Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 - A Saber Glow Surging into the Sky


A terrifying saber intent burst out from Qin Nan’s body, causing him to look like an ancient asteroid flying toward the dojo from afar!

However, at that instant, two powerful auras dashed toward Qin Nan from the glowing dojo.

A loud roar echoed inside Qin Nan’s mind at the same time!

“Qin Nan, stop!”

The person was none other than Gong Yang.

After detecting Qin Nan’s aura, Gong Yang immediately made his way toward him with Sima Kong.

“Brother Yang?”

Qin Nan halted his movement. He did not expect that he would stumble into Gong Yang here.

Wasn’t he still leading the Blood Scorpion at the Desolated Battle Ground?

Why would he come here all of a sudden?

“Qin Nan, I’ll keep this simple. The three factions of the half-God region have come here to humiliate the Middle Continent and the Dragon Emperor Clan to lure you out. You can’t show yourself. Otherwise, you’ll be involved in great trouble!” Gong Yang said with a solemn expression.

Although he felt frustrated witnessing the cultivators of the Middle Continent being humiliated, in comparison, he was more concerned about Qin Nan, thus he did hope Qin Nan would not be involved in any kind of danger.

Cough cough.” Sima Kong who was standing aside let out a cough and looked into the sky as if it were none of his business.

“The three great factions of the half-God region are humiliating the Middle Continent and the Dragon Emperor Clan?”

Qin Nan’s eyes squinted as a terrifying glow was emitted deep inside his pupils.

The three great factions of the half-God region were most likely the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, the Jade-Lake Sacred Ground, and the Martial Principle Sect.

Since they were planning to lure him out by humiliating the Middle Continent and the Dragon Emperor Clan, the mastermind would surely be the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, as he had never had any contact with the other two factions.

Gong Yang knew things were going out of hand when he saw Qin Nan’s reaction.

He was the most familiar with Qin Nan’s personality. He knew that once Qin Nan made up his mind, he would never back off despite knowing the tremendous wave awaiting him ahead.

“Qin Nan, he’s right. You should not show yourself! Don’t worry, I’ll handle the situation!” An imperious voice suddenly echoed in the minds of Qin Nan, Gong Yang, and Sima Kong!

The voice belonged to the Dragon Emperor!

It was obvious that he was aware of Qin Nan’s presence too, thus he purposely interfered to stop Qin Nan!

Since the Dragon Emperor Clan had already suffered such a great humiliation, he was not willing to see Qin Nan falling to the enemies’ trap, placing himself in extreme danger!

After all, the God Beast had already decided not to protect Qin Nan any further. As such, if Qin Nan were involved in something dangerous, they would not be able to help much!

Furthermore, the moment the Dragon Emperor spoke to him, an ancient, imperious voice appeared in Qin Nan’s mind!

“Qin Nan, you shouldn’t involve yourself this time! I’ve learned that the mastermind behind this is Shen Tianjing from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground, whom you encountered before that possesses three Martial Spirits. He’s trying to bait you!

“You have to know that once the secret about you surpassing the rules of cultivation is exposed, what awaits you will be endless danger! Therefore, you have to hold your ground!”

The voice was none other than the Martial Serendipity Pavilion.

The reason why Qin Nan had been unable to contact the Martial Serendipity Pavilion a while ago was because it had been investigating the three great factions for a period of time. It discovered that Shen Tianjing was planning to use the three great factions to target the Middle Continent and humiliate the Dragon Emperor Clan just to make Qin Nan show himself.

“Shen Tianjing? Forcing me to show myself? Trying to expose my secret?”

Qin Nan fell silent instantly.

He did not expect the person behind it to be Shen Tianjing.

Seeing Qin Nan’s reaction, Gong Yang immediately gave him advice, “Qin Nan, Senior Dragon Emperor is right. You can’t show yourself. Remember, patience is the key to achieving great success in the future. You should face them when your cultivation grows stronger. It’s never too late to get your revenge at a later time.”

Sima Kong’s face twisted slightly when he heard this. However, he chose not to comment on it to save Gong Yang some face. After all, Qin Nan would need to make his own decision.

That being said, Gong Yang, Sima Kong, and the Dragon Emperor had no idea that the Martial Serendipity Pavilion was talking to Qin Nan.

“Chief, Brother Yang.”

Qin Nan who had remained quiet for a brief moment suddenly spoke.

Gong Yang, Sima Kong, and the Dragon Emperor on the glowing dojo were slightly startled.

“I’m sorry.”

Qin Nan raised his head. Inside his calm gaze surged a terrifying fury!

It was the fury of his anger!

“I know it’s a trap set up by the enemy!

“I’m also aware of the consequences if I were to show myself!

“In the meantime, I clearly know the fact that I can get my revenge if I were to be patient now!

“The problem is, I can’t! I don’t care who they are, if they dare to hurt my friends, brothers, family, I’ll make them pay! If I don’t help them, I wouldn’t be able to raise my head anymore for the rest of my life!”

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with determination as he passed Gong Yang and Sima Kong and proceeded to the dojo without hesitation!

It was who he was!


Be patient?

He couldn’t care less!

He only knew that all of them must die!

“This guy...”

Gong Yang lost his thoughts slightly as he wore a wry smile. As he thought, he had failed to stop him again.

“It’s fine, just let him be. Damn it, I’ve been holding a grudge against those scum too. Let Qin Nan teach them a great lesson! Who cares what comes later, since he’ll always find a way to settle it, don’t you agree?” Sima Kong was extremely excited. As a matter of fact, he wanted Qin Nan to make his move.

It was what a real cultivator, a real man, should do!

The Dragon Emperor was slightly stunned. He knew he had to stop Qin Nan, but his gaze was the same as the gaze that Ao Dongfang and the others had. He could feel something tingling inside his heart, which stopped him from interfering!

...Meanwhile, on the glowing dojo...

The entire place was still immersed in dead silence!

Wang Zhanxue continued to trample the cultivators with his feet, but his eyebrows began to frown slightly. The reason being that he had broken countless bones of the cultivators, but they still did not give up!

What should he do?

If they insisted on not surrendering, their will would most likely influence the cultivators around!

“Kill them!”

At that instant, a voice echoed inside Wang Zhanxue’s mind!

The person turned out to be the mysterious young man whom the elders and disciples of the three great factions feared. He was Shen Tianjing, the genius who possessed three Martial Spirits!

Shen Tianjing had entirely run out of patience when the person who had surpassed the rules of cultivation chose not to show himself. As such, he had decided to go all out and kill everyone!


Wang Zhanxue’s eyes flickered as he and his clones summoned a sinister blood sword under their foot and aimed at Ao Dongfang, Mu Mu, and the others’ heads!

The Martial Monarchs, elders, and disciples were astounded, causing them to open their eyes wide!

They never expected Wang Zhanxue would suddenly try to kill them all for no reason!

Was this Wang Zhanxue out of his mind?


The Dragon Emperor was stunned. He had only lost focus for a brief moment, and now Wang Zhanxue had suddenly decided to kill his disciples. He would not be able to stop them in time. Did that mean he had no choice but to watch them being killed right in front of him?

However, at that instant!

It felt like the entire glowing dojo had frozen!


Following an explosion, a terrifying saber glow which appeared from nowhere slashed toward Wang Zhanxue and his clones!

The saber glow was extremely fast, sharp and ferocious!

Wang Zhanxue’s expression changed tremendously as he quickly withdrew his attack and moved backward!

Meanwhile, an icy voice exploded on the dojo!

“Are you...trying to kill them?”

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Editor: DOCuinn

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