Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 293

Chapter 293 - Sword Embryo

Lu Mingshu took in a deep breath and untied her hair. She slowly put it into the water to clean it, wincing in pain.

"What the hell? How long has it been?" The uncle was full of shock.

"One and a half hours," the old woman said calmly. "Old Man Liao, what do you think?"

After some time, she could hear something coming from somewhere far.

"Strong willpower!" The Old Man Liao gasped. "You should be someone special, right?"

After such a long time of being here, this was the first time someone asked about her origins. After one became a drug man, nothing else was important anymore. Some people here had strong backgrounds, but even after such a long time had passed, did anyone ever leave this place?

As the elders were having a conversation, Lu Mingshu finished cleaning herself up.

To her surprise, the clothes looked simple and crude, but the texture was extremely good. Was it to protect the Drug Lord's precious lab rats?

After washing up, her hair was no longer purple and she no longer smelled. It was replaced by a pleasant herbal smell.

Lu Mingshu stared at the bucket of water blankly. These medicines weren’t harmful to the body, and they had many advantages. For example, her skin was smoother now, and her mystic force was strong.

"Girl, what's your surname?" Old Man Liao asked.

Lu Mingshu immediately understood what he meant. "I don't belong to any aristocratic family in Beiming."

"Oh?" He seemed shocked. "So, you’re here to travel? Seventh Truth Platform or Heavenly Truth Platform?"

"…Nine Jade Palace."

"Eh!?" He gasped in utter shock. "Wow, Nine Jade Palace is really rising now, huh? There was a Liu Jizhen previously, and now you."

Lu Mingshu kept quiet. The uncle had been here for more than ten years, so he was probably unaware that her master had already been crippled, and he wouldn't know how bad Nine Jade Palace was right now. Other than Zhuo Jiangui, the other two Assimilation Realms were nearly dead. As soon as they were gone, Nine Jade Palace would be gone too.

"Nine Jade Palace?" the grandma asked. "Girl, do you know Liu Jizhen?”

"Grandma, you know him?" Lu Mingshu's eyes widened in shock.

"I've been here for thirty years, of course I do."

Indeed, Liu Jizhen is just forty plus years old. So, this grandma is from Nine Jade Palace too? Master didn’t venture out at such a young age.

"…he's my master."

"You're his disciple?" The uncle gasped. "No wonder! He's such a genius. You must be very good too, right?"

Lu Mingshu should’ve been happy hearing such praise, but she felt complicated.

If they knew what Master was like right now, would there still be such praise?

The grandma sounded surprised too. "You're his disciple? How is your master right now?"

Lu Mingshu avoided the main point. "My master is now at the Heavenly Ascension Pavilion."

"Oh." That was her only reply. I guess I was wrong. She doesn't know Master personally, but through someone. And she doesn't know much about Nine Jade Palace either. If she did, she would know that the Heavenly Ascension Pavilion isn't a good place.

"Grandma, what's your relationship with my master?"

"I know someone who's very close to your master," she replied calmly.

Lu Mingshu was astonished. "Grandma, who do you mean?"

"You should call her Martial Grandma." The grandma sighed. "But I don't know if she is still well right now…."

Martial Grandma!? Lu Mingshu least expected to hear about her martial grandma here. Such a genius like Liu Jizhen obviously had a master as well, but she had been missing for a long time. Lu Mingshu heard from her master that, when he was a teenager, his master went out for a journey and never came back. At first, Liu Jizhen still had hopes of finding her, regardless of whether she was dead or alive. However, there had been no results even after he was crippled, and it had been thirty years since then.

"Grandma!" Lu Mingshu tried to contain her excitement. "When did you met her, and when?"

"I met her once before I came here." Sensing the difference in Lu Mingshu's tone, she paused for a while. "You want to know more about her? I don't know much, but she should be fine."


"I heard this piece of news from that kiddo next to you. She…" The grandma stopped and then continued. "I am sure that she's fine."

Before Lu Mingshu could continue, the old woman cut her off. "I'll tell you more when we get out of here."

Lu Mingshu understood her immediately. Who wouldn't want to escape after being stuck here for thirty years?

Since both parties had their desires, she got to the main point straight away. "So what's up with the Drug Lord? What are his motives?"


It was late at night, and Lu Mingshu entered the Heavenly Wheel.

She brought in the clear water that she used to wash off the liquids. "Xiao Sang, what is this?"

"Scarlet Dragon Rattan, Golden Seeds, Bloody Rose…" Xiao Sang replied after a while, naming more than twenty herbs. "This medicine is used to strengthen one's body, but since the mixing is rough because of certain medicines clashing, bathing in it would be extremely painful."

Lu Mingshu nodded slightly. The grandma and uncle were saying the truth; the Drug lord was experimenting on how to exceed the limit of one's body. However, some of the medicine here was good but some was poisonous. It depended on how the Drug Lord wanted to use it.

After exiting the Heavenly Wheel, Lu Mingshu sat up. There was something she wanted to test.

After what she went through in the morning, she was still weak at the moment. She carefully used her mystic force to go through all her apertures slowly, reaching the dantian in the end.

Under the activation, she could see a weak ray of light turning brighter.

Lu Mingshu watched the light, flabbergasted.

The sword embryo!

After being sent to the other world by Qiu Yu, she mastered spirit force and started to combine it with her mystic force. At first, she was unsure of how to condense the sword embryo, but now, after her mystic force went haywire, it appeared.

The sword embryo seemed weak, but the Sword Intent was unstoppable. Qiu Yu said that, if she learned this technique, she would become more than powerful.

Lu Mingshu was on cloud nine. This was really a blessing in disguise.

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