Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1273

Chapter 1273 - Terrifying Martial Tree

The Destruction Martial Tree and Divine Battle Tree began to vibrate vigorously. Cracks surfaced on their trunks, branches, and leaves. The other forces and will of Monarch Arts they contained crumbled completely like a giant mountain!

"What is he doing?"

"Is he destroying his own Martial Tree?"

"Could it be that he's trying to reforge his Martial Tree?"

The nineteen Martial Monarchs were astounded seeing this!

Even the Sun and Moon Sword God was taken by surprise!

They never thought Qin Nan would have the courage to make such a bold move!

Everyone knew that a Martial Tree was inseparable from the cultivator. Once the Martial Tree was destroyed, it would inflict severe damage to the cultivator, not to mention the incredibly slim chance of reforging a Martial Tree!

Many people whose Martial Trees were destroyed could only achieve the peak Martial Progenitor Realm at most!


Following a shocking explosion, the two Martial Trees burst into pieces!

Different rays of light were emitted, lightning up the entire place. Two formidable forces swept into the surroundings. The thirty-six tombs experienced a powerful shock and even the path began to tremble slightly!

Only the Dao Patterns of the two magnificent Martial Trees remained, which also had cracks on them!


Countless wounds appeared on Qin Nan's body, with blood jetting out from them. His aura dropped from the top of the clouds to the bottom of a pit!

A terrifying pain swarmed Qin Nan's mind, as if countless ghouls were charging into his mind with their bloody mouths open wide. They were tearing at his brain and his soul. He was on the verge of losing his consciousness!

"Martial Tree...reforge!"

Qin Nan endured the incredible pain and uttered a roar!

His swaying will suddenly became focused to an unbelievable level!

If he failed here, how could he possibly stand against the South-Heaven Gate, wage war against the Heavens and Earth, and rise to become unbeatable?

The tremendous force of the Canglan Tree surged forward under his guidance. It quickly accumulated and in a short period of time, it formed a ten zhang tall, green silhouette of an ancient Martial Tree!


Qin Nan's eyes were bloodshot. His voice was like thunder!

The two dim Dao Patterns that were covered in cracks quickly entered the silhouette of a Martial Tree under Qin Nan's shocking intent. The will of the Divine God of Battle and the will of destruction were unleashed at the same time, granting the Martial Tree two shocking wills!

The two different wills behaved the same. Even when being placed inside the same Martial Tree, they still repelled one another fiercely!

A mountain could not hold two tigers!

However, the resistance was significantly weaker than before!

This was Qin Nan's plan all along; destroy the two Martial Trees and contain the two different wills in a single Martial Tree!

This way, regardless of how relentless the two different wills were, they would be forced to merge into one Martial Tree!

It was mainly because they were mere wills, thus they had to be kept inside a Martial Tree!

"Will of the Divine God of Battle, will of destruction, you're both my wills! Since you're my wills, you shall merge into one now!"

Qin Nan's will was fully unleashed and directed toward the Martial Tree!

Inside the silhouette of the Martial Tree, the two wills that were still resisting one another slowly became calm under Qin Nan's overwhelming will. In the end, the two Dao Patterns stopped competing and submitted to Qin Nan's will, before they slowly merged with one another!

The moment they started merging, the trunk, branches, and leaves of the Martial Tree began to materialize with runes. A new, terrifying force had been born!


"Did it work?"

"Has he actually done it?"

The Sun and Moon Sword God and the nineteen Martial Monarchs could not help but gasp after seeing this!

Even they did not have the confidence to reforge their Martial Trees to merge two incredibly strong wills!

This Qin Nan had surely impressed them today!


Seven other tombs among the remaining seventeen lifeless Martial Monarch Tombs were activated, each with an ancient aura flowing out!

The seven Martial Monarchs that had been deeply asleep were awakened by Qin Nan's will!

Suddenly, it felt as if time had frozen!

Everything had come to a stop!

The Sun and Moon Sword God and the twenty-six Martial Monarchs could clearly see the two Dao Patterns at the center of the Martial Tree. They were merging with one another, resulting in some unexpected changes!

Finally, the two Dao Patterns and the two different wills finished merging!


A golden-red glow burst into the sky from the new Martial Tree. It penetrated the void above, as if it were going to break the confined space!

A terrifying, icy, magnificent power like a tide from the Nine Heavens was unleashed from the Martial Tree!

The path began to crack open due to the impact, as a series of explosions took place!

The defensive mechanisms of the thirty-six Martial Monarch Tombs were completely destroyed by the impact!

The Sun and Moon Sword God and the twenty-six Martial Monarchs were greatly astounded!

The astonishment did not come from the intensity of the force, but the will of the Martial Tree that could somehow shock their wills!

Meanwhile, the rest of the Martial Monarch Tombs were all awakened at this moment!

Even though they had not been interested in Qin Nan at the beginning, they were forcefully woken up by Qin Nan's terrifying will!

Furthermore, at the end of the path, the five magnificent mountains covered in the mist began to glow simultaneously!

The masters of the mountains had been startled!

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Editor: DOCuinn

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