Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 899

Chapter 899 – Three-Colored Lotus Pond

The crowd was astounded.

Each of them had a certain status and background too, thus no one would feel pleasant after being threatened like that.

“These two arrogant assholes!” Sima Kong harrumphed with a hint of disdain.

They dared to make the first move to threaten him when he had yet to threaten them himself?

Qin Nan remained calm, completely unaffected by the words.

“Does that mean everyone here is trying to make enemies out of us?” Ren Fei frowned as he scanned the crowd one at a time, “Then I have no choice but to ask someone to investigate your identities, and…”

There was no need for him to explain the rest.

The crowd held their breaths and clenched their teeth, before they transmitted their voices with their Divine Sense.

Ren Fei’s eyes glistened, as he looked over the cultivators and said with a hint of admiration, “Not bad, very impressive, a smart decision. When the trial ends, I will reward you greatly. But…how about you three?”

Ren Fei directed his gaze at Qin Nan, Sima Kong, and one of the cultivators.

“The son of the fourth elder of the Shadow Pagoda and an inner disciple of the Heaven-Saber Sect threatening the rest of the participants in such an insignificant trial? Hehe, I don’t care about the others, but I’ll surely take part in the trial!” The cultivator said in a firm tone.

Sima Kong twisted his lips.

Qin Nan remained silent.

“Very well!”

Ren Fei’s expression stiffened before it darkened.

He was threatening the crowd today so he could show his outstanding status here at the Shadow Pagoda to Duan Ren. To his surprise, these three still rejected his offer after knowing his identity.

Duan Ren’s eyes coldly flickered too.

It was true that he was there for something urgent, thus acquiring the badge was a must for him. That being said, he was confident that he would win in the trial, but he was just trying to save himself time and effort.

Following this, a pleasant scent arrived with a gentle voice.

“Everyone, I’m your inspector for the trial, you can call me Wei Lin.”

A wild-looking woman wearing a beast plate appeared before the crowd. Her aura was incredibly powerful, as she turned out to be a ninth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm expert!

“Greetings, Senior Sister Wei Lin!” Ren Fei immediately brought his fists together and said.

This Wei Lin’s status was quite outstanding in the Shadow Pagoda, not to mention that she was ‘her’ subordinate, thus he did not dare to show any lack of respect to her.

“Senior Sister Wei Lin!” The cultivator who had rebuked Ren Fei previously stepped forward and yelled, “I have something to say before the trial takes place. Just a moment ago, Ren Fei and Duan Ren were trying to blackmail the participants, forcing us to withdraw from the trial!”

Hearing this, Ren Fei and Duan Ren’s faces darkened. This asshole dared to do so, wasn’t he afraid that they would get their revenge later?

Wei Lin’s expression remained the same as she said, “This is part of the trial too. There’s no need to complain.”

The young man was stunned, while the figures of the other disciples who had promised Ren Fei they would quit the trial shuddered.

Ren Fei and Duan Ren let out a relieved sigh, before they glared at the cultivator.

Once the trial finished, they would surely make him pay!

“The trial begins now, follow me.”

Wei Lin turned around and led the way. She brought the participants to another hall deep within the first-floor of the pagoda.

The hall was extremely spacious, which had twenty tightly-shut copper doors, each with a crystal attached to them, and on the crystal were three incense sticks.

“Mm, this…”

Qin Nan glanced at the doors before his eyes flickered with astonishment.

Inside the door was a thirty zhang wide room, and at the center of the room was a ten zhang wide pond filled with lotuses that had petals of three different colors, combining into a beautiful sight.

However, Qin Nan could sense a shocking danger under the eye-astonishing appearance.

“The trial is fair. You will find the Three-Colored Lotus Pond as you enter the door, which is filled with traps. Your task is to enter the pond and survive the longest.”

Wei Lin added, “Keep in mind that once you enter the door, unleash your Martial Tree. The Three-Colored Lotus Pond will adjust the difficulty of the trial based on your strength.”

“I see!”

Qin Nan came to a realization.

The trial seemed to be fair on the surface, but the Shadow Pagoda was only using the trial to test the participants’ strength.

“The trial starts now. Go inside.”

Wei Lin seemed to have no intention of saying anything further, who waved her hand as a signal.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The cultivators picked their rooms without hesitation.

As soon as Qin Nan and Sima Kong entered their rooms, a sinister voice appeared in their mind, “How stupid of you two, the victory in this trial is surely mine, but you still insist on opposing me, such a nuisance!”

Qin Nan and Sima Kong turned around and saw Ren Fei and Duan Ren glancing at them with cold grins.

“Is there something wrong with you?”

Sima Kong rolled his eyes. These two assholes dared to call him stupid?

“What did you just say?”

Ren Fei and Duan Ren’s eyes widened. They did not expect the plump man to be so disrespectful.

“Are you deaf? For Heaven’s sake, being so proud of yourself when you’re just the son of an elder and someone who’s ranked over nine hundredth on the Monarch Ranking, do you know who I am…” Sima Kong was infuriated as he was about to take out the purple badge.

Meanwhile, Wei Lin’s voice appeared.

“Enough, cut the nonsense. Head in there at once. Otherwise, I’ll consider you as having failed the trial!”

Sima Kong immediately collected his thoughts upon hearing this. He could not care less about the result, but he was worried that he might make Qin Nan fail too.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Qin Nan smiled and proceeded into the room.

Ren Fei and Duan Ren wore dark expressions. They did not expect the plump man to dare to challenge them. Could it be that he had some formidable background?

If that was true, why was he taking part in the trial?

“We have to investigate his identity!”

The two exchanged glances with one another, before entering their rooms.

The twenty rooms were fully occupied.

However, as soon as the trial started, most of the participants gave up.


Wei Lin blurted out upon seeing this.

In her opinion, there was nothing about Ren Fei, Duan Ren, the plump man, or the others that was able to capture her attention, even though they were qualified to receive the badge.

Following this, she uttered a sigh. If she had known this was the case, she would not volunteer to be the inspector.

Despite that, Wei Lin still used her eye-technique to inspect the twenty rooms. After all, it was her responsibility.

However, as she took a glimpse, her eyebrows bounced upward.


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