Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284 - A Cup of Wine Each

"Qin Nan, how dare you attack us!"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch, Martial Monarch Rongtian, and Martial Monarch Mingkong were astonished seeing this.

Was this Qin Nan out of his mind?

However, the only response they received was a punch from Qin Nan!

As Qin Nan threw the punch, a terrifying pressure sprang forward and suppressed the trio like three ancient mountains, causing their expressions to change tremendously!

"Art of Illusion!"


The trio did not have time to utter the names as they performed hand seals and executed powerful monarch arts to resist the power of the punch!

A terrifying explosion took place in the Anti-Heaven Palace!

The cultivators outside of the Anti-Heaven Palace, at the Star Aligning Palace and the Mystic Treasure Palace, were startled. They quickly glanced in the direction of the Anti-Heaven Palace and were left in astonishment after inspecting the situation with their Divine Sense!

No one would expect someone to use violence in the Anti-Heaven Palace!

"What...what kind of force is that?"

The trio was dumbfounded.

Within just a few breaths' time, they had sensed that Qin Nan's cultivation was as boundless as an ocean, with endless power. Even the monarch force in their bodies stood no chance against it.

They even felt that if the battle were to continue, they would be utterly defeated within the period it took three incense sticks to burn.

"Qin Nan, stop it right now."

A thunderous roar exploded in the Anti-Heaven Palace.

A figure rapidly appeared, which was none other than the Sun and Moon Sword God.

"Greetings, Senior Sword God."

Qin Nan halted in his attacks and withdrew his force and aura.

"Senior Sword God, Qin Nan attacked us out of nowhere, trying to kill us. He has no respect for the rules of the Anti-Heaven Alliance!"

The trio blurted out while laughing grimly in their hearts.

Although they had no idea why Qin Nan's strength had suddenly become so powerful, he had made a grave mistake this time. The Sun and Moon Sword God would deal with Qin Nan for them without them needing to do anything.

"Qin Nan, do you admit your mistake?"

The Sun and Moon Sword God asked in an unpleasant tone.

This Qin Nan is too ruthless. Did he really think he could simply break the rules of the Anti-Heaven Alliance after he had achieved the Martial Monarch Realm?

Besides, if anything, couldn't he just ask him to deal with the trio?

"Senior Sword God, it's my fault for breaking the rules of the Anti-Heaven Alliance, I admit it. However, the main reason I did so is because they exposed my location, which resulted in more than ten Martial Monarchs trying to hunt me down."

Qin Nan said with a calm expression.


The Sun and Moon Sword God raised his eyebrows. His face became calm too.

He had not forgotten about the ambushes they had encountered prior to coming here.

"Sword God, we have no idea what Qin Nan's talking about. After Qin Nan left the Anti-Heaven Alliance, we too were away. Besides, hunted by more than ten Martial Monarchs? Is that even possible?"

The trio burst out laughing.

This Qin Nan was so idiotic. He was clearly a bad liar.

If there were more than ten Martial Monarchs hunting him down, would he still be alive now?

"There were indeed more than ten Martial Monarchs, as I was the one who escorted him to the Wretched Disaster Forest."

The Sun and Moon Sword God said calmly.

" escorted him?"

The smiles on the trio's faces froze. Their eyes opened wide.

They never thought the famous Sun and Moon Sword God would personally escort Qin Nan to the Wretched Disaster Forest.

"The Martial Monarchs that were after him consisted of a few from the Dead Spirit Tribe, a few from the beast tribe, Martial Monarch Nanjian from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, etc. It couldn't be a mere coincidence. Are you three responsible for that?"

The Sun and Moon Sword God asked with an expressionless face.

A great pressure swarmed their figures as if time had frozen in the palace.


The trio shuddered. Their foreheads were covered in cold sweat.

If Qin Nan could guess they were behind it, why couldn't the Sun and Moon Sword God guess it too?

"No way, we can never admit it."

The trio took deep breaths.

"Alright, don't think about trying to convince me. I have no proof either, but we are all well aware of the truth. I won't give you the death penalty, but there has to be some punishment. Qin Nan, what do you think?"

The Sun and Moon Sword God calmly said.

"Senior Sword God is right. If you were willing to drink this cup of wine, then I will not mention it any further. Of course, the wine contains my cultivation will."

Qin Nan nodded. Following a flick, three cups of magical wine appeared before the trio. Each had a strong presence of Qi, which seemed similar to any ordinary magical wine.

It was impossible to kill the trio inside the Anti-Heaven Alliance.

Even though Qin Nan had earned the favor of the Magical Hair Sword God and the others, Qin Nan would not take the initiative to break the rules.

He had only attacked to attract the Sun and Moon Sword God there.

The Sun and Moon Sword God was left speechless.

He had only suggested some simple punishment, yet he had asked them to drink the wine that contained his will?

If they chose to drink the wine, they would most likely be severely injured for half a year and would require a significant amount of materials to treat their injuries.

However, before the Sun and Moon Sword God could stop them...

"Just drinking the wine is enough? We'll take it."

The Illusionist Martial Monarch, Martial Monarch Rongtian, and Martial Monarch Mingkong blurted out with joy.

They never thought they could settle the matter by drinking a cup of wine.

They had already inspected the wine with their Divine Sense and their eye-technique. The wine was fairly normal.

Besides that, with the Sun and Moon Sword God there, Qin Nan would be an idiot to try and poison them.

As for Qin Nan's cultivation will?

What a joke.

They were three Martial Monarchs. Why would they be intimidated by it?

The three each picked up a cup of wine and emptied them without hesitation as if they were afraid that Qin Nan would regret his decision.

"Oh Qin Nan, once this is settled, after we've improved our cultivation, we surely won’t let you go so easily."

The trio laughed grimly in their hearts.

They had already guessed that Qin Nan had spent contribution points so he could be escorted by the Sun and Moon Sword God.

They had not guessed it at the beginning, thus resulting in the huge mistake.

However, the trio suddenly became aware of something, causing their expressions to change tremendously.

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