Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 77

077 - Exchanging Before the Contest

In a flash, the Heavenly Door competition was about to arrive.

On that night, Lu Mingshu was carefully cleaning her sword.

Her master might have spoken casually about how he obtained the sword, but she knew it had not been easy. How advanced would a sword manual have to be to exchange it for a high grade mystic weapon? She recokened her master must have fished out all his secret techniques accumulated over the years — the true treasures he possessed.

Thus, She had to enter the ranks of a genuine successor and not let her master down.

The polished sword blade shone, surrounded by a dazzling light. Its surface was so clear that she could see her own reflection. Lu Mingshu sheathed the sword back into its scabbard.

Then, she put out the lamp and laid down. The moment she shut her eyelids, she entered the Heavenly Wheel.

The six-colored streamers had weakened, only emitting a faint glow, and as usual, the lone tree stood erect in the middle of the floating island.

As Lu Mingshu approached it, she had the tree transform into a Wooden Wheel with a thought.

The number on it turned from ‘ten’ into ‘thirteen’.

In these past three months I’d practised my sword and cultivated as per usual, yet there’s a change in my accumulated points. Where exactly did this change in points come from? Is it the change of my growth, or ...

Previously, a channel would open up every several months, once the Heavenly Wheel absorbed sufficient mystic force. She thought, perhaps, the energy absorbed by the Heavenly Wheel counts as accumulated points too?

Such a conversion makes sense. I wasn’t able to check this theory previously, but it’s possible that the channel opens automatically whenever the accumulated points reach the requirement.

However, the accumulated points from absorbing energy are way too little. If I were to depend on this to accumulate points, I reckon it’d be difficult to even exchange for items, not even mentioning the upgraded channel to other worlds. Even just speaking of the items I’ve unlocked, my thirteen points will only allow me to exchange for two items. As for opening a channel, Xiao Sang told me it takes at least a hundred points, which with the pace i’m getting points now, will take me a hundred months ...

Although Lu Mingshu felt wary towards the Heavenly Wheel, she did not intend to give up on using it. Currently, the usage of the Heavenly Wheel’s benefit far outweighs the cost for her, as she was in an urgent need to improve her strength.

“Xiao Sang.”

“Here.” A voice traveled over out of nothingness, its tone still monotonous.

“Tomorrow will be the start of the Heavenly Door competition, so I want to exchange for some items. Do you have any recommendations?”

After a moment of silence, Xiao Sang’s voice traveled over once more. “In view of your current cultivation realm, your martial skill could be appraised as 80 out of 100, while your inner breath is 70/100. It is recommended to strengthen your inner breath.”

Lu Mingshi was a little surprised by this appraisement. She had thought her martial skill grading would be higher after she learnt a sword technique from a Grandmaster. No wonder her master said her execution seemed to lack something, even though she had familiarized herself with the sword technique.

“My inner breath is lacking?”

“Your true energy may be plentiful, but it only allows you to fight alone. You’ll fall short of it if you were to go against many at once.”

Lu Mingshu pondered, master’s indeed worried about this too.

With just a change in her thoughts, the exchange options window opened up. She had no use for a weapon, nor did she need a technique manual right now. Taking a look at the resources, there were only few types of spiritual medicine and ores which would not be useful for her challenge tomorrow.

“Xiao Sang, why isn’t there an option for elixirs or magic tools?”

There were ready-made medicines in her current world as well, but few refined elixirs. As for magic tools, martial practitioners would only make their own weapons, as practising martial arts needed one to have full concentration.

However, the Heavenly Wheel had to cater to every world so, by right, there should be an option for magic tools.

“Because your level is insufficient, it is still locked.”


Thus, she still needed to level up and earn some points.

After flipping through every item, she could not find anything useful. “Xiao Sang, there don’t seem to be anything that can strengthen the inner breath?”

Xiao Sang replied, “There is.”

“Which one?”

The Heavenly Wheel rotated and stopped at the section for technique manuals.

Lu Mingshu was stunned into silence. The first thing she did was eliminate the weapons and technique manuals section. There were only two items in the technique manual section — Basic Swordsmanship and … Meditation Formulae!

She took a deep breath before taking a closer look at the introduction of the Meditation Formulae.

[Want to become a mage? Meditation will be your first step.]

It contained only this one line.

Lu Mingshu had come across people from the Magic world previously, but perhaps because of the cultural differences, they rarely interacted with people from other worlds. However, despite the differences in cultivation among the various types of worlds, strength was still the undermining factor. Magic, mystic force, and spiritual force were about the same.

In a Magic world, one had to first pass through meditation and sense the element of magic in order to become a mage. This was the same thing as drawing qi into one’s body and condensing mystic force. Thus, the Meditation Formulae was equivalent to the cultivation manuals from Lu Mingshu’s world. Moreover ...

“Xiao Sang, can the Meditation Formulae be used whenever?”

“Yes.” Xiao Sang answered, “Even the in middle of combat, you can use the Meditation Formulae to draw in magic elements.”

This is it!

With a quick thought, the Meditation Formulae, from a virtual projection to a real one and flew out from the Wooden Wheel. The moment it fell onto her palm, it transformed into streamers that assimilated into her body.

In her mind, an image of a profound formulae immediately arose. The arrangement of energy breakdown, direction for elemental circulation ...

This was no longer purely meditation, but a formulae created from the foundation of meditation. One that simplified the process of meditation, a depiction of the process of drawing in energy.

Lu Mingshu carried out the process of drawing in energy according to the formulae ...

Threads of mystic force surged towards her and forced themselves into her pores before traveling to her meridians. However, mystic force gained through such a method needed a period of consolidation before one could keep it and change it into one’s possession.

To Lu Mingshu, this was already sufficient. Now that she had the Meditation Formulae, it was tantamount to her having an unlimited source of mystic force during combat.

“Xiao Sang.”


“Why do the mages still lack magic when just the Meditation Formulae is this formidable?”

“Because the technique manuals provided by the Heavenly Wheel are the best among others of the same rank.”

So such a Meditation Formulae is rare and not every mage possesses one?

The mystic force drawn in by the Meditation Formulae could not be considered much. This tiny amount of mystic force could not keep up with the rate of consumption at all. However, Lu Mingshu had the ability to control the use of mystic force subtly. She strongly believed that this ability of her would not be in the least inferior when placed between the numerous disciples in Nine Jade Palace. To Lu Mingshu who had insufficient resources, mystic force was so valuable that every strand had to be used wisely. As long as she calculated the rate of consumption, this bit of mystic force could last her a long period of time.

Once she had exchanged for the Meditation Formulae, her accumulated points dropped by ten in one go. With the remaining three points, there was practically nothing much she could exchange for. It took her a while of browsing before she found a strengthening talisman that only needed two points.

“Xiao Sang, what’s the use of a strengthening talisman?”

“A strengthening talisman can strength weapons, protective tools or magic tools etc.”

“In what aspect?”

“The strengthening type will be randomly given, there are a few types: strengthening an attack, hardening an item, increasing the capacity of mystic force an item holds etc.”

Lu Mingshu decided to make this gamble.

At her thought, the strengthening talisman flew onto her palm and a shield image appeared on top of it.

“Congratulations, you’ve exchanged for a hardening talisman.”

“...” Lu Mingshu breathed out a sigh. I’ve exchanged for the most useless one. Hardening? I’m not trying to cut down others here. Sigh, I’ll just wait for an opportunity to use this.

The pitiful number ‘one’ in the middle of the Wooden Wheel stared back at her. The accumulated points from Lu Mingshu’s newbie phase had been used up so quickly.

However, Lu Mingshu did not feel reluctant to part with them. If she wanted to make good use of the Heavenly Wheel, she definitely had to earn points.

She practised the Meditation Formulae in the Heavenly Wheel till she familiarized herself with it. Then she left the Heavenly Wheel and gave herself a well deserved break.

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