Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 962

Chapter 962 – Shattering Hell

The forbidden technique that Ji Ye had used was known as the Purple Cloud Teleportation Art. The purple trees were refined using extremely valuable materials, allowing him to teleport back and forth to where they were planted. Only Martial Monarch Realm experts could see his traveling path.

This young man’s cultivation wasn’t too powerful. How did he find him?

In the midst of his astonishment, Ji Ye reached out his left hand that was thoroughly black in color, accompanied by the cries of demons as he grabbed at the saber intent.

A terrifying force appeared, crushing the saber intent.

Monarch Art, the Demon’s Left Hand!

“Who are you?” The giant bird circled in the sky as Ji Ye lowered his head and asked with an imperious aura.

“I’m Qin Nan, I don’t think we’ve met before.” Qin Nan said with a smile.

“Qin Nan? It’s true that I don’t know you and it’s quite impressive that you’re able to locate me, but——” Ji Ye’s voice halted as his eyes emitted a crimson flicker.

It was his usual trick, distracting his opponent with words while executing a sudden strike.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

At that instant, countless giant swords appeared in the sky, covering the area within three li, like a rain of swords pouring down, resulting in explosions that filled the woods.

Even an ordinary eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm expert would have trouble surviving the attack.

“Let’s go.” Ji Ye said. In his opinion, Qin Nan would surely be dead.


However, a saber intent with a dragon’s might sprang into the sky from below, agitating the giant bird, which uttered a few shrieks.

“What happened?”

Ji Ye was startled as he reached out with his Demon’s Left Hand.


Qin Nan’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Ji Ye as his personal Martial Tree floated while a thick monarch aura covered his figure. He clenched his fists tightly before firing punches at his target.

“Justice Light Shield!”

As the top inner disciple of the Righteous Sect, Ji Ye swiftly reacted and summoned a glowing square shield while his eyes were filled with great astonishment.

Not only did his attack fail to kill Qin Nan, but he was perfectly unharmed!

“Interesting, I shall show you my true strength! Martial Tree unleashed, Martial Spirit unleashed, Asura’s Body!”

An eight-zhang tall Martial Tree emerged from Ji Ye’s back together with a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit that looked like a black mist, causing his aura to skyrocket. Furthermore, his flesh gradually expanded while horns grew out of his forehead, granting him a presence similar to that of hell.

Asura’s Body!


Ji Ye emitted a tremendous murderous intent as he scratched with his hands like claws.

Asura’s Claws!

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered as he pushed his left eye to its limit. His figure sprang forward at lightning speed before colliding into Ji Ye’s figure.

The clashes between the fists and claws were enough to cause one’s heart to race, as each attack was utterly vicious.


A series of explosions took place. Their figures had turned into a puff of black glow and a streak of a green glow, which continued to smash into one another, leaving marks across the surroundings as the fight continued.

If any other cultivator were to spectate the battle, it would serve as a great impact to their soul.

“As expected of Ji Ye, joining his moves together. He’s able to keep up with my pace after using the Unstoppable Step, and even restricts my prediction! If that’s the case, I should enjoy myself thoroughly!’ Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement as his right arm exploded.


The Heaven-Shattering Saber had appeared!

“Mm? Such a powerful saber, second-layer of Asura’s Body!” Ji Ye immediately sensed the Heaven-Shattering Saber’s power after taking a glimpse at it. Without hesitation, he executed a forbidden technique to boost his strength.

Obviously, Qin Nan’s strength had entirely exceeded his imagination.

But he was still stronger!

“Asura’s Killing Field!”

Ji Ye let out a roar as his pores spurted out black smoke that covered the area within ten li. Following this, the power and speed of his attacks were significantly greater than before.


With incredible battle intent, each slash that Qin Nan lashed out ended up shattering every attack that Ji Ye had executed.

There was nothing that the Heaven-Shattering Saber could not shatter!

“How is this possible, he’s only a fifth-layer Martial Progenitor, but he’s able to face my strength!” As the battle progressed, Ji Ye experienced a great shock, whose expression became vicious as he snapped, “Eighteen Asuras, summon the eighteen-floored hell!”

His Asura’s Body began to ferociously combust.


A great pressure could be felt coming from the sky, as eighteen ancient illusionary figures of Asuras appeared. The Asuras raised their hands as an ancient mysterious space appeared, which consisted of eighteen floors.

The aura of hell swept the surroundings like a ferocious gust.

“An illusion of hell?”

Qin Nan was shocked.

He had always thought that hell only existed in fables.

“Qin Nan…die!”

Ji Ye opened his mouth and spat out eighteen drops of blood, which were set on fire in the rift.

The eighteen illusionary Asuras uttered blasting roars while hurling the illusion in his direction.

It felt like the entire area was sealed off.

The ground behind Qin Nan instantly crumbled with a great impact as if it were struck by a giant.

The aura of hell was extremely terrifying even though it had yet to land on the ground.

“Hell? I shall shatter your hell today!”

Qin Nan’s aura rose tremendously as the second, third, and fourth Divine Battle Trees emerged from his back.


Ji Ye was dumbfounded.


Qin Nan leapt into the air as he gathered the power of the five Martial Trees in his left arm. He clenched his fist and stretched his arm backward, before firing a punch toward the eighteen-floored hell.


At that instant, it felt like the sky had crumbled.

The terrifying force from the five Martial Trees combined instantly to shatter the illusionary figure of hell like an ancient godly sword, causing its aura to spread toward the surroundings.


Qin Nan felt incredibly pleasant.

Even though Ji Ye was not strong enough to force him to use his full strength, the satisfaction he felt from shattering hell with the power of his five Martial Trees was incredible, despite the fact that it was only an illusion that contained less than a ten thousandth of its power.

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