Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349 - Sky-Severing Beast Claw

Powerful auras continuously appeared in the air. Within a few breaths' time, there were over a hundred of them. The Welcoming Pond covering an area of over ten thousand li began to boil, while the beasts trembled and uttered deep groans.

"What the..."

The crowd was startled. As they glanced into the direction and saw the figures, they immediately realized that they were the cultivators from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, Martial Principle Sect, and Jade-Lake Sacred Ground.

"Is that Zang Xuanyun?"

"Look, that guy in the golden robe, he's Zhuang Qianzhui; and the woman wearing the mask, she must be Ji Qimei!"

"What? Even those three are here?"

When the rogue cultivators noticed the three figures with outstanding auras and identified them, their faces were filled with astonishment.

Zang Xuanyun, the number two genius of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, ranked fourth on the Genius Martial Monarchs Ranking. Rumors said that he was only half a step away from surpassing the rules of cultivation.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Qianzhui and Ji Qimei were the number two geniuses of the Martial Principle Sect and Jade-Lake Sacred Ground respectively, ranked fifth and sixth on the Genius Martial Monarchs Ranking. Zhuang Qianzhui's brother was Zhuang Cidao, one of the top three geniuses, thus Zhuang Qianzhui was likely to have learned the way to surpass the rules of cultivation from his brother.

Even Xiao Yunjue, Meng Langxie, Wan Fenghun, Zhan Bawang, and the others dimmed slightly compared to those three.

"It's them?"

Xiao Yunjue, Meng Langxie, Wan Fenghun, Zhan Bawang, and the rest of the Genius Martial Monarchs raised their brows slightly. Not only did they not show any hint of fear, but they were even extremely relieved instead.

They were satisfied as long as Sheng Tianjing and the other two monsters were not there.

Even though Zang Xuanyun's trio was extremely powerful too, with ranks higher than theirs, they still had not surpassed the rules of cultivation. Hence, it was hard to tell who would become the winner in the end.

"Four peak Martial Monarchs, eight ninth-layer Martial Monarchs, sixty-three Martial Monarchs Realm authorities, as usual, the Three Great Factions have brought a lot of experts."

Meanwhile, the authorities from the various factions did not place much attention on the trio, but were more focused on the experts that the Three Great Factions had brought this time.

"Sheng Tianjing, why aren't you here?"

Qin Nan withdrew his gaze and shook his head with slight disappointment.

He had initially thought that the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain would attract Sheng Tianjing's trio here, giving him a chance to confront the top three geniuses after he achieved the Martial Monarch Realm.

"The South-Heaven Sacred Ground has only sent those two aged monsters here this time..."

However, without anyone’s notice, two Martial Progenitors hiding in the corner stared at the crowd of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground and grinned.

"People from the Three Great Factions? I've already transmitted what I mentioned to you. Time is running short; please stop wasting time catching up with one another and listen up."

The Soul-Devouring Martial Monarch spoke with the same smile on his face.

The lively Welcoming Pond immediately returned to normal. Everyone focused their gaze back onto the Soul-Devouring Martial Monarch.

"I was explaining about the selection of the successor.

"The master is only interested in choosing one successor, thus he has set up rules different from the other factions.

"In the danger zones, treasure grounds, etc., master has left dragon claws of the Sky-Severing Dragon. If anyone manages to collect three hundred and thirty Sky-Severing Dragon Claws and hand them to master, he or she will immediately become the successor—no other trial is needed."

The Soul-Devouring Martial Monarch slowed down the speed of his words.

"What? Become the successor immediately?"

The rogue cultivators could feel their heart racing when they heard the words.

According to these rules, regardless of their cultivation or Martial Spirit, everyone had a chance of becoming the successor of the Dao Origin Heavenly Mountain.

"On top of that, everyone is required to give thirty Sky-Severing Dragon Claws to enter the Skyless Dojo in order to activate the formation. It will attract the Skyless Force, which can assist you in comprehending cultivation to trigger a breakthrough."

The Soul-Devouring Martial Monarch added as he recalled something.

"Even cultivating at the Skyless Dojo requires thirty Sky-Severing Dragon Claws? This means that every cultivator will be collecting the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws..."

Many authorities of various factions frowned slightly.

"Let's proceed. We'll now determine your grades, who's first?"

The Soul-Devouring Martial Monarch flipped his hand and summoned a crimson-red ancient spear over twenty-three zhang long in front of him. The tip of the spear was embedded with nine transparent crystals with the shape of a rhombus.

"I'll go!"

Following a loud roar, a third-layer Martial Monarch arrived in front of the spear. He flicked his finger, firing a monarch glow containing his cultivation will onto the spear.


The spear began to buzz and emit a shocking glow. Meanwhile, four crystals at the tip of the spear began to glow, carving three words onto the Martial Monarch's chest.

Lower Fourth Grade!

"Only lower fourth grade?"

The Martial Monarch's eyes displayed a look of disappointment. Without being graded in the three upper grades, there was a chance he would die on the mountain.

"My turn!"

Another Martial Monarch Realm authority flew out from the crowd to take the challenge.

"Lower fifth grade..."

"How am I only lower sixth grade..."

"HAHA, I'm upper third grade!"

The cultivators and authorities took turns to take the trial, resulting in a lively atmosphere at the Welcoming Pond.

As the trial went on, the crowd astonishingly discovered that even those in the Martial Progenitor Realm had a chance of being graded in the three upper levels.

In other words, the trial did not look at one's cultivation and talent.

"Upper first grade!"

Everyone's gaze was fixed onto the person taking the trial, Wan Fenghun.

It was the first time someone was graded upper first grade in the trial.

"As expected of the ninth rank on the Genius Martial Monarchs Ranking, the Young Master of the Dead Spirit Tribe. Even though the trial is not based on one's strength and talent, he still managed to secure the upper first grade..."

Many cultivators exclaimed as they collected their thoughts.

There existed some distance that they would never be able to cross.

"Even Wan Fenghun is able to get upper first grade, I'll surely secure the same grade too."

Following a loud roar, Zhan Bawang stepped forward with an expressionless face, with magnificent battle intent.

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Editor: DOCuinn

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