Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 900

Chapter 900 - Fifteen Incense Sticks

After Qin Nan entered the door, he did not make his move straight away, but immersed himself in deep thinking staring at the Three-Colored Lotus Pond.

“That Wei Lin didn’t mention the requirement to pass the trial. However, I’m afraid it’s about how long we can stay in the Three-Colored Lotus Pond.”

Qin Nan murmured, “If that’s the case, why can’t I...destroy it!”

His gaze became sharp all of a sudden.

When he had first arrived at the hall, he had already observed the Three-Colored Lotus Pond with his left eye. Deep inside it lay a combination of several terrifying formations.

The others might have difficulty destroying it, but it was not impossible for him since he possessed the left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

Most importantly, the formations in the Three-Colored Lotus Pond would adjust their strength according to the power of each participant’s Martial Tree. Therefore, it gave Qin Nan a better chance to destroy it too.

As for why Qin Nan had decided to destroy it, in his speculation, the trial was held so the Shadow Pagoda could observe their strength. He was clueless as to why the Shadow Pagoda was interested in their strength, but with that in mind, he would be rewarded greatly if the strength he displayed was significantly stronger than the others.

“Martial Tree, unleash!”

Qin Nan shouted. He did not unleash his Divine Battle Martial Trees, but the strongest Martial Tree he had refined.

Buzz buzz buzz...

The Three-Colored Lotus Pond emitted a faint glow together with a terrifying aura as it sensed his Martial Tree.


Once the Three-Colored Lotus Pond’s aura stabilized, Qin Nan sprang into the air above the pond.


A shocking occurrence took place.

The colorful lotus petals flew out from the pond, which transformed into a few beams. Furthermore, the lotuses unleashed a terrifying aura, causing the water to boil as giant hands were summoned that grabbed at Qin Nan’s figure.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Nan was surrounded by the attacks, leaving him with nowhere to flee to.

However, Qin Nan’s figure moved as if he had expected this.


Following a roar, Qin Nan swung his right arm and emitted a shocking saber intent, shattering the incoming attacks. Meanwhile, his figure dodged the rest of the attacks with a flicker.

At that instant, Qin Nan had the situation under his control.


With a thought, Qin Nan’s figure sprang into the sky, causing countless petals to chase after him. The Martial Tree above him unleashed a great might that crushed downward, clashing with the petals.

However, the Three-Colored Lotus Pond was not something ordinary. Several lotuses flew into the air rapidly.

More attacks were executed by the pond.

...Meanwhile, in the hall...

The geniuses who had promised Ren Fei and Duan Ren to quit the trial shook their heads after observing the strength of the Three-Colored Lotus Pond, forfeited their attempts and exited the rooms.

It was impossible for them to come first in the trial, thus despite the unwillingness in their hearts, they had decided not to offend Ren Fei and Duan Ren.

In addition to them, Ren Fei also had given up on the trial.

He was only there to accompany Duan Ren.

“Those three are still doing the trial.”

“Duan Ren’s strength is immeasurable, I don’t think they stand any chance against him.”

“I wouldn’t be sure of that. They only dare to challenge Ren Fei and Duan Ren as they are confident in themselves.”

“Let’s wait and see then!”


The cultivators who had failed their trial were not in a rush to leave the place, but waited patiently for the outcome.

Unlike them, the other three participants had chosen not to surrender, thus it made them look timid. However, in their opinion, giving up was the smarter choice. As such, they were eager to see the outcome of the three participants.

If they ended up losing the trial too, it would make them feel better.

Ren Fei harrumphed hearing the discussion between the disciples. He then switched his gaze to Wei Lin’s direction.

He could not admit that Wei Lin was quite charming in his eyes.

“Senior Sister Wei Lin…” Ren Fei took a deep breath and approached her with a gentle smile.

“Piss off.”

Wei Lin impatiently waved her hand, whose eyes were fixed onto the door which Qin Nan had chosen.

Ren Fei’s expression darkened. He did not expect Wei Lin to totally ignore his presence.

Little did he know that Wei Lin’s attention was entirely attracted by Qin Nan’s battle.

“Such a powerful Martial Tree. He must have achieved the unique personal Martial Sacred Realm, and refined some kind of artifact too.” Wei Lin’s eyes flickered in astonishment, “Furthermore, his eye-technique is incredible, he can see the attacks and predict their paths…”

What surprised her the most was Qin Nan’s lust for victory.

His battle intent was like a flame, which grew stronger as the battle continued.

In comparison, the strength that Duan Ren showed was nothing spectacular.

“However, it’s hard to tell who the winner is now. Duan Ren definitely has some trump cards up his sleeves.”

Wei Lin shook her head as she collected her thoughts.

Time gradually passed.

A moment later, Sima Kong and the young man who had challenged Ren Fei were knocked out from their rooms.

This indicated that they had reached their limits in the trial.

Sima Kong still appeared to be calm as usual, but the young man’s expression was gloomy.

“They are out!”

“They couldn’t endure any longer!”

“Hehe, how stupid, they already knew they were no match against Duan Ren, why would they insist on challenging him? They should do the same thing we did as well, at least we didn’t offend anyone!”

“That’s right!”

The disciples uttered the scornful comments with cold grins.

Ren Fei glanced coldly at the young man and Sima Kong too.

Trying to challenge us?

How idiotic!

“What are you looking at?” Being aware of Ren Fei’s gaze, Sima Kong rolled his eyes and snapped, “Who do you think you’re looking down on? Let me tell you, even though I’m not an expert in battles, I’m telling you that Duan Ren will surely lose in the trial.”

“Surely lose?”

Ren Fei’s eyes widened.

The disciples were startled.

They did not think Sima Kong would say something like that.

“Hehe, I’m looking forward to that!”

Ren Fei withheld his anger and snapped, “The minimum requirement to be acknowledged by the Shadow Pagoda is to survive the period it takes three incense sticks to burn! The highest record is twenty incense sticks. Let me tell you, Duan Ren will at least last fifteen incense sticks!”

The words served as a clap of thunder.

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Editor: DOCuinn

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