Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159 - Humiliating the Dragon Emperor Clan

...Meanwhile, on the glowing dojo...

The Martial Monarchs, elders, and disciples were stunned. They did not expect Wang Zhanxue would challenge the entire Dragon Emperor Clan at that instant.

Did he do it on purpose, or was it just a mindless act?

Did this mean the three great factions of the half-God region were trying to completely crush the strongest faction of the Middle Continent instead of just humiliating it?

“This isn’t right. The three great factions are here to deal with the factions of the Middle Continent, but why would they only pick on the Dragon Emperor Clan? Qin Nan is a disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan; if the Dragon Emperor Clan is being humiliated...” Gong Yang’s eyes flickered as he spoke, “Then Qin Nan would surely involve himself?”

Having this thought, it suddenly occurred to Gong Yang that it was all a bait trying to lure Qin Nan out.

Otherwise, why would they go this far?

“No way, I have to stop Qin Nan when the time comes.”

Gong Yang immediately made up his mind.

Even though he had no idea why they would try to bait Qin Nan so he would involve himself, according to the advice of the mysterious senior, the three great factions were well-prepared for this, thus it was highly possible that Qin Nan would make a great mistake!

A moment later, the people of the Dragon Emperor Clan on the dojo finally collected their thoughts!

“Challenging the entire Dragon Emperor Clan?”

“I would like to see how strong exactly is he!”

“Damn it, if I can’t avenge Senior Sister Jiu Jiu, I swear that I’ll never be a beast anymore!”

The core, inner, and outer disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan expressed their murderous intent.

Ao Dongfang, Su Qingqing, Hua Jiwudao, An Lin, Xuan Yue, Mu Mu, and the rest of the disciples rose to their feet and were about to fly toward the dojo!

“Calm down, no one is allowed to attack, this is an order!” An imperious voice exploded!

The person was none other than the Dragon Emperor!

The Martial Monarchs and the elders could easily tell that Wang Zhanxue was provoking them on purpose. How could the Dragon Emperor not realize it?

As such, the Dragon Emperor would not want his disciples to be humiliated further!

“Chief, we...”

The figures of Ao Dongfang, Xuan Yue, Mu Mu, and the others shuddered as their eyes were filled with frustration.

“HAHAHA, what’s the matter? The people from the strongest faction of the Middle Continent are actually cowards? No one has the courage to accept the challenge? If that’s the case, forget it. I’m pretty satisfied that I got to cripple two useless scum of the Dragon Emperor Clan!” Wang Zhanxue burst out laughing without hiding the disdain in his eyes.

“Chief! Let us fight!”

“That’s right! Chief! He’s humiliating the entire Dragon Emperor Clan!”

“Chief, I know that it’s a bait luring us to fight against him! However, we are all a part of the Dragon Emperor Clan. Senior Sister Jiu Jiu and Senior Brother Yang Qi were crippled by him, and he even trampled the dignity of our Dragon Emperor Clan! I’ll be drowning in remorse if I don’t try to stop him now!” Ao Dongfang roared with bloodshot eyes.

In addition to him, Xuan Yue, Mu Mu, and the others were wearing the same looks too!

“You guys...” The Dragon Emperor was slightly startled seeing this, who then took a deep breath and nodded, before he cast a cold glance at Wang Zhanxue, “A duel is fine, but you will not repeat the same actions if you were to win it. You are not allowed to inflict serious damage to them either. Otherwise, I will surely kill you regardless of who’s here!”

“Since the Dragon Emperor has said so, so be it then. Hehehe, scum, bring it on!”

Wang Zhanxue glanced at the disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan with a mocking look.

Even though he could no longer cripple the disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan due to the Dragon Emperor’s warning, it would not have a significant impact on the plan.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At that instant, ten piercing sounds could be heard at the same time!

The crowd could only see Ao Dongfang, Xuan Yue, Mu Mu, Su Qingqing, An Lin, Hua Jiwudao, and four other inner disciples charging toward Wang Zhanxue at a shocking pace.

Seeing this, the rest of the disciples who were going to make their moves too immediately halted.

After all, Wang Zhanxue was fighting against ten people on his own.

The Martial Monarchs, elders, and disciples on the dojo uttered sighs seeing this. Even though they were furious too, they felt extremely helpless, as Wang Zhanxue did possess an overwhelming strength. It was most likely that no one in the Middle Continent could match his strength. As such, the disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan were like moths diving into fires trying to fight against him.

“The duel begins.” The Black-Eyed Martial Monarch said calmly.


At that instant, Ao Dongfang, Xuan Yue, Hua Jiwudao, Su Qingqing, and the others emitted a dazzling glow from their bodies. Following this, nine giant beasts appeared and floated in the air, as their overwhelming beastly aura swept into the surroundings.

As for Mu Mu, a thin sword with the appearance of white mist appeared in her hand. Her entire figure was encapsulated within the merciless intent, like a merciless sword fighter from the icy world, who fired a merciless sword intent forward!

The old man in the purple-golden robe and the others remained calm as they spectated the battle. Instead, their faces were filled with disdain, as in their opinions, Wang Zhanxue could easily defeat the ten cultivators!

“Since the rules have changed, I’ll humiliate disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan thoroughly in a different way!”

The mysterious young man smirked and transmitted his voice to Wang Zhanxue.

Wang Zhanxue’s eyes flickered with a crimson glow when he received the message. A shocking aura was unleashed from his body toward the ten disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan, which turned out to be slightly stronger than their combined aura!

“Do you think the ten of you would stand a chance? Scum, watch carefully; Blood Flame Surging into the Sky!”

Wang Zhanxue slammed his hands together and executed a magical hand seal.

At that instant, flames the color of blood were summoned from the rift. Each rapidly transformed into a fiery general. Within the blink of an eye, there were over a thousand of them.

The fiery generals’ body shattered into pieces. Every hundred of them were combined into a giant formation that suppressed the ten disciples.


Ao Dongfang and the others who were floating in the air executed terrifying Monarch Arts, which felt like nine ancient suns rising into the sky above the dojo, which almost blinded the crowd!

Mu Mu charged forward and thrust her sword at a shocking pace!

Furthermore, they immediately worked together to deal with the fiery generals while firing their Monarch Arts at Wang Zhanxue from ten different directions, surrounding him with danger and thus leaving him with no escape!

“If master has asked me to thoroughly humiliate them, it won’t be enough to humiliate them one at a time. I’m afraid I will have to humiliate all of them at once...”

Wang Zhanxue wore a grin as his hands performed another hand seal.

“The Blood Sword of the Heavens and Earth!”

His body instantly experienced a series of explosions, as countless crimson rays were emitted from his figure, which merged into a terrifying giant sword the color of blood. It was fired into the sky before it transformed into a downpour of swords!

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Editor: DOCuinn

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