Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1283

Chapter 1283 - Repayment

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the Wretched Disaster Forest...

"It's time to head back to the Anti-Heaven Alliance to demand some compensation."

Qin Nan mumbled with a cold smirk.

A few days ago, on his way to the Wretched Disaster Forest from the Anti-Heaven Alliance, he had been ambushed by the Martial Monarch of the Dead Spirit Tribe, the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast, Martial Monarch Nanjian, and the others—more than ten Martial Monarchs in total. He could not believe it to be a mere coincidence. It must have been a setup by the Illusionist Martial Monarch and his crew.

If he hadn’t been accompanied by the Sun and Moon Sword God, he would not have been able to survive such a murderous plot.

How could he not get his revenge?

Qin Nan learned the location of the Anti-Heaven Alliance using the Seven Luminaries Sword Talisman. He withdrew his aura and disappeared into the rift, as he headed swiftly toward the Anti-Heaven Alliance.

Time gradually passed. Two days later, inside the Seven Luminaries Flying Sword, the Anti-Heaven Palace...

"Illusionist Martial Monarch, why are you panicking? What's wrong?"

Following two monarch auras, Martial Monarch Mingkong and Martial Monarch Rongtian arrived majestically. Their auras were stronger than a few days ago, a clear sign that they had had some improvements over the past few days.

"I've just received the latest information. Two days ago, Qin Nan activated his Seven Luminaries Sword Talisman to locate the Anti-Heaven Alliance, which means he's still alive."

The Illusionist Martial Monarch said with a long face.

Since he had learned the news, his good mood had completely disappeared.

"He's not dead yet?"

Martial Monarch Mingkong and Martial Monarch Rongtian were startled.

Clearly, after they had spread the news, even if the other Martial Monarchs were unwilling to make their moves, the South-Heaven Sacred Ground would surely set up a trap. How could Qin Nan possibly survive it?

"Maybe Qin Nan is already dead and someone from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground is activating the Seven Luminaries Sword Talisman?"

Martial Monarch Rongtian said as a thought crossed his mind.

"Mm? That's highly possible too..."

The Illusionist Martial Monarch and Martial Monarch Mingkong's eyes glistened.

In the past, when the disciples of the Anti-Heaven Alliance were killed, the South-Heaven Sacred Ground would activate the Seven Luminaries Sword Talisman to locate the Anti-Heaven Alliance so they could send someone over to investigate.

Although the South-Heaven Sacred Ground had never figured out where the Seven Luminaries Flying Sword was, they had never stopped trying.

"Fellows, I'm sorry, I've let you down."

A cold voice echoed in the hall.

A figure had appeared at the entrance of the Anti-Heaven Palace out of nowhere. It was none other than Qin Nan.

After spending two days traveling, Qin Nan had returned to the Anti-Heaven Palace. He headed straight to the Anti-Heaven Palace and happened to stumble upon the conversation.

"Qin...Qin Nan?"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch, Martial Monarch Mingkong, and Martial Monarch Rongtian shuddered.

The remaining hope in their hearts completely dissipated.

"Such a powerful presence, did his cultivation have a breakthrough lately?"

The three Martial Monarchs' eyes widened when they turned around and saw Qin Nan.

They had discovered that Qin Nan's aura had suddenly become quite obscure, like a black hole. They could not observe anything even with their cultivations.

In addition to that, they felt a vague pressure from his presence.

None of this had been the case before.

"I have to say, I'm really impressed by your plot. If I weren't lucky enough, I might be a corpse by now and no one would know the truth."

Qin Nan stared at the trio as he stepped forward with an expressionless face while uttering the words in a cold tone.

An overwhelming aura burst out from this body.

It was as if the atmosphere inside the Anti-Heaven Palace had frozen.

"Hehe, Hall Leader Qin Nan, I have no idea what you're talking about. While you were away from the Anti-Heaven Alliance, we too went somewhere."

The Illusionist Martial Monarch quickly calmed his thoughts and said indifferently.

"Qin Nan, what happened? If it's something serious, why don't you tell us? Let's discuss it together. We'll lend a hand. After all, you're someone of the Anti-Heaven Alliance too, we won't allow anyone to bully you."

Martial Monarch Mingkong and Martial Monarch Rongtian were even better. They acted as if they were actually concerned.

As Martial Monarchs, they were clearly smart enough to cover up their wrongdoings. Although Qin Nan was suspicious of them, they had not left any trace behind, thus Qin Nan would not be able to find any proof. 

Without the evidence, all they had to do was to deny it and pretend that they were clueless about it. Qin Nan could not do anything to them.

Qin Nan's eyes glistened, but he was not too surprised.

It was not like he had not witnessed how shameless the trio could be, hence he had already expected them to deny it.

"Qin Nan, I have to say, you've really caught us by surprise. Now, if you were to apologize to us, we'd pretend nothing happened in the past. We wouldn’t take your Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits either.

"There's no point in you continuing to fight with us.

"Even though you're very powerful now, you have to understand, you're still a mere Martial Progenitor and we are Martial Monarchs."

The Illusionist Martial Monarch said calmly after a slight hesitation.

"That's right, apologize to us and we'll forget about the past."

The eyes of Martial Monarch Mingkong and Martial Monarch Rongtian flickered, who immediately followed up.

They had spent lots of time with the Illusionist Martial Monarch, thus they were able to interpret his thoughts fairly quickly.

Qin Nan's strength was fairly outstanding now and they were no match against him. To prevent Qin Nan from troubling them, they had no choice but to compromise. Once their cultivations improved, they would then be able to get their revenge.

"Apologize? Just how shameless can you be?"

Qin Nan almost burst out laughing hearing the words.

The trio was far more shameless than he could have imagined.

Since the very beginning, the trio had been picking on him. Even when they had to compromise, they still demanded he apologize?


"You're not willing?"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch, Martial Monarch Mingkong, and Martial Monarch Rongtian's expressions turned cold!

They were already being lenient since they were Martial Monarchs and he was only a Martial Progenitor!

"If you say so, there's nothing left to discuss. By the way, does it make any difference even if you know the truth? You have no proof, you can't do anything to us!"

The trio spoke with mocking grins.

Even though they had no intention of troubling Qin Nan for the time being, they were still Martial Monarchs; they had their pride. Since Qin Nan had rejected their offer, they would immediately oppose him.

"Is that so?"

Qin Nan's gaze turned icy.

A tremendous murderous intent burst out from his body, causing the surrounding temperature to drop rapidly.

"What now? You're trying to fight us? HAHAHA, if you have the guts, go ahead and do it..."

The trio was not scared after seeing Qin Nan's reaction. They burst into laughter instead.

The Anti-Heaven Alliance had strict rules for not using any violence against comrades.

They would not believe Qin Nan had the courage to break the rule.

However, before they could finish, a tremendous aura exploded out in the palace.

"I'll grant you your wish!"

Following a thunderous roar, Qin Nan lunged at the trio like a beam of light.

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Editor: DOCuinn

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