Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1351

Chapter 1351 - The Magical Butterfly with the Cry of Phoenix  

They were determined to get Princess Miao Miao's attention.

Not only did they have a good impression of her since her face and body were perfect, but the formidable faction behind her was also quite attractive too.

In other words, by earning Princess Miao Miao's favor, it would also grant them control over the Lost Herb Garden.

As such, they would not mind eliminating the potential threat to Qin Nan.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan completely ignored their presence. He was simply chatting with Princess Miao Miao and Gong Yang.

It had been a while since they had last met one another.

The interruption soon passed, allowing the trial to continue.

It took another half an hour to finish the trial.

Among the cultivators, a hundred and seventy-three were listed in the three upper grades, while one thousand two hundred and twenty-six were listed in the six lower grades. Only twelve of them were ranked lower eighth-grade, including Qin Nan himself.

"I forgot to mention—the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws are able to sense each other's presence, which means that once you've obtained your first Sky-Severing Dragon Claws, it will tell you where the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws are and how many Sky-Severing Dragon Claws other people have on them.

"The trial has ended. I'll teleport everyone to the next place. Ancient Lotus Formation, activate."

Following the chants from the Soul-Devouring Martial Monarch, the lotuses on the pond began to emit a magical glow, as thousands of formations were activated simultaneously.


The formations unleashed a magnificent power of space, which intertwined with one another and loomed over the crowd. Everyone vanished into thin air in the next second.

Time gradually passed. A hundred breaths later, at an unfamiliar place...


Qin Nan's figure appeared and landed on the ground.

"Mm? Such a strong presence of fire, it seems like the first space I'm in is one of the danger zones..."

Qin Nan raised his head glancing ahead as the thought crossed his mind.

He could only see the entire place was fiery red, with the mountains, the forests burning fiercely. Despite the distance, he could already sense the incredible heat.

"To become the successor, I'll need three hundred and thirty Sky-Severing Dragon Claws. Activating the Skyless Dojo also requires another thirty claws. I should try my best to find three hundred and sixty Sky-Severing Dragon Claws before going any deeper.

Qin Nan mumbled.

Although his goal was to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, he would not mind becoming the successor of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain if he had the chance in order to learn the origin of cultivation.

"The place I'm in will change every half an hour. It's unclear how many times it will take before I’ll be heading deeper into the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain. However, based on the number of grades in the trial, I can tell that there are at least nine changes."

Qin Nan frowned slightly in the midst of his thoughts.

In other words, it would be best if he could find three hundred and sixty Sky-Severing Dragon Claws within the nine changes.

After all, he was unsure if the tenth change would lead him straight into the deeper region of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain.

"Let's get down to business."

Qin Nan shook his head to get rid of the thoughts and glanced ahead with the left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

Time was running short. He would like to find at least one Sky-Severing Dragon Claw before the next change.


However, before Qin Nan had even walked a hundred steps, a tremendous force of fire suddenly gathered into a fiery hand and slammed toward where he was standing.


Qin Nan's eyes glistened. his right arm exploded as he slashed it forward, shattering the fiery hand into pieces.

"The attack was somewhat sudden, without any sign beforehand. Those who are only first-layer Martial Monarchs would be severely injured if they didn't react in time..."

Qin Nan mumbled to himself as he began to gather his focus.

It was obvious that the death traps had just begun and that those that were more dangerous were waiting for him ahead.

"Are those Sky-Severing Dragon Claws? Three of them?"

As Qin Nan walked a distance forward, he discovered three pitch-black claws emitting an icy aura lying silently inside a gap in the ground.

"It seems like I'm in luck this time."

Qin Nan did not hesitate. He went into the gap and grabbed the three Sky-Severing Dragon Claws.

However, when his finger was less than five inches away from the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws, a strong sense of danger exploded in his heart.


Qin Nan instantly backed off.


The three Sky-Severing Dragon Claws shattered all of a sudden and transformed into three illusionary pitch-black dragons with their murderous mouth wide open, tearing at Qin Nan.


After taking a closer look at the dragons' cultivations, Qin Nan dashed forward and used merely punches instead of Monarch Arts to smash the three giant dragons.

His flesh was equivalent to the strength of a fourth-layer Martial Monarch.

"Who would have thought that even the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws could be forged. It was so well done that my left eye of the Divine God of Battle couldn't even tell if they were fake. I have to be more careful."

Qin Nan was startled.

He was lucky that the three pitch-black dragons were only equivalent to third-layer Martial Monarchs. If he stumbled into dragons with cultivations of the eighth-layer Martial Monarch Realm, he would still suffer great injuries despite being able to survive the attack.

"Mm? Seems like there's a battle going on in that direction?"

Qin Nan raised his brows slightly.

Through his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, he was able to sense a strong force of fire and a few other forces clashing with one another.

"Time to go and take a look."

Qin Nan headed forward and halted in the air a few thousand breaths later.

In the mountains around ten li away, a group consisting of a first-layer Martial Monarch and three peak Martial Progenitors were battling against a first-layer Martial Monarch giant bird with enormous wings and its figure emitting a golden glow.

In the cave behind the giant bird were two Sky-Severing Dragon Claws.

"Cultivator, please lend a hand. Once we kill this Ancient Golden Bird, we'll split the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws inside the cave evenly!"

The first-layer Martial Monarch yelled when he caught a glimpse of Qin Nan.

"That guy is also a peak Martial Progenitor..."

The other three Martial Progenitors were startled. A Martial Progenitor joining the battle alone would not make any difference.

"Sure thing."

Qin Nan's left eye glistened as he waved his hand and unleashed streams of saber intent aiming at the Ancient Golden Bird.

For some reason, although the saber intents did not seem powerful, the Ancient Golden Bird screamed in pain as they landed on its body. Its aura dropped rapidly as well.

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