Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1111

Chapter 1111 - Jiang Bilan and the Sage

Qin Nan’s gaze became cold.

A stream of Primary Force extracted from Princess Miao Miao’s body?

Even though he was unsure how true the statement was, the fact that the Monarch Ranking was threatening him with it made him extremely furious!

Did it seriously need to go this far to test his Martial Heart?

Qin Nan withheld his anger and snapped coldly, “I’m quite curious, are you something that the Monarch Ranking has created, or the Monarch Ranking in disguise?”

Princess Miao Miao’s expression stiffened before she let out a giggle and said, “You don’t need to worry about that. I have high hopes for you. You’re someone who has surpassed the rules of cultivation. I will just stand there and let you kill me. You will proceed to the next stage once you’ve killed me.”

The Heaven-Shattering Saber in Qin Nan’s hand let out a buzz as if it were about to slash forward. However, it slowly fell silent in the end.

“I won’t do it.”

Qin Nan said with an expressionless face.

“HAHAHA, still not doing it? Do you really care so much about that Princess Miao Miao? If you won’t do it, I’ll make my move then. I’m curious, you have endured it twice, but I wonder if you’re able to hold your ground for a hundred, or even thousands of times?” Princess Miao Miao burst out laughing as a glowing saber appeared in her hand.


At that instant, a strange phenomenon took place. The ancient case inside Qin Nan’s Sumeru Ring unleashed a shocking aura.

Thousands of petals blossomed under Qin Nan’s feet, resulting in a marvelous sight.

Princess Miao Miao appeared wearing a golden silk dress and a phoenix crown, with her usual jade-white face and tender skin. However, the usual mischievous yet adorable look on her face was replaced with a solemn expression.


Qin Nan was stunned, as he did not expect Princess Miao Miao to store such a powerful will of herself in the pendant.


The other Princess Miao Miao’s eyes were filled with disbelief upon seeing this.

They were currently in the second stage of the Monarch Horoscope Contest. Even the will contained inside the monarch talismans would be greatly suppressed here, with only a hundredth of its power remaining available. Judging from the firm outline of the illusionary figure, how much hard work had Princess Miao Miao put in just to store her will inside the pendant?

Princess Miao Miao’s eyes flickered coldly as she spoke, “Trying to trick Qin Nan by using me as a disguise? How bold of you.”

She waved her hand, summoning countless petals to her which transformed into a sword.

“What are you trying to do? If you kill me, you will——”

The ‘Princess Miao Miao’ began to panic as she did not expect the real Princess Miao Miao would be willing to go this far.

Before she could finish, the sword slashed downward, shattering her figure into pieces.

“Princess, what are you doing?” Qin Nan was startled.

“Idiot, don’t worry about me. She was lying to you. It won’t bring any harm to my Primary Force.” Princess Miao Miao collected her thoughts. Her eyes flickered with joy but her tone was filled with disdain, “Why are you so stupid, you can’t even tell the truth?”

“It won’t harm you? That’s a relief.” Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh and shrugged, “I don’t have any choice. The Monarch Ranking’s capabilities are too outstanding, thus I don’t dare to take the risk since it involves you.”

Princess Miao Miao was stunned before she let out a charming smile, “Serves you right then.”


Her figure turned into a colorful glow and returned to the pendant inside the Sumeru Ring.

“The quest is still ongoing. Since my part is done, I should hurry up and help the others.”

Qin Nan withdrew his thoughts and swiftly made up his mind.

The second stage of the Monarch Ranking was too cruel. Only a few people would be able to cross that line in their heart. If it weren’t for Princess Miao Miao’s help, he had no clue what the outcome would be.

Qin Nan headed toward the magical force on his left. The Heaven-Shattering Saber in his hand emitted a shocking saber intent.

The place was where Jiang Bilan was at previously.

“Qin Nan, don’t worry about me, go and help the Sage and Yu Qingtong. I can settle this myself.” However, as Qin Nan was about to attack, he heard Jiang Bilan’s voice whispering into his mind.

Qin Nan frowned.

What did Jiang Bilan mean?

Had something happened to her inside there?

“I’ve told you, I don’t need your help, I never did.” Jiang Bilan’s voice became cold.


Qin Nan turned around as he did not want to force her.

It was possible that Jiang Bilan was not willing to let him see her deepest secret. Besides, with Jiang Bilan’s intelligence and capabilities, he did agree that she would not have any trouble completing her quest.


Qin Nan proceeded to another place and slashed the magical force open with a terrifying saber intent.

Qin Nan immediately saw the place to be surrounded by ferocious-looking demons with their murderous mouths opened while roaring at Chen Zilai who was sitting in the center. The Bodhi glow emitting from Chen Zilai’s back grew weaker, as the pain on his face was more visible.

“HAHA, bald donkey, how are you possibly my opponent? Mm?” Sorceress Qian Qian glanced in Qin Nan’s direction after being aware of the intruder’s presence.

Qin Nan was startled too.

He did not expect Chen Zilai’s enemy to be the Sorceress.

Besides, he clearly sensed a powerful force inside Chen Zilai’s body, but he chose to suppress it instead of unleashing it.

Was Chen Zilai losing to the Sorceress on purpose?

“Qin Nan, did you kill your target?” Sorceress Qian Qian was astounded.

“Destruction Domain!” Qin Nan unleashed his attack and suppressed the Sorceress.

“Sage, someone is trying to kill me!”

Sorceress Qian Qian’s eyes were filled with a hint of fear as she wore a pitiful look.

“The Statue of Acalanatha!”

Sage Chen Zilai’s eyes sprang open as the Bodhi glow in his hands summoned a giant statue that charged in Qin Nan’s direction.

Qin Nan seemed to have predicted this, as he directed his Destruction Domain to resist the statue, while the Heaven-Shattering Saber in his hand slashed forward and shattered Sorceress Qian Qian’s figure into pieces.

Their enemies seemed powerful on the surface, but that was not the truth, as they were only trying to exploit each of their weaknesses.

“Qian Qian...”

Sage Chen Zilai wore a painful expression.

“It was only an illusion, don’t be tricked!” Qin Nan snapped with a blasting voice, causing Chen Zilai’s figure to shudder. However, his eyes remained dull.

Qin Nan let out a sigh in his heart upon seeing this.

In the entire Middle Continent, no one would have thought that the famous Chen Ziliai’s Bodhi Heart had lost its focus.

It was possible that Sorceress Qian Qian had been able to defeat Chen Zilai and claim the second rank on the Monarch Ranking because the latter was not willing to harm her.

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Editor: DOCuinn

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