Then I should just protect you when there’s danger, right?”

Liang Zongping let out a hollow laugh. “Junior promises that I will only follow you until the lower door as it’s conveniently on your way”  

Lu Mingshu kept quiet. Seeing that Lu Mingshu had no comments, Liang Zongping scrambled after her. At least, as he walked in front of Lu Mingshu, he was keeping watch for and was getting rid of any wild grass and small beasts blocking the way without needing to be told.

When they met a metal-clawed bear Lu Mingshu was the first to attack. Her sword flashed as quick as lightning and not long after the battle ended. Liang Zongping was stunned. When he saw Lu Mingshu kill the red flaming beast, he knew that she was strong, but he never expected her to be that strong. She’s really out to get the place of the genuine successor disciple.

After fighting the metal-clawed bear, both of them continued their journey. Liang Zongping started to regret that he only made a deal to stay with her until the lower door.

At that moment, on the White Magnificent Peak’s stage, Fu Mingxi started stretching lazily. She turned to Fu Shangqing and asked. “Father, when will we get to see something interesting?”

The mirror made up of mystic force surrounded the stage, showing the three doors among the mist. However, there was nothing. Nobody had arrived at that point.

Fu Mingxi had in fact voiced out the disciples’ doubts. What was the purpose of the Heavenly Door competition when nothing, literally nothing, except the doors could be seen?

“You are already so impatient? It has only been a while since they entered. It will begin soon. The road to the lower door isn’t difficult.”  Fu Shangqing smiled.

Just after he finished the sentence, the mirror showed some movement.

“There!” Fu Mingxi sounded more than excited.

Mystic lights appeared on the mirror, and a slim and petite teenager broke away from the mist. Fu Mingxi shrieked when she saw her.


Fu Mingxi's loud voice drew all the eyes to her.

“Sister, lower down your volume,” Fu Mingtang whispered.

Fu Mingxi did lower her voice, but she remained frustrated. “It burns my eyes just seeing her! Why isn’t she being chased out of here? Disgusting!” 

Compared to Fu Mingtang, Fu Mingxi hated her so-called “sister” more. She had always thought that her family was perfect — her father was good at martial arts, her mother was smart and feminine. Fu Mingtang and her were well loved and doted upon. In short, everyone in Nine Jade Palace envied their family.

However, the appearance of this “sister” destroyed the perfection. Her mother became the mistress, and she was no longer the eldest. It was like a perfect piece of ceramic that already had a flaw even before it was completed.

Fu Mingxi hated Lu Mingshu to the core. Without Lu Mingshu, she would have still been the eldest miss of the household. But now she was constantly being reminded that she was not!    

“Don’t say such things, sis!” Fu Mingtang warned her. “What if others hear you?”

Fu Mingxi was still hot-headed, unwilling to listen to anything. “Oh, father didn’t even say anything yet and you’re anxiously asking me to calm down? Is she your sister ?”

“Sister!” Fu Mingtang was frustrated. What was Fu Mingxi saying? He turned to Fu Shangqing for help. “Father!”

Fu Shangqing looked awkward as he let out a soft cough. “Mingxi, don’t disturb others.”

“Hmph!” Fu Mingxi looked away.

Everyone on the stage was stunned as to see Lu Mingshu.

“Which line does she belong to?” an elder asked. “I don’t remember seeing her before.”


The elder on his right replied, “Ah, her. She’s from the Xiang Zong master’s line.”

“It that so?” The elder than asked out of curiosity. “Who is her master? It’s not easy to break through the Harmonization Realm at her age.”

Another elder coughed out of awkwardness. “It’s… Liu Ji Zhen.”

“Liu…” The elder suddenly realized something and kept quiet. However, he intently watched the main position.

Wow, this competition is more interesting to watch than expected.

On the stage, some of the spectators felt excited while some felt awkward.

On the other hand, Lu Mingshu had just reached the lower door.

The lower door wasn’t a door, but a spacious platform where a sleepy old man, whose hair was white as snow, sat hugging a sword. The old man was the guardian of the lower door. Allied, or single, as long as he approved of you, you would be allowed to pass through. However, there was no guarantee that you would not be framed or taken advantage of during and after the challenge. Thus, before taking on the lower door, the disciples would plan everything out, in order words, they would form the correct alliance.

Lu Mingshu stepped on the platform only to realize that there was no one around.


Liang Zongping appeared behind her. He was stunned, but he forced out a smile. “Senior, you’re so powerful! First to arrive! The position of the genuine successor disciple will likely be yours!"

Up until now, Liang Zongping had been confused; since he followed Lu Mingshu, he met no dangers except for a few beast. 

That’s weird. He had encountered numerous traps and nearly got himself killed when he traveled alone. But with Lu Mingshu around, he didn’t chance upon any. Maybe she’s that lucky? Liang Zongping felt that something was amiss. He must have been blessed by the gods to meet her.

Lu Mingshu looked around the platform for a moment, before standing aside hugging her sword.

“Senior?” Liang Zongping whispered, “Aren’t you going to challenge?”

“There’s not enough time.”

Not enough time? What does that mean? Before Liang Zongping could process what she said, someone appeared on the alley.

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