Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088 - The Ending

The leader of the Black Dragon and the cultivators were startled.

The Guardians, the Emperor, and the rest were astounded.

The cultivators in the Royal City lost their thoughts after hearing the words.

They never expect Qin Nan to dare to challenge Chen Zilai straight away.

Especially Bai Ling, whose heart filled with joy was splashed with a bucket of cold water, freezing from her head all the way to her feet. From Qin Nan’s reaction, she was able to tell that his identity was far more terrifying than what she had imagined.

“You’ve misunderstood. The Empress has done something wrong, thus it goes without saying that she has to pay for her own mistake. I’m very grateful that you’re able to show her some mercy.” Chen Zilai brought his palms together and shook his head, before glancing at Bai Ling and saying, “Do it yourself.”

Although he was a Buddha, pursuing the path of treating the world with kindness and mercy, it did not necessarily mean forgiving every sin that humans had committed straight away.

The Bodhi glow encapsulating Bai Ling’s figure disappeared, allowing her to regain control of her movements.


Bai Ling’s figure trembled as she pointed at Chen Zilai speechlessly for a prolonged period. In the end, she clenched her teeth and slapped at her dantian with a great might, shattering her meridians and the sacred force inside her body.

She let out a groan and fell unconscious.

“I’m only helping you because I owe you a favor. From today onward, we will no longer be tied to each other.” Chen Zilai flickered his finger and fired a Bodhi glow into Bai Ling’s body.

Her injury began to recover swiftly.

Although the Bodhi glow was unable to let her recover her cultivation, it was able to repair her meridians, etc., allowing her to cultivate once again.

Qin Nan did not comment on it.

He had achieved his goal. Although Bai Ling was being treated, it would take her at least a few dozen years to achieve her current cultivation level.

“Qin Nan, I’ll be waiting for you at the Bodhi Ritual Temple. I’ve something to discuss with you.”

Chen Zilai uttered a chant of ‘Amitabha’ before a golden glow flew out from the statue and landed in the city, causing the giant statue to become lifeless.

The crowd in the Royal City and the authorities entirely lost their minds. They never thought the series of events would end up like this.

“Bodhi Ritual Temple?”

Qin Nan frowned slightly.

Could it be that Chen Zilai was not here just because of Bai Ling?

“Qin Nan, how about us?” The leader of the Black Dragon collected his thoughts and asked.

“It’s over now. I’m sorry to call all of you here. Take this, consider it a gift.” Qin Nan smilingly handed over a box.

The box was the Martial Arts that the half-Martial God Nightless had invented.


As the leader of the Black Dragon glimpsed into the box, his initially unsatisfied feeling instantly vanished as it was replaced with joy.

He never thought Qin Nan would give him such a wonderful gift.

“HAHA, just inform us with the badge whenever you need our help. Don’t be shy with us!”

The leader of the Black Dragon burst out laughing. He then cast a cold glare at the Guardians, the Emperor, and the rest before returning to the Monarch Weapon vessel.

“Everyone, time to withdraw!”

Following the command, the cultivators of the Black Dragon brought their fists together facing Qin Nan before boarding the vessel, which was activated and disappeared into the rift.

Meanwhile, the Guardians, Emperor Wang Liyan, Bai Xiangsheng, the two Royal Highnesses, and the ministers were still wearing blank faces, as they had yet to recover from the shock.

“General Chen, thanks for your help. Please take this scroll.” Qin Nan flicked his finger.

Chen Changli collected his thoughts and received the scroll. His face was filled with joy as he scanned it with his Divine Sense.

A total of fifteen complete Monarch Arts!

“By the way, General Chen, I hope you will do me a favor. Bai Qinglian is still trapped inside the Heaven-Earth Jail. Please free her for me, and give this to her.” Qin Nan said as he handed another scroll to him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure it’s done!”

Chen Changli and his crew nodded, feeling slightly envious of Bai Qinglian in their hearts.

“Until next time.”

Qin Nan brought his fists together. As he was about to take his leave, Emperor Wang Liyan finally collected his thoughts and asked, “Qin Nan, how about us...”

“Don’t worry, I’ve always respected those who respect me in return. That’s who I am.”

Qin Nan said without turning his head as his figure slowly vanished from their sight.

The Emperor, the Guardians, and the others experienced a complicated feeling as they heard the words and glanced at the two scrolls in Chen Changli’s hands.

The Royal City soon returned to its usual liveliness.

However, the difference was that everyone was discussing Qin Nan.

Within an hour, Qin Nan had reached an unimaginable height in their hearts.

...Meanwhile, on an ancient street to the city’s north, Qin Nan’s figure slowly landed...

In front of him stood a temple covering an area with a circumference of over eighty li. The scent of burning incense sticks and the sound of the wooden clapper were able to calm anyone’s thoughts.

Qin Nan quickly scanned the place and discovered that the saber intent inside the Bodhi Ritual Temple was on par with the saber intent inside the Demon Cage.

“Master Qin Nan, please come in.” Chen Zilai’s voice could be heard from the temple, as the tightly shut door slowly opened on its own.

Qin Nan nodded as he entered the temple and saw Chen Zilai sitting under a giant tree. In front of him stood a stone table scattered with a few pieces of rare-looking stones.

“Sage, what are you up to?” Qin Nan asked.

“Master Qin Nan, did you know that I altered my destiny here in the Southern Continent?” Chen Zilai spoke with a stern look.

Qin Nan nodded.

Chen Zilai’s story was treated as a legend, which was widely spread even in the Middle Continent, thus almost everyone would know it.

It was said that Chen Zilai had risen in the Southern Continent after acquiring a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit. He had joined the Two-Starred Faction Bodhi Temple when he first arrived in the Middle Continent, whose status skyrocketed, claiming the second rank on the Monarch Ranking. He once sat inside the rift and repeated the chants of Buddhism for three whole days, driving a demonic Martial Monarch away.

It went without saying that Chen Zilai was no doubt a peerless genius. However, his ranking had dropped to the third place after losing to Sorceress Qian Qian a while ago.

“I was able to alter my destiny with a senior’s assistance.” Chen Zillai stared at Qin Nan as he spoke, “If I’m not mistaken, the reason you’ve come to the Southern Continent is for the saber intent of the Royal City, right?”

Qin Nan was slightly shocked, “How did you know?”

According to the Sky-Desolating Saber Monarch, no one would know about the Sky-Desolating Saber Art in the Royal City.

“It is a mere coincidence, and something related to my background too.” Chen Zilai straightened his face and said, “Repaying Bai Ling’s favor was only one of the reasons I’m here. The other reason is to repay the favor of a senior by lending you a hand.”

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