Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 - Overflowing Arrogance

Everyone unconsciously raised their heads.

They could see Qin Nan floating in the air looking down at them. His hair danced wildly while his eyes were emitting a crimson flicker. The terrifying murderous intent being unleashed from his body caused most of the people to feel a great chill down their spine.

The Martial Monarchs were the first to collect their thoughts, whose eyes were filled with astonishment.

Wasn't that Qin Nan?

He finally showed himself?

Unlike the Martial Monarchs, the dull looks on the faces of Dao Qianzhong, Fang Changqing, the Heaven-Daoist, the Faceless Cultivator, and the geniuses who had witnessed Qin Nan's extraordinary strength in the first and third round of the Monarch Ranking's trial were filled with hope for the first time.

"Qin Nan!"

"Qin Nan is here!"

"HAHAHA, Qin Nan is finally here!"

"Assholes of the half-God region, your good days have come to an end!"

"You have infuriated Qin Nan, I can't wait to see how you're going to act so scornfully still!"

The previously lifeless expressions of the geniuses were replaced with excitement.

Some of them had witnessed Qin Nan battling with his Heaven-Shattering Saber and five Martial Trees, while the others had witnessed him stunning the entire crowd with nine Martial Trees.

Therefore, with the strength that Qin Nan had displayed, he could easily wipe out the geniuses of the half-God region.

The remaining elders and disciples of the Middle Continent were dumbfounded. Even though they were told that Qin Nan's strength was immeasurable, they never expected the geniuses of the Middle Continent to completely lose their ground when he arrived.

The eyes of the elders and disciples of the half-God region were filled with disdain.

Judging from the reaction from the crowd, it seemed that this Qin Nan's strength was relatively impressive. However, what difference would that make? Wang Zhanxue was that senior's subordinate. He could easily handle Qin Nan.

"Qin Nan? An ordinary name. Are you the one who has surpassed the rules of cultivation? Hopefully the Yin and Yang Taoist did not make a mistake. Otherwise, I will be really angry…”

Behind the disciples of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, Shen Tianjing's eyes glistened as he mumbled to himself.  

Normally, the three great factions could easily trample on the dignity of the cultivators of the Middle Continent without his help. The reason he had agreed to come in person was that the Yin and Yang Taoist had been able to deduce that the fourth person who had surpassed the rules of cultivation was currently in the Middle Continent. Therefore, in order to lure him out, it was necessary for him to use some extreme methods.

As such, Shen Tianjing was here, and had ordered Wang Zhanxue to humiliate the Dragon Emperor Clan.

"Se...Senior...Senior Brother..."

The eyes of Ao Dongfang and the others who were lying on the ground flickered slightly. They used all their remaining energy to blurt out, "I'm...I'm sorry...We've...we've let the Dragon Emperor Clan down..."

Qin Nan instantly felt his heart clench.

Ao Dongfang and the others had suffered greatly.

"No, you didn't let the Dragon Emperor Clan down. You've all done a great job. Don't worry, I'll take over from here." Qin Nan said in a dull tone as he raised his hand and unleashed a powerful saber intent which shattered the force encapsulating their figures while the remaining force sent them back to the elders of the Dragon Emperor Clan.

"Who are you?

"You're going against the rules by doing this!" The Black-Eyed Martial Monarch said with a frown.

"It's fine, Senior Black-Eyed. I've had enough fun with those ten scum. Since this one looks quite interesting, I don't mind playing with him too!" Wang Zhanxue licked his lips and said in a mocking tone, "So, you're Qin Nan? I told them that I would fight ten disciples at a time. You should ask nine more to join you."

Dao Qianzhong and the rest of the crowd were stunned hearing this.

Wang Zhanxue was asking Qin Nan to choose nine more disciples?

"Sima Kong, I've missed the details. Tell me everything that happened here." Qin Nan did not even glimpse at Wang Zhanxue. He transmitted his voice to Sima Kong.

"Alrighty, I'll start with the three great factions suddenly interrupting the Monarch Ascending Ceremony..."

Sima Kong spoke rapidly, but all the details were clear and precise. Within a few breaths' time, he had finished telling Qin Nan the series of events that had taken place, to such an extent that Qin Nan could feel himself watching the entire process too.

The three great factions attended the Monarch Ascending Ceremony out of nowhere!

They declared the existence of the geniuses who had surpassed the rules of cultivation, and the change in rules for recruiting disciples!

Following this, the Black-Eyed Martial Monarch had suggested the geniuses of the three great factions have friendly duels with the disciples of the Middle Continent!

Firstly the defeat of Dao Qianzhong and his crew, then the defeat of Fang Changqing and the others, then Jiu Jiu and Yang Qi being left half-crippled infuriating the Dragon Emperor Clan, and finally the scene that Qin Nan had seen when he arrived, Ao Dongfang and the others being tortured by Wang Zhanxue!

"Scum of the Middle Continent?

"Turning Jiu Jiu into a half-cripple?"

Qin Nan's chest began to pulsate.

He did not expect all these things to happen when he was away.

Besides, the Middle Continent and the Dragon Emperor Clan had not only been humiliated once, but several times in a row!

"Oh? What is he implying? Still not choosing disciples to join the fight? Does he think that he can beat me on his own? Just a heads up, I hope you are not quick to concede later!" Wang Zhanxue raised his eyebrows and said in a scornful tone seeing Qin Nan not making his move.

In contrast, Dao Qianzhong and the rest of the geniuses were not worried at all.

The elders and the disciples of the Middle Continent frowned. They had never witnessed Qin Nan's strength before, thus they were still doubtful toward him.

Was he actually going to surrender after making such an entry?

"Wang Zhanxue."

Qin Nan finally spoke.

"What you've done, I'll return a hundred times the favor.

"However, not only you, people of the half-God region, listen up.

"On behalf of the cultivators of the Dragon Emperor Clan and the Middle Continent, I now challenge the geniuses of the three great factions!

"I alone am enough to defeat all of you trash!"

The words served as a shocking explosion.

However, that was not the end to it. Qin Nan's lips curled upward as he finished the previous sentence, who continued with a tremendous murderous aura, "It will be a battle of life and death!"

At that instant, the entire dojo fell into a deathly silence.

Apart from the Dragon Emperor, Dao Qianzhong, Fang Changqing, and the others, everyone else stared with their eyes open wide and their faces filled with disbelief as they experienced a great shock.

Was he being serious?

Qin Nan was challenging every genius of the half-God region?

And he wanted it to be a battle of life and death?

Was he out of his mind?

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Editor: DOCuinn

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