Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1271

Chapter 1271 - Piece Secured

The voices belonged to the Martial Monarchs in their respective graves.

If Qin Nan were here, he would discover that the voices had come from the tombs with activated formations. It felt like eight of the tombs had been awakened.

As for the remaining twenty-six Martial Monarch Tombs, they were deathly silent.

"Humph, either way, I think he could at most trigger the Thousand Buzzes. The way you all are describing him, shouldn't he trigger the Disaster Rare Phenomenon instead?"

The Soul-Tribute Martial Monarch whom the crowd disagreed with said in an unpleasant tone.

"HAHA, that is stretching it too far."

The other Martial Monarchs burst out laughing.

Since they had been there, among countless geniuses that had entered the Martial Monarchs Tombs, none had triggered the Disaster Rare Phenomenon.

Although they were fairly impressed by Qin Nan and no one was comparable to him even during their era, it was still impossible to trigger the Disaster rare Phenomenon.

"However, the kid has come a bit too late. If he had  come before Zhuang Cidao, Su Qingning, and the others and triggered the Dharma Rare Phenomenon, I believe at least twenty Martial Monarchs would be awakened by now."

Skycycle Martial Monarch said while shaking his head.

"He's late indeed."

The other Martial Monarchs agreed, including the Soul-Tribute Martial Monarch.

"It won't make too much of a difference. Even though awakening more Martial Monarchs would grant him more benefits, to him, acquiring the piece of the Canglan Tree is considered the biggest success."

The Sun and Moon Sword God calmly said.

"Ugh, senior is right about that."

The eight Martial Monarchs felt slightly embarrassed.

Why did it feel like they were despised?

Well, he was a Martial God Realm expert. It was reasonable to be despised by him.

"It's reacting."

The Sun and Moon Sword God's eyes glistened.

The eight Martial Monarchs were startled by the words. They immediately reached out with their Divine Sense.

At the end of the path, the Age-Old Heavenly Boulder started buzzing. Rays of light were unleashed from it. A few breaths later, the light became dazzling and illustrated different sceneries, including a snowy world, an ancient volcano, etc. There were more than ten thousand of them, resulting in a spectacular view.

"The Dharma Rare Phenomenon."

"That's right, it's the Dharma Rare Phenomenon."

"HAHA, Soul-Tribute, do you admit that you're wrong now?"

The voices of the eight Martial Monarchs appeared once again.

"It's not over yet."

The Sun and Moon Sword God said all of a sudden. For a rare sight, his deep eyes flickered.

The eight Martial Monarchs shuddered, and immediately glanced ahead.

The rays of light illustrating different rare phenomenons began to scatter and turn into streams of black Qi, which formed an enormous black cloud. From the cloud, a shocking disastrous will could be felt.

It was as if the appearance of the cloud was forecasting the arrival of disastrous events.

"The Disaster Rare Phenomenon?"

The eight Martial Monarch's eyes flickered with astonishment.

To their surprise, Qin Nan had actually managed to trigger the Disaster Rare Phenomenon.

At that instant, three other tombs among the thirty-six Martial Monarch Tombs began to glow as the formations within them were activated.

"Someone has managed to trigger the Disaster Rare Phenomenon?"

The voices of three Martial Monarchs could be heard.

Initially, they were uninterested in the trial, but Qin Nan's performance was too outstanding to be ignored.

However, an unexpected change took place once again!

The giant black cloud trembled vigorously. Following a loud explosion, it split into countless black dots, which drifted in the wind and accumulated at a certain location. They slowly formed a pitch-black beast with muscular limbs and an overwhelming disastrous aura!


The beast uttered a roar into the sky!

The entire space began to vibrate violently!

Overwhelming disastrous auras swept into the surroundings like a raging ocean!

"Is that...the Disaster Beast?"

The eleven Martial Monarchs blurted out with trembling voices.

In addition to that, eight other tombs among the thirty-six Martial Monarch Tombs were activated. The Martial Monarchs’ wills inside them were awakened!

The wills of nineteen Martial Monarchs had woken up!

They had completely lost their mind as the Disaster Beast had always been a legendary tale. They never thought it actually existed!

"Well done, he didn't let me down!"

The Sun and Moon Sword God glanced at the five mountains as his lips curled up into a grin!

He felt extremely pleasant at that instant!

Aren't you unwilling to hand over the piece of the Canglan Tree?

Now the kid had even triggered the Disaster Beast. It was enough to indicate how much the Wretched Disaster Forest had acknowledged his talents!

So, are you going to give it over?

Qin Nan was entirely unaware of the Sun and Moon Sword God and the nineteen Martial Monarchs' astonishment. He felt slightly uneasy when the Disaster Beast appeared.

Previously when taking the trial, Qin Nan had discovered something very strange about the Age-Old Heavenly Boulder. It felt like a black hole with an incredible absorption force. It almost drew out his two Martial Trees and the Divine Battle Spirit.

He had triggered the Disaster Beast, but he was unsure if he had achieved the senior's expectations.

"I have to succeed."

Qin Nan clenched his fists tightly.

However, little did he know that if the Sun and Moon Sword God and the Martial Monarchs knew his thoughts, their lips would be twitching.

Was he seriously worried about failing the trial after triggering the Disaster Beast that had never happened before in history?

"Qin Nan, you've triggered the Beast of Disaster. You're qualified. Here is the piece of the Canglan Tree, take it. Keep this badge too. Do remember to lend a hand when I ask in the future."

An imperious voice could be heard coming from one of the mountains into Qin Nan's mind.

If Qin Nan were to listen carefully, he could sense the astonishment inside the voice.


Two rays of light fired at him. One was a storage bag and the other was a badge.

"Such a terrifying voice, could it be that the masters of these mountains are Martial God Realm experts? Does that mean that the five mountains are similar to the tombs for the Martial Monarchs; they are the tombs of Martial Gods?"

Qin Nan was astounded.

If they were in fact five Martial God Tombs, the Wretched Disaster Forest's power was absolutely stunning.

"Thank you, senior. I'm more than willing to help you with any request."

Qin Nan quickly collected his thoughts and spoke without overthinking it. He received the storage bag and the badge.

Meanwhile, the ring on Qin Nan's hand trembled slightly and emitted a bright glow.

Qin Nan immediately inspected it with his Divine Sense.

His heart began to race while his heart began to boil following a glance.

The piece of the Canglan Tree was the size of three palms. Even with the two pieces he had acquired added together, they were still smaller than the piece.

It was surely enough to merge the two Martial Trees together.

"Qin Nan, this is your chance. You should merge your Martial Trees here right now!"

The Sun and Moon Sword God yelled.

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