Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1084

Chapter 1084 - The Arrival of the Black Dragon

Apart from Chen Changli, everyone including the empress Bai Ling, the Prime Minister Bai Xiangsheng, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Martial Arts, the Minister of Academics, and the remaining misters were completely dumbfounded.

They did not expect the Emperor was there to help Qin Nan.

The ministers immediately regretted their decision. If they had known the truth, they would have kept to their first intention, as not only would they return the favor of the Black Dragon, they would be on the Emperor’s side too.

The people who regretted the most were without a doubt the empress Bai Ling, Bai Xiangsheng, and the Minister of Justice.

Offending the Emperor and the National General just for a mere Qin Nan was absolutely not worth it.

“Emperor, for your information, there was no need for you to be involved. Unfortunately, the Empress and the others have been stopping me from freeing Qin Nan. Besides, according to my understanding, Qin Nan only fought back as Bai Qi had brought five eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm experts to kill him, thus he accidentally killed Bai Qi...”

Chen Changli glanced at Bai Ling and her crew scornfully before bringing his fists together and saying.

As a matter of fact, Chen Changli preferred the Emperor to not be involved, which would allow him to attack the Ministry of Justice with his people and rescue Qin Nan. Not only would Qin Nan owe him a favor, but he would also be angrier with the empress and the others.

Now that the Emperor was here, he had no chance to carry out his plan, as no one was dumb enough to fall for it now.

Wang Liyan’s gaze became cold but he still wore a smile on his face as he spoke, “This Qin Nan is indeed a great talent, able to defeat six people on his own. Minister of Justice, what are you waiting for?”

“Al...alright...I’ll release him at once.”

The Minister of Justice collected his thoughts and nodded in a panic, before hurrying toward the Heaven-Earth Jail.

As for the empress Bai Ling, Bai Xiangsheng, and the others, they remained in place awkwardly, clueless as to what to say. They could only react according to the situation after Qin Nan was released.

...Meanwhile, in the corridor leading to the Demon Cage...

Ten cultivators were guarding it with impatient looks.

“I don’t understand, why is there a need for us to guard the place? Anyone who enters the Demon Cage is surely dead!”

“That’s right, what a waste of time.”

They took turns to express their complaints. However, they were shocked when they saw a figure rushing toward them and immediately straightened their figures.


The cultivators were confused.

What was the minister doing here?

“Quick! Open the Demon Cage! If I’m in any trouble for being late, I’ll make you all pay!”

The Minister of Justice yelled.

The cultivators were dumbfounded hearing this.

Why was he releasing Qin Nan all of a sudden?

The ten cultivators reacted swiftly since they had no time to hesitate. They took out their badges and inserted their sacred force into it, causing the formation on the giant door nearby to emit an orange glow.

This implied that the entrance was opened, thus allowing the people inside to exit through the door.

“Cultivator...Cultivator Qin Nan...hehe...According to my investigations, it’s discovered that you were only defending yourself, thus it has been decided that you’re not guilty. You’re free to leave now.” The Minister of Justice went up and forced a smile onto his face.

“Oh, I hear you. This isn’t a bad place at all, I won’t be leaving any time soon.” Qin Nan’s calm voice replied.

The Minister of Justice’s expression stiffened.

The place wasn’t bad?

The Demon Cage wasn’t a bad place?

This guy was doing it on purpose!

Despite being furious, the Minister of Justice did not dare to show his anger. It was clear how terrifying Qin Nan’s background was since he was able to make the Emperor, the Nation General, and the others appear in person and speak out for his sake.

The Minister of Justice took a deep breath, lowering his stance as much as possible as he said with a hint of pleading, “Cultivator Qin Nan, why don’t you come out from there? I’ll remember your kindness, and give you a Crimson Dragon Ginseng to compensate you for your loss.”

The ten cultivators were left with blank faces.

Was this still the Minister of Justice they knew?

“Do you remember how I asked you to not involve Bai Qinglian? I did mention that I’d make you regret it. You want me to go out now? Very simple—beg me.” Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh in the Demon Cage.

Detaining him and releasing him as they wished. Who did they think they were?

He had ended up being sent into jail even though all he had done was decline the Empress’ offer. As such, there was no way he would resolve the situation without teaching them a lesson.

“Beg...beg you? The Minister of Justice subconsciously wanted to be enraged, but when he recalled the current situation, he instantly withheld the anger in his heart and said while clenching his teeth, “Cultivator Qin Nan...I...I beg you...”

“Oh, it won’t change my mind.” Qin Nan said with an expressionless face.


Green veins popped out on the Minister of Justice’s forehead.

This guy was making fun of him.

“Stop annoying me, begone.”

Qin Nan said coldly.

The Minister of Justice’s expression flushed with anger. He stood there for a while, before turning around and leaving.

He had completely regretted his decision now.

If he were given another chance, there was no way he would be willing to offend this troublemaker.

A moment later, in the main hall of the Ministry of Justice...

The Minister of Justice immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd as he re-entered the hall.

“Where is he?”

Wang Liyan said with a frown, as if he were about to become furious.

He had already come in person, but these people still dared to keep Qin Nan in custody?

Empress Bai Ling, Bai Xiangsheng, and the rest were startled too.

“Emp...Emperor...” The Minister of Justice felt like crying as he had no choice but to explain under the crowd’s gaze, “Qin Nan...Qin Nan says he’s enjoying himself in the Demon Cage...He’s not willing to come out!”

The authorities were stunned hearing this.

Only Chen Changli’s eyes flickered. The fact that Qin Nan was not willing to come out meant that he was infuriated. It was most likely that the Empress and her crew were doomed even without him doing anything further.

Wang Liyan was stunned too, who burst out laughing, “How amusing, it has been a while since our Southern Continent has someone interesting like him. Someone bring me to the Demon Cage, I’ll ask him in person.”


Two of the guards immediately responded.

With Wang Liyan leading the way, the authorities of the Southern Continent proceeded toward the Demon Cage.

However, little did Wang Liyan and the others know that meanwhile at the boundaries of the Southern Continent...


Following a huge explosion, a giant Monarch Weapon vessel with an appearance similar to that of a giant black dragon tore the space apart and descended, causing the ground within a hundred li of it to crack as a terrifying gust of wind swept the surroundings.

Many figures were standing on it, who were the people of the Black Dragon.

Although their cultivations were suppressed in the Southern Continent, their auras were still extremely terrifying.

“Report, five members of the Black Dragon have just arrived at the Royal City.”

One of the cultivators came up and said to the leader of the Black Dragon.

“Mm, well done. Spread the word, full speed ahead so we can arrive at our destination as soon as possible. Furthermore, tell everyone to prepare for a great massacre.”

The leader of the Black Dragon licked his lips.

The storm was just about to begin!

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Editor: DOCuinn

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