Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1275

Chapter 1275 - Earth-Shattering and Heaven-Battering

The magnificent force turned out to be the primary monarch force.

For a long time, the primary monarch force had been residing inside Qin Nan's body and had finally come in useful today.

Under Qin Nan's control, the streams of cloudy golden rays continuously dissolved into the Martial Tree and swam within it like golden dragons. The branches, trunk, and leaves underwent tremendous changes.

If the merging of the two Dao Patterns had resulted in a fundamental change to the will, it was an improvement in terms of power after the primary monarch force was introduced.

The change from Martial Progenitor Realm to Martial Monarch Realm was similar to an earthly being transforming into a celestial entity.

No matter how strong a mortal was, he would still be a mortal. Only celestial entities could possess the power of gods.


Powerful gusts appeared out of nowhere, sweeping toward the Martial Monarchs Tomb. It contained a strong sense of authority. If Qin Nan were an ordinary cultivator, he would surely be intimidated, not daring to progress further!

The wind was called the Martial Monarch Gust. It would only appear when someone was achieving the Martial Monarch Realm!

"Is that..."

"He's trying to rank up to the Martial Monarch Realm!"

"He's planning to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm on his own!"

"How is this possible! How could there be primary monarch force inside his body?"

"Weren't the rules of cultivation of the Canglan Continent altered? How could someone possibly still achieve the Martial Monarch Realm on their own?"

"I thought the primary monarch force was controlled by the Monarch Ranking and the God Ranking. Even the South-Heaven Gate couldn't do anything about it. How did he get his hands on it?"

The Sun and Moon Sword God and the thirty-six Martial Monarchs completely lost their minds. They were left speechless in astonishment as if an ancient lightning bolt from above the Nine Heavens had just struck their souls!

These authorities had experienced all kinds of trials and hardships. They had even witnessed the epic war that had taken place fifteen thousand years ago, as well as the outcome of it. They too had witnessed the South-Heaven War eight thousand years ago!

It was not as if they were hard to shock, but none of them had felt the same as today, as if their understanding of the world had been toppled!


A tremendous glow burst out from the five mountains at the end of the path, tearing the mist shrouding them apart. Five spectacular figures rose and stood at the peaks of the mountains. Their eyes were filled with great astonishment!

The five figures were all Martial Gods!

Until now, no matter how talented the geniuses that had entered the tomb were—including the woman eight thousand years ago—the five Martial Gods had never shown themselves. The most they did was make a deal with the geniuses using their Divine Sense!

And now, they were so startled that they could no longer sit and watch!

Achieving Martial Monarch Realm by oneself was earth-shattering and heaven-battering!

In addition to that, the person that was attempting it had surpassed the rules of cultivation, refined the Dao Pattern, and even merged two Martial Trees into one!

But the truth was, none of it mattered to Qin Nan!

Qin Nan was entirely focused on the Martial Tree. He was feeling every single change to the trunk, branches, and leaves, feeling how the progenitor force was transformed into monarch force, feeling the profound origins of cultivation from the process!

This happened until Qin Nan saw the Dao Pattern on the Martial Tree begin to emit golden rays, which were combining with the primary monarch force to trigger a remarkable evolution. His eyes glistened!

"Now is the time, primary monarch force, give it your all!"

Qin Nan let out a blasting roar!

The remaining primary monarch force in his body that was equivalent to two Monarch Horoscopes immediately burst out roaring like golden dragons and surged toward the Dao Pattern!

This was Qin Nan's plan all along!

The amount of primary monarch force he had obtained was equivalent to three Monarch Horoscopes. He could easily use one of them to merge with the Martial Tree and the other two to merge with the Dao Pattern!

As such, not only would he be able to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, he would achieve a height that no one had ever reached before in the past!


"His monarch force is equivalent to three Monarch Horoscopes!"

"Equivalent to three Monarch Horoscopes? Did he just merge them all?"

"This...this...this isn't just achieving the Martial Monarch Realm by himself!"

The Sun and Moon Sword God, the five Martial Gods on the mountains, and the thirty-six Martial Monarchs staggered a few steps backward as if they had just received blow from a great hammer!

If he were to merge the primary monarch force equivalent to three Monarch Horoscopes with his body to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm on his own, how shocking would the outcome be?

It was utterly unimaginable!


A terrifying force burst out from the Martial Tree!

The ancient path was completely shattered. The Martial Monarch Tombs nearby underwent a series of shocking explosions as if they were under attack from ancient deities. The formations and forbidding auras were entirely destroyed!

If the Martial Monarch Tombs hadn’t been constructed by the Disaster Martial God himself, the force alone could have easily shattered them into pieces!

Meanwhile, the Martial Tree had disappeared, which was replaced by an enormous golden radiance that floated in the air. From afar, it looked like an ancient sun rising into the sky, illuminating the Martial Monarch Tombs!


A series of ancient chants echoed out of nowhere!

These voices were uttered by the Great Dao Tone, something that would only be triggered when someone was ranking up to the Martial Monarch Realm!

However, the Great Dao Tone that was normally triggered would sound like the chants of ten deities, whereas this particular one sounded like more than ten thousand deities roaring into the sky, as if the legendary heavenly drum was beating!

For some reason, the Sun and Moon Sword God, the five Martial Gods, and the thirty-six Martial Monarchs felt extremely tiny as they witnessed the rare phenomenon develop!

It was as if they were all ants!

It was purely the difference between their fundamental powers!

"I once defeated all geniuses and became the strongest in the Middle Continent, yet I was stopped from achieving the Martial Monarch Realm!

"I awakened the nine Monarch Horoscopes, the first in history, yet I was stopped from achieving the Martial Monarch Realm!

"I was helped by the Monarch Horoscopes, allowing me to acquire the primary monarch force, yet my enemies set me up, taking away my friend's life and stopping me from achieving the Martial Monarch Realm!

"In this magnificent continent, countless geniuses have risen in the past, but I aim to be the very best!

"What more do I have to do to rank up!"

Qin Nan's figure rose up as he spoke out with a thunderous voice!

His pair of eyes seemed to have penetrated the golden glow, staring at the origin within it!

As if it could feel Qin Nan's shocking will, it grew even brighter. A golden glow burst outward, as the overwhelming monarch force was being nurtured!

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