Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272 - Merging the Martial Trees Again

"Merge them here?"

Qin Nan turned around with a stunned expression.


Qin Nan turned around and immediately sensed the lively presence from the nineteen Martial Monarch Tombs.

What was going on?

"Qin Nan, I forgot to mention. When a cultivator enters the Martial Monarchs Tomb, the Martial Monarchs asleep here will gradually be awakened based on the talent and strength the cultivator displayed.

"For example, at the beginning, only eight Martial Monarchs acknowledged your potential. When you triggered the Disaster Beast, eleven other Martial Monarchs acknowledged your potential, thus they woke up.

"Besides that, after the Martial Monarchs have woken up, they will offer you some trades in return for your help."

The Sun and Moon Sword God explained in detail when he saw Qin Nan's confused look.

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization.

Similarly, his performance had won the approval from the master of one of the five mountains, who agreed to give him the piece of the Canglan Tree.

In other words, the Martial Monarchs Tomb was not as simple as a cemetery for Martial Monarchs.

"Now that nineteen Martial Monarchs have woken up and my clone can help you once, if anything happens when you're merging the Martial Trees, we will help you out.

"In addition to that, the Wretched Disaster Forest is an enemy of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, so leave everything else to us. This Martial Monarch Tomb is cut off from the world. If you somehow trigger any terrifying rare phenomenon while merging the Martial Trees, the South-Heaven Gate and the others won't know."

The Sun and Moon Sword God calmly said.

He had already planned it all for Qin Nan.

"HAHA, Qin Nan, go ahead and merge your Martial Trees. I'll help you out."

"Tsk tsk, the merging of two Martial Trees with Dao Patterns."

"The Sun and Moon Sword God is right."

At the end of the path, the Hellfire Martial Monarch, the Heaven-Destruction Martial Monarch, the Soul-Tribute Martial Monarch, the Forbidden Magic Martial Monarch, the Skycycle Martial Monarch, and the rest—a total of nineteen Martial Monarchs—expressed their willingness to help.

To them, even though Qin Nan had yet to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, they were willing to lend Qin Nan a hand.

After all, the kid had already triggered the Disaster Beast and his talent was extraordinary, so he would surely soar into the sky when he achieved the Martial Monarch Realm in a hundred years’ time.

A hundred years was nothing compared to the time they had spent asleep.

"Senior Sword God and fellow seniors, I'll be relying on your help when I merge the Martial Trees."

Qin Nan did not hesitate to accept their help. He brought his fists together as he spoke.

He sat down on the ground with the Divine Battle Tree and the Destruction Martial Tree unleashed.

"This time, I shall merge them together and achieve the Martial Monarch Realm."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered. He took out the piece of the Canglan Tree and fired a stream of progenitor force into it.

The piece of the Canglan Tree emitted a tremendous green glow, lighting up the entire Martial Monarch Tomb. The place no longer looked like a grave because of its tremendous life force.

The Sun and Moon Sword God and the nineteen Martial Monarchs gathered their focus. They did not dare to blink.

Even they would not want to miss any detail when witnessing the merging of two Martial Trees with Dao Patterns.

Maybe they could learn something new from it too.

As the tremendous power of the piece of the Canglan Tree surged into Qin Nan's body, it began to experience a shocking chance. His inner organs, bones and blood began to evolve.

The Divine Battle Spirit that had been quiet for some time was unleashed. The seven crimson rays behind it increased by another two, as its presence grew stronger and spread into the surroundings.

The thirty-six Martial Monarch Tombs began to tremble slightly due to its presence.

"Is that?"

The Sun and Moon Sword God's eyes flickered.

"What just happened?"

"Did his Martial Spirit just rank up from the seventh-grade Tian rank to the ninth-grade Tian rank?"

"Did his Martial Spirit just rank up on its own?"

The nineteen Martial Monarchs were astounded.

It was their first time witnessing a Martial Spirit able to rank up on its own.

That being said, they had assumed it had happened under some special circumstances. Otherwise, it would be somehow too terrifying if his Martial Spirit could rank up continuously.

After the Martial Spirit evolved, the power from the piece of the Canglan Tree entered the Divine Battle Tree and the Destruction Martial Tree.

The two Martial Trees began to glow brightly. The runes on their trunks, branches, and leaves increased rapidly.

The Dao Patterns at the center of the two Martial Trees started evolving in an obscure manner.

The Dao Pattern of the Divine Battle Tree had a slight blue color, which illustrated an illusion of an ancient world. Meanwhile, the black glow from the Dao Pattern of the Destruction Martial Tree became thicker. An ancient talisman formed at its center.

The two Dao Patterns had evolved to their maximum potential.

If Qin Nan were to unleash their power, the will of destruction and the will of the Divine God of Battle would be utterly terrifying.

"Time to merge."

Qin Nan's heart was as firm as a rock and his gaze was calm. His Divine Sense reached out fully.

The force of the Canglan Tree wrapped around the two Martial Trees and dragged them closer to one another.


At that instant, the Divine Battle Tree and the Destruction Martial Tree began to tremble vigorously as a strong will burst out from them.

The will of the Divine Battle Tree was fiercer. It was unwilling to submit to the force of the Canglan Tree.

"Such a strong resistance."

The Sun and Moon Sword God and the nineteen Martial Monarchs held their breaths.

They keenly noticed that despite the power of the Canglan Tree, it was quite impossible to merge the Martial Trees into one.

What would Qin Nan do in this situation?

"As I thought, merging them with brute force will surely invoke a strong resistance. I guess I'll have to try that method!"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with determination.

He had chosen to embark on a path that no one had ever walked on before.

No one had ever done the thing he had in mind before. Even he could not tell if his plan would work.

However, it was the only option. Either succeeding or failing, he would rather die trying.

"Divine Battle Tree, Destruction Martial Tree, break!"

Qin Nan uttered a roar. His will was gathered to its limit!

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