Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 - The Furious Qin Nan

Ao Dongfang and the others swiftly responded by swinging their tails or scratching with their claws, shattering the blood swords into pieces. However, as soon as they saw a talisman hiding behind the downpour of the swords, their expressions froze instantly.


It was a trap!

“Blood God Talisman, the Blinking Strike!”

With a flicker, Wang Zhanxue’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Ao Dongfang, who threw a few hundred punches at the dragon’s head. Following this, another talisman was set aflame, teleporting Wang Zhanxue to Su Qingqing’s location, repeating the same sequence.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Wang Zhanxue used the same move on Hua Jiwudao, An Lin, Xuan Yue, Mu Mu, and the others. Before they could react, a few hundred punches had been launched toward them and struck them without mercy, sending them flying!

The Dragon Emperor clenched his fists seeing this. The other Martial Monarchs, elders, and disciples let out sighs in their hearts once again. The difference in terms of strength between Ao Dongfang’s crew and Wang Zhanxue was too huge to begin with—they stood no chance at all!

“Devouring Blood Web!”

Wang Zhanxue opened his mouth wide and spat out drops of fresh blood. Each of them exploded into a blood mist which gathered together and formed a terrifying giant web that encapsulated the figures of Ao Dongfang and his crew and pulled with a great force!

At that instant, Ao Dongfang and the others were dragged toward Wang Zhanxue!

“Primary Blood Clones!”

Wang Zhanxue spat out another nine drops of blood which transformed into nine figures, each with the exact same appearance as Wang Zhanxue!

The crowd was confused seeing this. Wang Zhanxue had already won the battle. Why was he summoning the clones now?

Meanwhile, Wang Zhanxue and his clones spread out, each floating above one member of Ao Dongfang’s crew. Following this, the eyes of Wang Zhanxue and his clones flickered as they raised their legs and stomped onto the beasts’ claws and Mu Mu’s palm without mercy!


A series of explosions took place. Ao Dongfang and the rest let out cries of agony at the same time. As the saying went, the ten fingers were linked to the heart, how could they not feel the pain when Wang Zhanxue broke the bones in their hands?


The Dragon Emperor rose to his feet with a tremendous murderous intent lingering in his eyes. He finally understood why Wang Zhanxue had summoned the nine clones. He was planning to torture all of them at the same time.

“Dragon Emperor, you set the rules yourself. He’s only shattering the bones in their hand. It’s far from crippling them, so you are not allowed to interfere. If they can’t stand it, they will concede themselves.” The Black-Eyed Martial Monarch calmly said.

Although the Dragon Emperor was extremely furious on the inside, who wanted to slap Wang Zhanxue to death so badly, he had no choice but to withhold the urge. Unlike before, Wang Zhanxue was only torturing them instead of turning them into cripples.

“Let me ask you all, are you willing to admit your defeat? Do you agree that the Dragon Emperor Clan is full of useless trash? Do you agree that the Middle Continent is full of ants? If you admit it, surrender at once!”

Wang Zhanxue looked down at the ten cultivators and demanded with a cold grin. He had purposely worded it this way so Ao Dongfang and the others would be agreeing with his statements once they surrendered.

Therefore, Ao Dongfang and his crew would never surrender.

As he thought, the eyes of Ao Dongfang and the others flickered with strong murderous intent hearing this.

“In your dreams! I’m telling you...”

The figures of Ao Dongfang and the rest of the disciples began to glow as they struggled to break free.

“Not convinced of your defeat?”

Wang Zhanxue’s eyes flickered with disdain as he raised his leg which emitted a strong crimson glow before stomping onto another beast claw or palm!


Following a series of explosions, Ao Dongfang, Xuan Yue, Mu Mu, and the others let out another cry of agony. Their faces began to twist due to the enormous pain they were experiencing.

“Are you willing to surrender? Are the cultivators of the Dragon Emperor Clan and Middle Continent useless scum? Admit it, and you won’t be tortured any further!”

Wang Zhanxue yelled.

“Go f**k yourself——”

Ao Dongfang, Mu Mu, and the others snapped with bloodshot eyes and contorted looks!

“HAHAHA, how impressive? Not bad! I like the spirit! However, I insist on making you all surrender today, I will force you to admit it!” Wang Zhanxue burst out laughing as he raised his leg once again before stomping onto their legs.


Another series of explosions echoed throughout the dojo, followed by cries of agony!

“Ao Dongfang, you ten, hurry up and surrender!”

The Dragon Emperor finally ran out of patience and yelled.

“He’s right!”


“Stop enduring it!”

“We all know your determination. Don’t be fooled, hurry up and surrender!”

The disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan and the people of the other factions yelled!

They could no longer watch Ao Dongfang and the others being tortured any further!

However, Ao Dongfang and the others totally ignored their advice. They glared at Wang Zhanxue with bloodshot eyes.

So what if they were experiencing great pain?

They would never admit their defeat!

The cultivators of the Dragon Emperor Clan and the Middle Continent were not scum!

“I would like to see how long you’re able to endure it today!” Wang Zhanxue let out a hollow laugh as he repeated the torture!


The explosions occurred once again!

He started with their hands, their legs, and now he was focusing on each of their bones!

At that instant, the entire dojo fell dead silent!

The crowd could feel their hearts shuddering slightly when they saw the contorted yet determined faces of Ao Dongfang, Xuan Yue, Mu Mu, and the rest. Their souls were experiencing complicated feelings!

Those ten...

They were using their seemingly stupid way to protect the dignity of the Dragon Emperor Clan and the entire Middle Continent!

However, at that instant, in the Dragon Emperor Clan!

A beam of light was headed straight for the glowing dojo at a shocking pace!

The figure was none other than Qin Nan!


Qin Nan realized that something did not seem right. Normally, the Monarch Ascending Ceremony would be quite lively. Why couldn’t he hear any sound at all?

Within the blink of an eye, Qin Nan activated his left eye of the Divine God of Battle and glanced toward the dojo!

Following this, he saw an unfamiliar man stomping onto Ao Dongfang and the others’ chests with a twisted expression, shattering their bones!

While doing so, the man was demanding something!

On the other hand, Ao Dongfang and the others were soaked in blood with contorted faces. However, they still clenched their fists with an unrelenting look in their eyes!

Qin Nan was slightly stunned. A few breaths later, a great surge of anger arose within his chest, causing a terrifying murderous intent to burst out from his body!

He dared to humiliate the people of the Dragon Emperor Clan!

Was he asking for death?

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Editor: DOCuinn

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