Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 101

101 Let’s Team Up!

“What!?” Shao Zhengyang’s eyes widened in shock.

“What’s happening?” Some elders on the high stage stood up abruptly in disbelief.

“That’s… impossible!” Voices of disbelief could be heard from the crowd.

The old lady that was guarding the upper door raised her head all of a sudden. Doubt was written all over her face.

Lu Mingshu slashed her sword with all her might. Kuai Xin then steadily counterattacked.

There was almost nobody that believed Lu Mingshu would win. Whether it was her basics or her mystic force, she couldn’t compare to Kuai Xin.

And that was exactly what was happening. The rays of mystic light clashed, and the ray that belonged to Lu Mingshu was suppressed by Kuai Xin’s before gradually vanishing, indicating Kuai Xin’s victory….

But just at that moment, Lu Mingshu’s sword-light split into several different rays of light and dashed toward Kuai Xin.

Sounds of explosions could clearly be heard as the sword-light rubbed against the air.

Nobody had time to react to what happened; it was all too fast.


The giant sword shattered into small pieces. Kuai Xin groaned as he was thrown off the platform.

The sword technique had transformed into a whirlpool.

In the center of the whirlpool was a teenage girl situated calmly in midair. Despite the whirlpool, her face could still be seen.

Everyone was left speechless.

She landed as her sword technique slowly vanished.

The old lady’s eyes widened as she muttered, “Physical Manifestation of Sword Intent… Physical Manifestation of Sword Intent! She’s only in the Harmonization Realm, yet she’s already able to break through to that realm….”

The old lady then took a deep breath.


On the high stage, the sound of a cup breaking could be heard.

“What’s going on?” somebody asked anxiously. Wasn’t Kuai Xin going to win for sure? What happened?

“Did Lu Mingshu cheat?”

“Pfft!” Yu Wenshi sneered at that comment.

“How is it possible to cheat with so many elders overseeing the fights? Can’t you guys tell that it was a sudden breakthrough? That was Physical Manifestation of Sword Intent.”

“Physical Manifestation of Sword Intent? What’s that?”

Yu Wenshi rolled his eyes, not bothering to reply. You’re in the Spirit Realm and aren’t even able to recognize the Physical Manifestation of Sword Intent?

But honestly, who would have guessed it? How many people on earth are able to reach the stage of Physical Manifestation of Sword Intent when they’re only in the Harmonization Realm?

How Kuai Xin lost wasn’t his fault. Who could’ve known that Lu Mingshu would use all her energy and suddenly breakthrough against him?

However, Yu Wenshi was taken aback by what happened. This kid, she’s quite courageous! She struck without thinking of the consequences! Maybe she was forced to make that move.

There were two types of people in this world: the first type would break down under pressure, causing them to underperform. The second would unleash all their potential under pressure.

The trait of the second type was enough to make one’s eyes green with envy.

“Who lost? Senior Uncle Kuai?” The spectating disciples took a moment to realize what was going on.

“Yes. Unbelievable.”

“How did he lose? I don’t understand anything! Wasn’t Senior Uncle Kuai on the winning end?”

“I don’t have any idea either….”

Some were cheering about her win.

“Hah! Like I said; she won! Eighteen wins in a row! I was right, you see?”

“How did she even win? Senior Uncle Kuai had the upper hand….” Resentful replies were made.

“Whatever! In any case, I was right.”

On the other hand, the upper door was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

The disciples who were spectating through the phantom mirror couldn’t understand how the disciples at the upper door felt.

They felt firsthand how powerful the fight was, and they witnessed the Physical Manifestation of Sword Intent. Thus, while others were doubting Lu Mingshu’s ability, they had no comments.

They felt her power personally.

After a few moments, Kuai Xin slowly got up.

He took a look at his shattered sword before turning his attention toward Lu Mingshu, who was standing straight.

“Haha, nice battle! I’m honored to be able to witness the Physical Manifestation of Sword Intent,” he laughed heartily.

“Junior Niece Lu, I admit defeat!” He took a step forward and bowed.

Lu Mingshu raised her head to give Kuai Xin a smile. Suddenly, her legs wobbled, and she was no longer able to balance herself. Lu Mingshu fell to the ground with a thud.


She vomited all the blood that she had been holding in.

“Lu Mingshu!”


Her chest felt heavy, and her vision was blurred. Lu Mingshu could feel pills being stuffed into her mouth, which then rolled down her throat.

A while passed before Lu Mingshu slowly regained consciousness. Gao Xiang was the first thing she saw upon opening her eyes.

“Shh. Get some rest first,” Gao Xiang didn’t even give her a chance to speak.

“But… I still have to pass….” Lu Mingshu struggled to look over at the old lady.


The old lady turned away.

“Lu Mingshu, your streak of eighteen has indeed set a record for the Heavenly Door competition, but rules are still rules; you still need to pass.”

Lu Mingshu nodded, “Senior, please give me a moment.”

The old lady looked at her kindly before replying, “Can’t you feel that your energy has been all used up during the previous fights?”

What? Shock was written all over her face. This old lady, she can really tell what’s going on. I bet she’s clear about my state right now…. What she said is true; my energy is all used up, and I have no more mystic force left. Even if I use the meditation formulae, it wouldn’t be any help because the boost already ended earlier due to the huge amount of energy needed for the Physical Manifestation of Sword Intent.

Eighteen wins in a row and now Lu Mingshu was unable to pass the upper door? How unlucky could she be!?

“Senior!” Gao Xiang called out, “Can we form groups in the Heavenly Door competition?”

The old lady nodded her head slowly.

“Yes, but allow this grandma here to give you some advice. I don’t think you’ll be able to pass, my dear boy.”


The old lady beamed at him, “No hurry. This grandma here will give you 5 minutes to find your teammate.”

“I’ll join,” a feminine voice rang from across the platform.

Lu Mingshu and Gao Xiang looked over and realized it was Tan Yubing who spoke!

Upon making eye contact, she nodded.

“Are both Juniors okay with me joining in?”

“Thank you very much, Senior Aunt Tan!” Gao Xiang was unable to hide his delight.

“We are just helping each other,” Tan Yubing replied with a slight smile.

“Junior Niece Lu, you should rest first.”

At this situation, Lu Mingshu had no more energy left to be polite, “Thank you for Senior Aunt Tan’s trouble.”

Sitting and watching from the side, Lu Mingshu could clearly see that, just by slamming her walking stick on the floor, the old lady could summon a dozen swords to the platform to surround Gao Xiang and Tan Yubing.

This old lady was indeed special, and way more powerful than the two guards from the middle and lower doors.

Below the platform, Yuan Ziyang looked at Shao Zhengyang with doubt, “Why didn’t you say anything? It’s a good chance to express your goodwill, y’know?”

“It would be too complicated. We worry about her relationship with the Zhou family, and she would worry about our fight with them. If we want to express our goodwill, then think in her shoes. Joining us does her no good,” Shao Zhengyang replied.

“Is that so?” Yuan Ziyang rubbed his chin, pretending to be deep in thought.

“Don’t you have another, more selfish motive?”

“What do you mean, Senior Uncle Yuan…?”

“Your age and hers aren’t too far apart, am I right?” Yuan Ziyang added.

Shao Zhengyang sighed and shook his head, “You’re overthinking things.”

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