Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110 - Would You Dare?

...Meanwhile, at the other side of the Dark Royal City...

“I didn’t know my actual quest was to kill you even though I was given the same quest as you all at the beginning...” Qin Nan said softly with a complicated expression.

Jiang Bilan bit her lips.

Such a nice move by the Monarch Ranking!

Peeking at her secrets and specifically arranging Qin Nan to be her enemy?

After pondering for a moment, Jiang Bilan let out a sigh as she wore a charming smile, “You owe me one.”


Qin Nan said.

Following this, the icy tip of the saber penetrated her heart.


Countless demons charged forward ferociously.

The Bodhi glow emitting from the Bodhi tree behind Chen Zilai grew weaker.

“Grand Demonic Palm, bald monkey, have a taste of this!” Sorceress Qian Qian yelled as she summoned a mysterious giant palm which flew forward at lightning speed and crashed into the Bodhi tree, shattering it into pieces.

Cracks began to appear on Sage Chen Zilai’s body.

“Humph, seems like our demonic path is still stronger.”

Sorceress Qian Qian wore a proud look.

“Yeah, your demonic path is better.”

Chen Zilai mumbled as he clenched his fist, squeezing the terrifying Bodhi glow in his palm instead of firing it.

That was right, the demonic path was stronger.



Qin Nan’s figure dropped rapidly and smashed onto the dojo, causing him to gather his attention with a confused look.

Didn’t the Monarch Ranking tell them that death was permanent?

How was he still alive and brought back to the starting point?

Qin Nan subconsciously touched his chest. The wound had somehow disappeared.

“Cultivator Qin Nan?” Sage Chen Zilai appeared on the other side with a dumbfounded look.

“Qin Nan? Sage?” A weak voice said, who turned out to be Yu Qingtong. Unlike her usual scornful attitude, she was wearing a pale face as she spoke, “Did you all fail the trial? Are we in hell?”

“Mm? Qin Nan? Why didn’t you advance to the next stage?” Jiang Bilan was thunderstruck as soon as she saw Qin Nan, who immediately realized something, prompting her to inspect her body. She frowned as her gaze turned cold while a cold grin appeared on her face, “That asshole Monarch Ranking, it appears that we won’t die while doing the quests, and our enemies are mere illusions too!”

“Illusions?” Chen Zilai was startled.

“It was an illusion?” Yu Qingtong’s eyes flickered.

Qin Nan’s figure shuddered, who then came to a realization. Jiang Bilan was right, it was definitely an illusion, as the Princess would never do that to him.

“You have failed your first attempt.”

The emotionless voice of the Monarch Envoy echoed.

“Your score is currently negative one. The second quest will begin now. In the Eastern Continent, four bandits are targeting a village, trying to rob their treasure and massacre the entire village. Your mission is to kill the bandits and protect the treasure. If you complete the mission with flying colors, there’s a chance you will be rewarded the treasure by the villagers.

“The countdown begins now. You have two incense sticks’ duration to prepare yourselves.”

The illusionary figure of two incense sticks burning was projected from the beam of light.

Although they now knew it was an illusion, and death was not permanent, could the four bandits be Princess Miao Miao, Qin Nan, Sorceress Qian Qian, and Shi Qingfan again?

For a moment, all of them fell silent.

A moment later, Jiang Bilan’s eyes flickered as she asked, “Qin Nan, who did you bump into?”

“It was Princess Miao Miao.” Qin Nan answered unconsciously.

“Princess Miao Miao...” Jiang Bilan felt like her heart was being stabbed, causing her to lose her thoughts for a moment. Following this, she wore a smile and said, “I understand now. It seems like we’ll be facing someone precious to us in the illusion. The Monarch Ranking is challenging our hearts, right?”

“I agree.” Sage Chen Zilai slowly nodded.

“Mm, I think so too.” Yu Qingtong said.

“Once the second trial starts, we’ll switch our positions with the teleportation talismans, allowing us to face each other’s enemy. As such, we won’t have anything to worry about.” Jiang Bilan suggested, “That being said, I can’t guarantee it will work according to the plan.”

“That sounds like a plan!” Yu Qingtong’s eyes flickered. Chen Zilai was intrigued too.

“We can try.” Qin Nan frowned as he spoke, “It doesn’t necessarily work, but I guess the outcome is still up to us.”

The others fell silent upon hearing this.

The Monarch Ranking was extremely cunning, with overwhelming capabilities. As such, their plan might not work at all.

In the end, they had no choice but to overcome it themselves.

For the rest of the time, no one said anything until the same black glow was emitted and dragged them into a different space.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Qin Nan and the others descended from the sky and landed in a field.

Qin Nan raised his head and saw a village nearby. There were over a hundred households living in the village. As dusk was approaching, many people had returned from their work, thus puffs of smoke could be seen from the chimneys of the houses.

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

Either way, they still needed to carry on with the quest. They would have to act when the bandits showed themselves.

“There are no cultivators in the village. The treasure is the giant bell at the center of the village. It feels like it’s easier than the Dark Royal City.” Qin Nan scanned the place and said.

“Here are the teleportation talismans.” Jiang Bilan handed everyone a talisman.

Following this, they withdrew their auras and snuck into the village, each holding their positions while keeping an eye out for potential threats, just in case the bandits were planning to attack from different directions.

Time gradually passed...

Three hours later, the sky was as dark as ink. The villagers had gone to rest, causing the place to be immersed in great silence.

At that instant, a few piercing sounds could be heard.

Four figures were heading toward the village from different directions.

“Switch positions!”

Jiang Bilan transmitted her voice.

Qin Nan and the rest immediately activated the talisman in their hands.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh...

Their positions were instantly switched. Following this, they attacked the cultivator wearing a black robe in front of them without hesitation.


A colorful flower blossomed, resisting Qin Nan’s attack.

Qin Nan’s eyes widened. He quickly scanned his surroundings and learned that the others were trapped within a magical force just like before, preventing him from peeking.

“Qin Nan.” The cultivator in the black robe unveiled her mask, revealing Princess Miao Miao’s glamorous face.

“Stop trying to trick me, you’re just an illusion!” Qin Nan took a deep breath and said with a hollow laugh, “The Monarch Ranking is pretty impressive too, to be able to learn all of our secrets.”

“That’s right, I’m just an illusion.” Princess Miao Miao nodded without hesitation.

Qin Nan was startled. He initially thought that she would try to trick him.

“Well, you probably don’t know, but this illusion is actually formed with a stream of Primary Force extracted from Princess Miao Miao’s body.” Princess Miao Miao giggled as she spoke, “If you kill me, she will be severely injured too. At least, if you stab me, she will bleed too. you still dare to hurt me?”

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Editor: DOCuinn

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