Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1274

Chapter 1274 - Inherit the Monarch Horoscopes

However, that was not the end of the sequence!

The rift above Qin Nan's new Martial Tree collapsed instantly, as dark, enormous figures like ancient titans appeared. Each had a terrifying aura and the number of them was uncountable!

They were formed by the power of the rules of cultivation controlled by the Heavens and Earth!

It felt like the birth of Qin Nan's Martial Tree had infuriated the Heavens and Earth, thus they had sent out an army of demons after him!


The Sun and Moon Sword God's deep eyes flickered coldly. He spoke in a deep voice and dashed into the sky like a tremendous sword glow. The ancient sheath in his hand unleashed a terrifying sword aura!

Apart from the ten Martial Monarchs who had just been awakened, the rest of them quickly reacted and rose from the Martial Monarch Tombs. They rose into the air, unleashing their tremendous monarch auras while unleashing incredible Monarch Arts!

The place was filled with explosions!

A horrifying battle took place in the sky!

Although the power of the Heavens and Earth was strong, they were no match against the Sword God and twenty-six Martial Monarchs. It only took them over a thousand breaths' time to eliminate the dark figures.

Meanwhile, the glow of Qin Nan's Martial Tree slowly dissipated, revealing its true appearance!

The Martial Tree was ten zhang tall. Its trunk, branches, and leaves had a unique black-golden color. At the center of the tree floated an ancient pattern, which illustrated a blue world, and deep within it sat a black human figure!

Although the crowd could not feel any aura from it, they could clearly sense how formidable the presence of the Dao Pattern was!

The Dao Pattern was now a Destruction Dao Pattern of the Divine God of Battle!

As the two different types of will merged, it resulted in an incredible change!

In addition to that, Qin Nan's injuries had fully recovered. Every breath he took felt like a roar of thunder inside his body. His aura was magnificent and terrifying!

Merging two Martial Trees was a battle itself and the winner would evolve to a whole new level!

"Such a terrifying Martial Tree!"

"The will from the Dao Pattern is immeasurable!"

"The kid's aura is equivalent to a fourth-layer Martial Monarch!"

"Scary, absolutely scary, in terms of will alone, I'm not worthy to be his opponent!"

"The origin energy that the Martial Tree possesses is too magnificent. Even my Martial Monarch Eyes can only peek at the tip of an iceberg!"

The Sun and Moon Sword God and the Martial Monarchs returned from the battle. Their faces were filled with astonishment as they glanced at Qin Nan on the path. They could not help but exclaim their thoughts!

They were each formidable Martial Monarchs fifteen thousand years ago, extremely talented among the people around them, yet they were utterly impressed by Qin Nan's potential!

Among those with the same cultivation, no genius would be comparable to Qin Nan!

"Mm, our trip here wasn't a waste of effort."

The Sun and Moon Sword God glanced at Qin Nan. His eyes displayed a hint of admiration. His clone was now extremely blurry, almost transparent, hinting that he was close to disappearing.

"Even the five masters were awakened?"

The Hellfire Martial Monarch realized something and glanced toward the end of the path.

It turned out that as Qin Nan had speculated, the five mountains were tombs of Martial Gods. However, these five tombs were different than the Martial Monarch Tombs. No cultivator was allowed to enter them.

"What a pity, if he had been born in our era, he could have easily achieved the Martial Monarch Realm on his own. The five Martial Gods would have shown themselves."

The Heaven-Destruction Martial Monarch uttered a sigh. His eyes showed a hint of dissatisfaction.

"Not just that, if Qin Nan were to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm on his own, he would easily have stirred a great chaos in the Canglan Continent back in the day!"

"That's right, if he managed to achieve Martial Monarch Realm on his own, his cultivation would reach an unimaginable height!"

"Such a powerful Martial Tree and terrifying Dao Pattern, Qin Nan's potential is surely not limited at the Unbeatable Martial Monarch Realm, his talents are greater than every genius of the Canglan Continent in the past!"

The Martial Monarchs discussed among themselves!

It was as if they were all imagining how it would be if Qin Nan could achieve the Martial Monarch Realm on his own!

"That's enough! There aren't so many ifs in this world. This is a reality! Either way, Qin Nan will have to wait a hundred years more to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm!"

The Skycycle Martial Monarch said coldly!

The rest of the Martial Monarchs immediately fell silent hearing his words!

The man was right. There weren't so many ifs in this world. This was how it was for the current era. Even the Martial God Realm experts couldn't do anything about it!

At that instant, the Martial Monarchs Tomb fell silent!

At the end of the path, the glows from the five mountains gradually calmed down!

For some reason, the atmosphere felt incredibly pressured!

"Seniors, you have my thanks."

Qin Nan who was sitting with his legs crossed slowly opened his eyes. He brought his fists together and spoke.

Without the Martial Monarchs' help, it would surely be troublesome for him to overcome the difficulty by himself.

"Has Qin Nan awakened?"

"HAHA, kid, well done!"

The Martial Monarchs said smiling.

"Qin Nan, since you've awakened, you should make a deal with these twenty-six Martial Monarchs. After this, I'll escort you back to the Anti-Heaven Alliance."

The Sun and Moon Sword God calmly said.

"That's right, young Qin Nan, everyone here will contribute their monarch force to produce a Martial Monarch Marking on your body. It will be a great help to you, but you have to promise us to help us in return when required in the future."

The Hellfire Martial Monarch stepped forward.

Due to some special circumstances, they were not allowed to leave the Martial Monarchs Tomb, hence why they had made deals with various geniuses to plan their future.

"Oh? If seniors need my help, I'm more than willing to help. However, I won't need the Martial Monarch Marking. I just need seniors to protect me one more time."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered as he spoke.

"One more time?"

The twenty-six Martial Monarchs were startled.

Hadn't Qin Nan finish merging the Martial Trees? What did he need the protection for?

Was he planning to cultivate in seclusion here?

"Why do you need protection?"

The Sun and Moon Sword God said with a frown.

"It's because I'm going to..."

Qin Nan's lips curled upward as his eyes glistened.

The blood in his body began to boil.

"Achieve the Martial Monarch Realm!"

Following his words, a tremendous power burst out from his body, sweeping the entire Martial Monarchs Tomb.

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Editor: DOCuinn

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