Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 75

075 - Preparations

By the time Lu Mingshu’s Harmonization Realm had stabilized, the time of the Heavenly Door competition was already drawing near.

A month had already passed since the last time Gao Xiang had visited Green Jade Valley.

He happily came over with the intention to show off his breakthrough into the Harmonization Realm, but his mouth fell open in disbelief the moment he spotted Lu Mingshu.

“You, you, you … had already broken through to the Harmonization Realm?”

Lu Mingshu held back her laughter when she sawing his gaping expression. “Why, only you can breakthrough while I can’t?”

“Of course not, just, this is too abrupt. You didn’t bring up the matter previously …”

Lu Mingshu said, “It has been quite sudden for me as well, master only told me at the last moment.”

“Ah.” Gao Xiang paused for a moment. “Senior Uncle Liu definitely had the intention for you to attend the Heavenly Door competition when he asked if I was participating.”

“Un.” Lu Mingshu knew Zhou Yinru would definitely attend this year, hence an intention to participate grew in her heart.

If a genuine successor disciple did not make it to top ten for the three consecutive years the competition was held, they would be expelled and relieved of their position. Zhou Yinru did not attend the past two years, so she would definitely have to attend this year and also had to enter the top ten.

She had remembered the enmity back then, now was the time to strike back!

“It’s not that far away from now, how is your preparation going?”

“So-so.” Lu Mingshu did not feel too confident. She was very confident in her survival capability due to her life and death fights in other worlds, but the competition of the Heavenly Door was not merely a competition of strength.

For example, Zhou Yinru would definitely have someone escorting and protecting her. I can overpower one, but can I overpower a group?

As a century old tradition of Nine Jade Palace, unwritten rules grew over the years. Even if she asked Liu Jizhen to tell her some internal information, it was impossible for them to predict the underhanded means the person that operates this competition would utilize.

In order to deal with this, she could only do her utmost in preparations and adapt to the changes in the situation when the time comes.

The two conversed for a while before Gao Xiang went over to tease Little Daze. Ultimately, Little Daze raged and gave him the view of its butt as it disappeared from his scope of vision.

“Master.” Lu Mingshu walked into the Heavenly Ascension Pavilion.

Just nice! Liu Jizhen had just finished practising a set of sword techniques. He took the towel passed over to him by Lu Mingshu to wipe off his sweat.

“Gao Xiang left?”


Liu Jizhen gulped down a mouthful of water. “Although he had just broken through, his foundation is solid, so top ten would not pose a problem to him.”

Lu Mingshu did not reply.

Liu Jizhen continued, “Come, show me the set of sword techniques I’ve just done.”

The sword technique he had just practised was the one Lu Mingshu learned from the stone wall in Jade West Mountain Forest. Liu Jizhen guessed that it should have been left behind by a Grandmaster that improved the sword technique whilst traveling. It was a lot more superior as compared to the sword technique passed down by the Shengyang line currently, it had the ability to compensate for lots of the flaws of the current sword technique. 

Lu Mingshu took the sword and passed it to her, startling her. “Master, this sword …”

The sword was a mystic weapon of the high grade.

Back then Liu Jizhen was the number one among the fifteenth generation disciples of Nine Jade Palace. After he had entered the Spirit Realm, he wielded a treasured tool from the collection that Nine Jade Palace acquired among the years. Afterwards, when he became a cripple, the treasure tool was reclaimed back by the sect.

(TL Note: Treasured tool is one class higher than mystic weapon.)

The master and disciple were now just like two paupers; the meals of the Green Jade Valley relied on them fishing to fill their stomach, so how would they have any surplus money? Even a low grade mystic weapon of the poorest quality could not be bought without a minimum of two thousand. As for high grade mystic weapons, it was no longer a matter of money, it needed one to provide their own raw material or exchanging for it with a treasure of corresponding value.

Lu Mingshu was very sure that bucket of herbal soup had already exhausted her master’s collection. Where did he get this mystic weapon from? If I made master beg others, then I ...

“I gave your Senior Uncle Yu Wen the insight in the sword I had gained in my former years. In order to return the favor, he even gifted me this sword.” Liu Jizhen spoke of the matter very casually, “This gift came at the right time, since you’re going to be participating the the Heavenly Door competition.”

“Master …” Lu Mingshu’s eyes brimmed up with tears.

Liu Jizhen, however, did not give her time for gratitude. “What are you wasting time on without practising?”

“Yes, this disciple will do so right now.”

Once she was done with one set of sword techniques, Lu Mingshu looked over towards Liu Jizhen eagerly, waiting in anticipation for his evaluation.

Liu Jizhen delved into thoughts for a while, before slowly speaking, “You’ve trained diligently for many years and are now able to wield this set of sword techniques freely. It’s just that, I keep feeling that there’s something lacking.”

“Master what is it?”

Liu Jizhen slowly shook his head. “I can’t bring this feeling into words momentarily, I just feel that it should not only be limited to these moves.”

This set of sword technique was vastly superior to the current <Goddess Cloud-treading Swordsmanship> passed down by the Nine Jade Palace, however, Liu Jizhen felt that it should not only be to this degree since it had been improved by a Grandmaster.

One must know that when the Grandmaster of their line had left, he was already accomplished in technique manuals and few would be able to match up to him in the world. His insight, mentality and attainments at that time, were only better and not worse than those of Founder Song in his later years.

It’s a pity that my meridians are crippled, my disciple had only deciphered the form of this sword technique, and I’m unable to feel about for the profoundness of this technique.

“Let’s talk about this in future, I’m only concerned about one matter concerning the Heavenly Door competition.”

“Please speak, Master.”

Liu Jizhen said, “The Heavenly Door competition, is not a competition that can be won individually, it is also a competition of power and background. I am only afraid that you will be caught up in a joint attack when the time comes.”


Somewhere within Jasper Jade Palace, Zhou Yinru barged into the room huffing with anger and dumped a gift list onto the table. “Sis, tell the people from the Jin family to get lost!”

Zhou Miaoru glanced over at her, before speaking in a soft voice, “What are you doing now? Let’s talk things through calmly.”

“Talk things through calmly?! If I were to continue talking things through calmly, you would even accept the betrothal gift!” She could still pretend at normal times, but the Zhou Yinru today had no intention of tolerating anymore. “Dream on! I will not marry that good-for-nothing!”

Zhou Yinru slowly swiped her brush over to write numerals in the account book. “Then tell me, who can you marry that isn’t a good-for-nothing?”

“I …”

Zhou Miaoru spoke unhurriedly, “Back then, when we took a fancy for An Tongchen from the Willow Woods line, they did not take a fancy to you. Afterwards, you took a fancy for Grand Elder Yuan Xi’s nephew, unfortunately the Yuan family opposed you. Following that, we wanted to connect with the marquis of Ning Xiang through marriage, only to be wrecked by you. And following that …”

“Sis!” Zhou Yinru shouted out, “Are you deliberately trying to infuriate me?!”

Zhou Miaoru lifted her head and smiled. “Aren’t my words actual facts?”

“You …” Zhou Yinru truly did not know what to think of her elder sister. Normally, her sister showed her unconditional love and care. She always got whatever she wanted, and when she caused trouble, her sister would settle it for her. But at times, her sister would not give a damn about jabbing her sore spot, unmasking her trauma without a care for her embarrassment. At such a time, Zhou Yinru would even feel that her sister looked down on her and was mocking her. However, in the blink of an eye, her sister would help her plan and bustle about for her, making her feel that what happened before was but a misperception on her part.

For instance, right now, Zhou Yinru felt that her sister’s smile now, was one mocking her. This made her particularly unhappy.

“It’s settled then!” Zhou Miaoru stood up and pushed her to sit down. With her hands on Zhou Yinru’s shoulder, she spoke affectionately, “Listen to me if you believe your sis.”

See, it’s like right now.

However, this was extremely effective on Zhou Yinru, as she practically was appeased at once. Only her tone was stiff and still held a bit of brattiness. “Listen? What’s there to listen? Just that good-for-nothing from the Jin family! Anyway, I’ll not enter their household even if you beat me to death.”

Zhou Miaoru lightly laughed, as she spoke with a lightly cold voice, “Then, do you still want to get married?”

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